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Read Ù The Indians The Old West Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Í ➺ [Download] ➶ The Indians The Old West By Benjamin Capps ➻ – Who were the Indians of the Old West Everyone knows them the hawk faced men with braided hair and war featTed the model of all Eastern Indians the men trained from birth to hunt and fight measuring manhood by their boldness in battle the women raised to sustain the warriors sharing in celebrations of victory or slashing their bodies in moments of grief. This book was first published in 1973 as a part of Time Life Books Old West series It was re printed as the first book of a 24 volume series called The American Indian in 1993 The re printed edition has a different cover

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Liar too Comanche Cheyenne Sioux Kiowa and others all resonant of fierce valour calling up images of painted horsemen with lances and bows These tribes The Indians eBook #186 and their warriors dwelt on the Great Plains To most whites they represen. This book is titled “The Indians” but it’s about the North American Plains Indians not Indians in general The brief biographical information on the author mentions that he grew up on a West Texas ranch having to deal with “belligerent Comanches” That might suggest a bias in this book but I got no sense of such at all Capps does an excellent job of making the reader feel as much as an outsider can what the life of these Indians was like The constant fighting and raiding; the brutality toward each other and towards them by whites; the federal takeover of Indian lands 174 million acres for example between 1853 1857; the numerous broken treaties; the attitudes of whites Manifest Destiny was in fact a rationalization than a driving force he writes Under it the frontiersman was following a long established principle one taken for granted that the native people of the Americas had no moral right to stand in the way of the expansion of European civilization”; the white man’s diseases; and the white man’s attempt to assimilate the Indians Capps also describes the daily life and rituals of these Plains Indians which interestingly included a considerable role for rank and status While Capps does not mention this it seems noteworthy that we also named these people who preceded Columbus by a few thousand years for those who lived on the Indian subcontinent The pictures and paintings in this book as well as the text were excellent

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The Indians The Old WestWho were the Indians of the Old West The Old Kindle #212 Everyone knows them the hawk faced men with braided hair and war feathers their copper skin stretched over high cheekbones their expressions penetrating and fearless The tribal names are fami. The Time Life books always grab me They're perfect for simple folks like moi yet worthy of better given their leather bindings and picturephoto driven collections This volume focuses on the Plains Indians of the Great Empty that's my name for the suare states of the USA explaining their way of living both before and after the onslaught of the EuropeansThe stories are fascinating especially the obsession with the arrival of the horse God Dog Most tribes were decimated by new diseases while others lost their territory to the Manifest Destiny settlers The resulting massacres by both sides are brought hauntingly to life with the photos especially the Minnesota MassacreI certainly learned uite a bit and wonder if this series has another volume on the East Coast Indians FascinatingBook Season Summer counting coup