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REVIEW ↠ The Seduction Game ç ❰BOOKS❯ ✪ The Seduction Game Author Sara Craven – SEDUCING ADAM After a disastrous relationship career girl Tara Lyndon had almost given up on men But then she met Adam Barnard The devastatingly sexy hunk could have stepped straight out of her fantas SEDUCING ADAM AfterSEDUCING ADAM After a disastrous relationship career girl Tara Lyndon had almost given up on men But then she met Adam Barnard The devastatingly sexy h. Re The Seduction Game Sara Craven does semi romantic suspense for this HP outingThe h is a headhunter for various London firms and a dedicated career lady we learn early on that she has a very bad breakup in her past and has determined that love marriage and romance are no longer for herIt seems when she was a young late teen unicorn groomer she was infatuated with a new accountant at her father's firm The guy pursued and wooed the h and she eventually moved in with him when he hinted at marriageIt all came crashing down when the young snot snarfer tried to get the h to convince her Company Director father to give him a highly prized management slot When the h's dad who is definitely no fool did not offer the young man the position and in fact got him terminated the h came home one day to find the slime pustule in bed with another woman and then he kicked the h outThe h was shattered but eventually she recovered and soon rapidly climbed the ranks in her head hunting career As the story opens the h is going on holiday to her parents river side house Her mum and dad are off on a cruise but the h wants to do some family summer home repainting and get things all tidy and shipshape for her parents returnRight before the h is scheduled to leave on her holiday she rejects a candidate for a very highly sought after position and leaves a note for her secretary When the h gets to her family home she is soon surprised by a man and a dog who appear to be illegally occupying the empty house next door We learn later that the man is the grandson of the previous owner and that he inherited itThe h has a lovely black cat named Mélusine who hates water and the dog whose name is Buster chases Mélusine up a tree This inspires the h's new neighbor to come over and be kinda weirdly obnoxious as Mélusine has to get rescued from the tree and he invites himself to dinnerThe h is very wary of the new guy particularly as he seems a bit evasive about things but at the same time there is something about him that makes the h's knees a bit weak It is obvious the new guy is infatuated with the h and eually obvious that the h doesn't want to be interested but to her great surprise she has treacherous body syndrome kicking inHowever when the H implies that he is engaged and will soon marry the h hastily backs off and the H decides he is pursuing her anyway The h is strongly against this mentally but her backbone just seems to be dissolving away We learn that the the H plans to turn the house next door into holiday cottages and the h feels the tranuility of her family home will be ruined The H also comes over to help the h in her home refurbishment schemes Mélusine has to swipe Buster on the nose and Buster soon learns his lower status in the Mélusine hierarchy Then the h finds the H did a nude drawing of her standing at her bedroom window and she has to tell the H off The H responds by giving the h a roofie kiss and then pushing her off his boat into the riverThings take a dramatic turn tho as the h has to ask the H for some assistance when her parents home is almost broken into and the h has all four of her tyres slashed on her car The H and h end up in a purple passion moment after the attempted break in and a bad storm and the h's power in the house goes outThe h is full of regrets the next morning and tells the H that since he is engaged there can't be anything else between them When the h sees the H hugging an attractive blonde woman outside his house next door the h realizes that she was just being used as a bit on the side The h soon returns to London after a visit from her idiot older sister and the H starts looking for ways to insert himself into her life For some reason the H thinks he should keep pursuing her tho at no time does he say that he is NOT engagedWe also learn that the h has a vengeful stalker and the h soon figures out it was the former client she did not recommend for the job he wanted The guy harassed the h's poor secretary and he was also the one who slashed the h's tyres and tried to break into the h's parents house He gets arrested by the police and confined to a mental institution The h's idiot sister gave the guy the h's location when the evil guy called her up and said he was the h's boyfriendMeanwhile the H has invited the h to a business party and the H arranges it so that the h's first ex love slime bucket shows up the h goes off for a drink with him for some reason and the slime bucket reveals that the blonde woman is actually the H's mother she just looks really youngThe h is shocked and now realizes that she loves the H She dismisses the slime bucket nematode ex like the trash he is and rushes home to see if she can track down the H But the H is waiting for her and he finally declares that he is majorly in love and only said he was engaged so the h wouldn't be afraid of him as he played his little seduction gamesThe h decides to marry the H and his mum is really nice too We get a little epilogue where the h and H live in the H's house next door to her family summerhome The H and h have a little baby girl along with Buster and Mélusine Every one is happy and all loved up and the h is glad she finally took a romance risk for a nice little SC HP HEAThis one was okay The suspense was interesting because it was hard to tell if the H was doing things or the ex slime bucket or someone else Mélusine was awesome and got some uality cat snark page time in and Buster was cute but he was one of those not too bright kinda dogs The only drawback was the H's lying about being engaged He explains later that he meant that when he met the h he met the lady he wanted to marry but the obfuscation went on for far too long and it weakened the H's credibility and therefore weakened the HEAOverall tho it certainly wasn't a terrible HP outing and there is a cat AND a dog bonus in it so if you want a uick HP afternoon venture give this a go if you run into it


Knew it was wrong to want him only she couldn't help herself Wanting another woman's man was bad enough but did Tara also have the courage to seduce h. did not finish

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The Seduction GameUnk could have stepped straight out of her fantasies Unfortunately it also seemed as if this perfect man had a perfect fiance waiting in the wings Tara. A nice well written story A little slow paced but a good story with romance and suspense Not as good as some of her other books but still an entertaining read