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FREE DOWNLOAD ì The Honourable Schoolboy ´ [Ebook] ➢ The Honourable Schoolboy Author John le Carré – John le Carré's classic novels deftly navigate readers through the intricate shadow worlds of international espionage with unsurpassed skill and knowledge and have earned him and his hero British Sec K le Carré expands upon his extraordinary vision of a secret world as George Smiley goes on the attackIn the wake of a demoralizing infiltration by a Soviet double agent Smiley has been made ringmaster of the Circus aka the British Secret Service Determined to restore the organization's health and reputation. “I and the public knowWhat all schoolchildren learnThose to whom evil is doneDo evil in return ― WH Auden “Yet it's not for want of future that I'm here he thought It's for want of a present” ― John le Carré The Honourable Schoolboy Well sport this was a messy sometimes uneven AND occasionally a plodding novel but I absolutely loved every single word of it This is the second book of le Carré's Karla trilogy Perhaps the greatest spy trilogy ever While people focus on the first book Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy I personally love this one Le Carré is often compared to Graham Greene but the only real literary comparison for this novel is Joseph Conrad I was wondering why I kept thinking of Victory and Nostromo and why I was overcome with this desire to read The Secret Agent Conrad's ghost floats and haunts almost every page of this wonderful beautiful and sad spy novel


And bent on revenge Smiley thrusts his own handpicked operative into action Jerry Westerby The Honourable Schoolboy is dispatched to the Far East A burial ground of French British and American colonial cultures the region is a fabled testing ground of patriotic allegiancesand a new showdown is about to begin. One of the few bright spots is how the author wrote the 1970s colonized Hong Kong I also enjoy how the author described the international spy network and how those spies work but all the good things I have to say about this book end here The characters are rather flat the plot and the war among spies slow paced and uninteresting In the end I don't care what might happen to any of those characters So it's a disappointed 2 stars

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The Honourable SchoolboyJohn le Carré's classic novels deftly navigate readers through the intricate shadow worlds of international espionage with unsurpassed skill and The Honourable PDFEPUBknowledge and have earned him and his hero British Secret Service agent George Smiley unprecedented worldwide acclaimIn this classic masterwor. What a man thinks is his own business What matters is what he doesThis uote seems fairly elementary in substance and I can’t help thinking how much this seems to reflect the basic expectation of the intelligence agents in this novel A man or woman is given a set of orders and those orders should be followed through with no exception Associations with other human beings and emotions should not come into the euation They do not belong in the world of espionage Stopping to uestion certain morals is a major blunder A bit of a fairy tale I think because when you insert a human being into the lives of others not everything is black and white That gray area in between can be uite confounding and rather perilous at times The Honourable Schoolboy is the second book in John le Carré’s Karla trilogy After rooting out a Russian mole in the British intelligence agency George Smiley is trying to pull his team back together and pick up the pieces of a broken service A picture of Karla his archenemy in the Russian service hangs in his office serving as a constant reminder of his greatest objective – to remove this plague from not just the world at large but from his own tormented mind Smiley perceived in himself the existence of a darker motive infinitely obscure one which his rational mind continued to reject He called it Karla and it was true that somewhere in him like a left over legend there burned the embers of hatred toward the man who had set out to destroy the temples of his private faith whatever remained of them the service that he loved his friends his country his concept of a reasonable balance in human affairsWhile I thought Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was my favorite le Carré thus far I’d have to say this one exceeded even that Admittedly starting out I struggled just a tad but as a result of my own decreased attention span given some external distractions These books demand your full concentration You don’t want to miss a beat Eventually it was a full sprint to the end and I couldn’t read fast enough Here we are taken into Southeast Asia in the early 1970s Jerry Westerby newshound and sometime British secret agent is plopped down right in the midst of a hornet’s nest Danger lurks in every corner The energy and glamour of Hong Kong and the turmoil ridden landscapes of Cambodia Laos and Vietnam are remarkably depicted The threat of Red China to the interests of the rest of the continent is a major force to be reckoned with The settings alone were enough to hold me captive; then throw in the rapid pace and exceptional characterizations and I was completely ensnared What I particularly appreciate in this series of ‘spy’ novels they are so much than just that is that we get to spend time in the gray area I mentioned above Exploring the psyches of these characters is a major part of the attraction for me I loved it A desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the world