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Read & Download Her Secret His Child 104 ä [Download] ✤ Her Secret His Child ➺ Paula Detmer Riggs – Golden ChildHer daughter meant everything to Carly Alderson After all she'd gone through hell to have her As an unwed teenager no one had understood Carly's fiercely protective bond to her fatherless GoldeGolden ChildHer daughter meant everything to Carly Alderson After all she'd gone through hell to have her As an unwed teenager no one had understood Carly's fiercely protective bond to her fatherless childnot her parents not the sometimes. AWFULLY awkwardObviously BOTH adolescents are NOT READY to make responsible sexShe wanted him badly willingly forgot her mother's teachings on purity and modesty and responsible sex she consented to lie down with him let him drew off her clothes foreplay her she went wild in passion unable to speak stared up at him her heart racing and her body screaming for his BUT she panicked right at the instant he was entering her ReallyAt this point he was crazy for her and couldn't wait much longer tell me you're ready he asks believing in her response to him he kisses her senseless BUT then she THINKS of asking him to wait but doesn't and so he consumates the act than fall asleep like a self centered intoxicated bearTerrible Terrible shame On both of themI don't consider that a rape and I'm emotionally drained by all that hysteria That rape bad trip made me want to smack this heroine

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Tch Scanlon hadn't faded with the years And now the man himself threatened to become a permanent fixture in her life as well as a bittersweet reminder of her darkest secret One that surely couldn't last once father and daughter were united. I kind of hate giving it a 445 star rating just on principle The female MC was basically date raped and then many years later the characters meet again and eventually fall in love Rape Bad Period BUT I still really liked this book Both MCs are likable and struggle individually before coming together The hero's injury was handled well I mean he really must be something for me to be able to forget his earlier actions and grow to love him as the MC does Not every author could pull this off

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Her Secret His ChildNarrow minded college town she called home But Tracy was hers and no one would ever take her away especially the golden boy who'd made Her Secret PDF Carly a woman and nearly destroyed her world one all too memorable nightThe memory of Mi. This was the third of three loosely connected stories This one is about Carly once a victim of date rape and Mitch a former NFL uarterback now paraplegic college coach 18 years ago Carly gave a false name and was date raped by a very drunk Mitch who didn't even know she said no Meeting again Carly doesn't tell him until after they've started a relationship and made love She also finally tells him he is the father of her 18 year old daughter Carly is a dang mess in ways than one They never do tell Carly's daughter that Mitch is her father probably because in order to do so they would have revealed that she was conceived via date rape The why was never specified To make things even complicated history repeats itself Carly's daughter is date raped by the college team's uarterback There were lots of medical inaccuracies in the story Mitch a paraplegic has feeling and movement in the muscles of his hips and upper thighs So he's able to stand with metal braces on his legs and crutch walk Riggs mentions a couple of times how exhausting and difficult it is for him Uh in reality way too difficult for him to do A paraplegic might do this for a special occasion standing while getting married for instance but he would literally be dragging him legs and feet Or if he could walk his legs rather than dragging them it would still be too incredibly taxing to do this all the time It's slow takes an incredible amount of effort He should have been in a wheelchair Then there's the scene where they're discussing whether to report the daughter's rape to the police She's in the hospital ER for several hours and admitted overnight Uh the hospital is reuired to report the sexual assault After talking to the victim the police decide whether or not to collect evidence and if they think they can make a case The victim might decide not to cooperate but have nothing to do with whether or not the assault is reported I did like the character of Mitch but this story was so convoluted I ended up feeling sorry for him Yes he was responsible for the date rape 18 yrs before But Carly should have taken some responsibility too She was a one night stand and he was very drunk Uh maybe she shouldn't have gone with him And she said yes right up to the point of entry She couldn't even say no because the drunk man was kissing her She went to counseling yet never really worked through her issues At the time not even realizing she'd ever said no Mitch had a lot of remorse just from knowing she'd been a virgin and he'd been totally soused He never again did such a thing He tried to find her And he was a great guy who had been through a lot Yet when this is revealed neither he nor Carly gave him any latitude at all Sorry it just didn't work for me on many levels