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READ ↠ Bedded by Her Lord ½ ➶ Bedded by Her Lord Free ➬ Author Denise Lynn – Her husbanda strangerCaptive for seven years Lord Guy of Hartford has lived for the moment when he would see his adored wife once But as he enters his keep his own men do not recognize him and Elizabe Her husbanda strangerCaptive foWn men do not recognize him and Elizabeth's guilt is plain for all to see Could she have betrayed himElizabeth hardly knows her husband in this remote battle sca. después de haber leído esta historia siendo ue tenia un gran potencial pero ue se desaprovecho no emocionándome en lo más mínimo incluso aburriéndome a ratos especialmente con la llegada de Guy a su castillo después de varios años de cautiverio fue muy raro y decepcionante ue aceptara de primera un bebe ue no era suyo y todo lo demásy toda la trama ue pudo haber sido dramática se perdió El final y todo no sorprende a pesar de ue pudo ser más

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Rred stranger Yet the passionate desire between them cannot be denied Can she find her Bedded by MOBI #233 way back into his arms and to the love they once share. Lei Esclavo y Señor de Denise Lynn esta bien para pasar el rato nunca habia leido nada parecido a el lo tuvieron de esclavo gladiador al fin gano su libertad y volvio a casa para encontrarse con ue no lo reconocian de entrada y luego ue despues de 7 años de ausencia la primera vez ue ve a su esposa es dando a luz

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Bedded by Her LordHer husbanda strangerCaptive for seven years Lord Guy of Hartford has lived for the moment when he would see his adored wife once But as he enters his keep his o. AOW damn why i must read this the title is good so i guess the story too but NO Its was dissapointing YEAH first and maybe the last Denise Lynn book i read The plot is so vague So many uncertain thing and unresolved problem in this bookHero go to war and thought dead by most of people especially his wife but after seven years became slave in the other land he came back aliveThe day Guy go home he found his wife Elizabeth give birth to another man child OUCH shit it hurt you know So his wife commit aldutery so what she thought he was dead and i think seven years its enough time to be mournEven Gay not fault her and the baby of course its because his gallant knight or what i don't know but still he feel raw and betrayed and he doesn't want go mad to his wife and the baby Guy doesn't know want to do He changed of course after all the years became slave hard and firm But Elizabeth always think she's a whore full with sins and this replay again again and again i know i know you're a sinner so don't say it again Okey So what's the matter with this story pufffhhh First there a visitors came to Hartford to tell news about his husband death they stay for weeks in their house At night she organize a party or according to her small celebration a wake honour the memory of Guy's life WHAT you decide to party after hear about your hubby dead upps sory if i don't get it Leader from the groups decide to became Lord of Hartford promise to protect Hartfordyour people and your self so jump and trust that Elizabeth betrothed and bedded the man and turn out she being duped by the man so she feel shameShe tell lies to Guy about the truth situation she not attend the party she wasn't drunk she sob alone in alcove and then i thought the heroine rape by another man so i guess it's not her fault because of this wordIt would be easy to cry rape but she did not want anyoneespecially Guy to think Lysette was a product of such a violent union Elizabeth clasped her hands together tightlytwisting her fingers to keep from crying and stared up at the sky ‘Nay No force was used’Nothing explain how she can sex with the man so i get my own conclusionsits seem maybe she sleep with other man cos she feel lonely and sad and not if i'm not wrong she even call him Guy at the fatefull night or because she feel complacent and owe the man for dream promise to protected HartfordYet she admit again and again to herself about her guilty shame and lies she even admit to herself about became so easy to tell lies Guilty i get it but about lies she think Lies about what just so opaue not clear That she almost give Hartford to the man how she stupidly way put Hartford in state of danger or WHATI read reaaaaddddd to know about this full story but noooo i can't get the answer The lies still hang in there how about the secret Guy keep what secret i don't see any secret in thereJust man with wound in and out his body different from gentle lord before the war and slavery of course he changed what you accepted JEEEZZZ Elizabeth must you so insensitivity