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characters Storybook Dad é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý [PDF] ✩ Storybook Dad Author Laura Bradford – When Mark Reynolds first meets Emily Todd he's smitten So is Seth his son—which is why Mark has to nip this attraction in the bud Emily's been honest about her diagnosis and MarkNyone's burden and she doesn't want to hurt Mark's vulnerable son So she'll harden her heart stick to her work and forget about the magic of Mark's touchCan two grown ups with their minds made up learn a lesson in love from a four year old bo. Storybook Dad is the moving tale of Emily Todd a woman with MS who lives her life to the fullest meeting physical challenges and teaching others how to achieve what they've only dreamed of doing before Missing in her life however is love and family a dream she doesn't think she'll be able to find because of her illness Enter Mark Reynolds a man who has had his dreams dashed and who is focused on ensuring that his young son never again faces the hurt and loss they've lived through Laura Bradford skillfully weaves together the conflicts facing both protagonists letting the reader see why they believe their relationship wouldn't work even as they are drawn irresistibly to each other A warm and inspiring story

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Hough Emily is fit sexy and oh so aliveMark's as close as any man's come to being the prince Emily imagined when she was a girl right down to the gorgeous ocean blue eyes But that girl never imagined herself with MS Emily doesn't want to be a. I have always enjoyed reading anything by Laura Bradford and this book didn't disappoint A very nice story with relatable characters The only thing is that there is a small section of the book that provides a little too much detail about the bedroom scene in my mind Because of this I wouldn't suggest sharing with younger readers and will not be putting the book into my classroom library

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Storybook DadWhen Mark Reynolds first meets Emily Todd he's smitten So is Seth his son which is why Mark has to nip this attraction in the bud Emily's been honest about her diagnosis and Mark can't put Seth through the heartbreak of another illness Even t. I have to make a better choice for Seth It's my jobA better choice she whispered through suddenly clenched teeth Wait a minute I get this now This isn't about finding someone better It's about finding someone healthy isn't itFirst I was like Oh a book about a woman with MS written by a woman with MS This is going to be greatBut the hero in this novel is a piece of trash Let's exploreEmily has MS She is an outdoor adventurer and an expert in rock climbing scuba diving hiking kayaking and mountain climbing She's scared of the future She's resigned to being alone because she doesn't believe any man would want to put up with the 'burden' of having a wife with MSMark is raising his four year old Seth on his own after his wife died of cancerMark signs up for a hiking class taught by Emily He immediately starts creeping on her body She ends up getting invited along with him and Seth to eat pizzaAll is great until she gets some pain Seth had suffered enough for one lifetimeIt didn't matter how hot Emily Todd was It didn't matter that her enthusiasm and boundless energy breathed life into Mark's stagnant world All that mattered was SethAll that mattered was keeping his son from ever reliving the kind of grief that had consumed his young life to this pointOkay so he finds out she has MS and he completely freaks out He and Seth are supposed to meet her for a rock climbing lesson in the morning and he is a NCNS That's a no call no show for those of you who've never worked retailfoodcustomer service This shows what a piece of shit he is He doesn't have the decency or spine to call her and tell her he is not coming This should be the end of itBut the foundation Mark volunteers at will get a uarter of a million dollars if they help a small business owner with a disability Mark reveals her medical information to everyone at his work UNETHICAL and shows up at her office not to apologize not to grovel not even for romantic purposes but to USE HER to MAKE MONEYShe calls him on his bullshit and it is very gloriousNext thing I know they are making out in the back office Yeah Yeah I can't believe it either Then he convinces her to go on a date with him while his son is at his mother's They go to a barbecue then go to rock climb then he takes her back to his placeHe tells her they can just watch movies or hang outThen he 'seduces' her Then after having sex with her all night they fall asleep When they wake up the next morning she tries to share some feelings she has about MS No response from unit For the briefest of moments Mark's lack of response to what Emily had shared stung ever so slightly She'd kept everything to herself for so long it had felt good to know someone else was listening To go from that to a phone call without so much as a sueeze or nod of acknowledgement was disconcertingThen he tells her basically to GTFO and he never wants to see her again Mark Is there a problem with SethNo He cast about for the best way to remove the Band Aid her presence had placed across his heart and finally settled on the tried and true yank method that got it over in one shot There's a problem with US EmilyRight when you think he couldn't be a cruel inhumane asshole piece of shit he stops her right before she walks out the door and tries to convince her to 'let his company help her' so that they can get the uarter million dollars Carmen spits on the ground Rarely have I seen this level of shittiness from a romance hero Sure lots of romance heroes are assholes but THIS GUY wins some kind of an award or something WELP These two end up together Don't ask me why or how I would NEVER interact with him in any way shape or form again much less MARRY THE FUCKERAnd there's this thing where she's like Oh I'm so honored he wants to fuck me EVEN THOUGH I have MS Honey let me tell you something Any single straight man would like to fuck you You are fucking gorgeous Please have higher standards for yourself PLEASE 'Wanting to fuck you' does not make a man GOOD or KIND or INTERESTED IN LONG TERM in any way Please learn to love yourself So let's recap my main points about the book1 Mark is a huge piece of shit who takes being an asshole to a new level He is sexually unethical and sexually immoral If you want to have a one night stand fine If you are not into long term relationships fine Just tell the other person straight out OK Mark KNOWS Emily has MS He KNOWS she is sensitive and fragile and skittish around men He KNOWS he shouldn't get involved with her because he is incapable of handling another woman with health problems after his wife's death He cannot claim ignorance hereAnd he fucks her anyway Deliberately seeks her out initiates kissing has a cute date with her lures her into his home seduces her He could have stopped at ANY POINT Just backed out and said Look I can't do this Let me take you home I'm sorry I don't know what I was thinking He still would have been a jerk but at least it would have been understandable and forgivable FUCKING HER and then waking up the next morning and she's pouring her heart out to him and he's basically saying I don't care take a hike I never want to see you again is HEART STOPPINGLY cruel I can't even believe you have a soul levels of cruelty It's some fucked up shitAnd the author expects me to believe she ENDS UP with this creep I mean no Not in a thousand years This is like that time I read that romance where the heroine ends up with the boy who tormented her in high school for being fat I mean NO There's just NO WAY ON EARTH you can get me to believe she not only forgives him for this shit but wants to spend the rest of her life with him He's trash Complete trash2 The way he skeeves on her body all the time is really fucking gross Now sexual attraction is an important and enjoyable part of a relationship but this dude was just disgusting I felt like he was always viewing her as tits and ass It was giving me the heebie jeebiesHe compares her to a toy that he doesn't want taken away He leers at her all the time He thinks crude thoughts about her all the time I'm no prude obviously I read romance and erotica all the time but this guy was a skeezer Oh I'm sure Trust me But lose the towel okayShe paused a sudden burst of self consciousness making her apprehensive about granting his wishOh no don't go getting all shy on me now Your body is exuisiteI could vomitShe's nothing than a piece of ass to him It's super gross I was grossed out when he was kissing her I was grossed out when he was getting erections around her all the time I was grossed out while he was looking at her breasts and ass all the time I was grossed out by how the talked about her AND I LOVE SMUT But this was creepy There was no kindness behind it and no I love her as a person behind it it was like a Playboy thing And I'd be a blind fool if I couldn't see how unforgettable your body is This is part of him trying to win her back ICK3 Even though Emily and her friend Kate seemed like tough women who could give people dressing downs and freuently did they both instantly caved and just buy in to whatever this creep is peddling I was hoping for an insightful deep touching story that revolved around a heroine with MS Instead I get this cowardly creepy sexually immoral guy slinking around and saying basically Hey baby nice ass UGHHOW'S THE SEX CARMENHow dare you force me to think about this shitheel having sex Let me give you a taste With determination befitting a Jedi warrior he forced his eyes from her breasts and allowed them to travel south down her flat and sexy abdomen to the alluring scrap of fabric that separated him from a heat he craved as he'd never craved beforevomitingTL;DR Terrible An opportunity to write an AMAZING book shot to shit I'm really disappointed Hero from hell If the heroine even had one iota of self esteem she would have told him to fuck off And never slept with him And definitely never married him ew grossROMANCE CATEGORIES#OwnVoices Romance Both author and protagonist have MSContemporary RomanceNon Virgin HeroineWidower HeroDisabled Heroine Kind ofHe's a actually I have no idea what he does beyond his position at Folks Helping Folks and I thought that was volunteer work She Runs An Adventure Agency Gives Adventuring Classes