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Running for Their LivesHo had taken up running to Running for Kindle make a political point Though separated by class education and age they became close friends and formed a successful business partnership as endurance athletes They raced in mile relays in hour events in snowshoes and against horses and they became the stars of a craze for endurance events that swept across depression era North America But as profe. Too many runners associate the beginning of ultramarathons with Gordon Ainsleigh’s completion of the Western States 100 mile trail ride on foot in 1974 Gordon’s accomplishment was amazing but it took place 50 years after the Arthur Newton broke the 100 mile record on the Bath to London road finishing the run in a time of 14 hours and 22 minutesNewton was the premier ultrarunner of the early 20th century He won the Comrades Marathon a 56 mile ultramarathon 5 times He now had the 100 mile record Next up the Bunion Derby – a transcontinental race across the United States from Los Angeles to New York There he met another Englishman who would become his friend for life Peter Gavuzzi Running for Their Lives is an enjoyable description of the challenges these two men faced as they attempted to make a living as professional runners Their exploits would cross countries and continents Newton and Gavuzzi would achieve amazing successes and despairing failures

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Free read Running for Their Lives ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ [Reading] ➮ Running for Their Lives ➶ Mark Whitaker – In 1928 two extraordinary Englishmen competed in an unprecedented and fearsome event a transcontinental road race across America that reuired them to run an Ssional runners they were eschewed by the amateur running eliteSet against a turbulent backdrop of s South Africa s Canada war torn France and s Britain Running for Their Lives is a story peopled with remarkable characters unimaginable feats and tragic twists of fate More importantly it is a homage to two inspirational and eccentric men who only now receive the recognition they so richly deserve. In 1928 the first of the so called Trans Continental Road Races was held starting in Los Angeles and finishing in New YorkTaking part were Arthur Newton and Peter Gavuzzi whose largely forgotten life stories Mark Whitaker explores in fascinating detail Newton and Gavuzzi both Englishmen came from very different backgrounds yet through their running experiences forged a lifelong friendship His book also covers the reasons they fell into obscurity which is largely due to the clash of amateurism and professionalism with the governing body refusing to countenance giving either man a coaching role Whitaker ably explores what drove them on in their endeavors which is as he convincingly argues feeling ‘fully alive when running ideally alone over very great distances’

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In two extraordinary Englishmen competed in an unprecedented and fearsome event a transcontinental road race across America that reuired them to run an average of miles for consecutive days They were to become the most famous long distance runners in the world yet history has forgotten themPeter Gavuzzi was a young working class ship's steward while Arthur Newton was a middle aged intellectual w. A well researched book about two amazing endurance runners and their lifelong friendship