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A Son of the CircusBorn a Parsi in Bombay sent to of the PDFEPUB #234 university and medical school in Vienna Dr Farrokh Daruwalla is a year old orthopedic surgeon and a Canadian citizen who lives in Toronto Periodically the doctor return. The son of the circus from the title is Doctor Farokh Daruwalla a somewhat surprising choice as main character that has to carry on his shoulders such a hefty narrative At first glance he is a placid little man of a rather short stature and rotund girth neat and fussy but in general shy and insecure As I followed his interior monologues for page after page I have come to compare him to a still pond that hides great depths beneath the calm surface as a Parsi and a Christian a Bombayite and a Torontonian an orthopedic surgeon and a dwarf blood collector Dr Daruwalla could never have been satisfied by just one club The choice of focus on this confused conflicted personage was intentional on the part of the author who probably has little use for clear cut opinionated inflexible heroes And Dr Daruwalla is a true hero of the ordinary kind I'm thinking Ikiru trying to do good even when he is not sure of the right path doing unpaid work in children hospitals researching a cure for genetical dwarfism rescuing street urchins raising other people's abandoned offspring being a good husband and father volunteering to help the terminally ill His insecuritites and his unuenchable curiosity are in fact the motors that constantly push him forward together with a rampant imagination and ingrained sense of justice The doctor was no the incarnation of a god than he was a writer; he was like most men principally a dreamer Bored by the routine of a successful professional and family life he seeks to discharge his creative energies through writing specifically Bollywood film scripts His shyness and self deprecation will make him act from the shadows renouncing the limelight for the uiet satisfaction of the secret observer of human folly The results are often than not absolutely hilarious and I would rate A Son of the Circus as one of the best comedies I've read this year For sure the humor is often bitter and sarcastic aimed eually at the outside world and at his own person Farrokh had conceived Inspector Dhar in the spirit of satire — of uality satire Why were there so many easily offended people Why had they reacted to Inspector Dhar so humorlessly Had they no appreciation for comedy Only now when he was almost 60 did it occur to Farrokh that he was his father's son in this respect he'd uncovered a natural talent for pissing people off or Except when eating Farrokh embraced procrastination as one greets an unexpected virtue Inspector Dhar is the doctor's most famous creation a tough Bombay policeman moulded as the exact opposite of the creator's personality athletic and uick witted a smooth operator when it comes to the ladies and an acerbic critic of the sins of his peers He is played in the movies by a friend of the doctor John D a younger man whose backstory and present tribulations are linked intimately to the main plotThe main plot is structured similarly to one of the doctor scripts a grotesue murder in the opening chapter a chase after a serial killer targetting prostitutes in the Bombay red lights district a pair of twins separated at birth a wily police inspector and his emotionally unstable wife beggars dwarves overbearing butlers a 20 years old unsolved case and so on The relation between the plot and the movie scripts is also deliberate illustrating the tendency of Dr Daruwalla to retreat into his imaginary world in times of stress where he uses the godlike powers of auhtorship in order to reshape events into a palatable version of reality one that makes sense and where lessons can be learned and happy endings are still a possibility Damn other people's messes Dr Daruwalla was mutterin

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READ ´ A Son of the Circus å [PDF / Epub] ☆ A Son of the Circus Author John Irving – Born a Parsi in Bombay sent to university and medical school in Vienna Dr Farrokh Daruwalla is a 59 year old orthopedic surgeon and a Canadian citizen who lives in Toronto Periodically the doctor retu Born a Parsi in Bombay sent to

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Ire JOHN IRVING is the author of eight novels A Son PDFEPUBamong them The World According to Garp The Cider House Rules and A Prayer for Owen MeanyMr Irving is married and has three sons he lives in Vermont and in Toron. DNF Page 355 Yep I'm giving up after investing so much time into this shaggy dog of a novel I wanted to like it really Irving is one of my favorite authors and reading his stuff is always an uniue experience But this thing is ALL over the place it doesn't know what it wants to be or why I can't keep up with the ever expanding cast of characters nor can I find a reason to care about them I don't know where the hell this thing is going and I'm only halfway done I just cannot keep goingStill Irving's prose is impeccable in places and I did like a couple of the characters — hence my 2 stars Maybe I will finish this one day I buddy read this with my friend Edward We will be tackling A Widow for a Year next