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DOWNLOAD ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¿ Carol Anshaw Ps and love affairs marriage and divorce parenthood holidays and the modest calamities and triumphs of ordinary days Carry the One shows how one life affects another and how those who thrive and those who self destruct are closer to each other than we?. I really really liked this book In essence it is about the messiness of family life but its focus on humanness and the ties that bind is particularly precise When you add us up you always have to carry the oneThis novel is an engrossing tale of a family affected by tragedy It opens in 1983 with the bohemian wedding of Carmen in rural Wisconsin After the wedding Carmen's sister Alice brother Matt their subseuent dates and the wedding singer Tom share a ride and are all too drunkstonedtired or all of the above to see 10 year old Casey Redman stray into the path of their car While this all sounds very soap like Anshaw spares the melodrama and instead steers the story towards a nuanced and concise look the characters lives over the following 25 years as they all deal with and carry the guilt 'carry the one' from the accident Through marriage affairs divorce parenthood and addiction and the modesty and triumph of everyday life and ordinary days Carry the One shows us how one moment can alter the trajectory of life and how when faced with tragedy some people will thrive while others will self destructThis novel is beautifully observed It is moving and nuanced and is saved from heaviness by Anshaw's wonderful warmth and clever wit The structure is simple and the writing subtle but don't let that fool you this is one of the most vibrant books I have ever read with superb storytelling and expertly evoked characters Definitely a must read if you enjoy character driven contemporary fiction about people and relationships 45 stars rounded up

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SUMMARY À Carry the One ñ [Download] ➵ Carry the One Author Carol Anshaw – “When you add us up you always have to carry the one” Following a devastating moment in the hours after Carmen’s wedding three siblings and their friends move through the next twenty five years “When you add us up you always have to Car ?d expect Whether they take refuge in art drugs social justice or love Carol Anshaw’s characters are sympathetic funny and uncannily familiar as they reflect back to us our deepest pain and longings our joys and our transcendent moments of understandi. Review posted on Alexa Loves BooksEven though I finished this novel last week I found I needed a little time before I could even attempt to write a coherent review There were just a lot of words and impressions and feelings swirling about in my head; though they remain untamed it is my hope that I can organize them in a way that can fully and sufficiently express what I thought of Carry the OneCarol Anshaw has a masterful way with words The story is beautifully written with characters that come across as genuine and descriptive turns of phrase Though she never attempts to follow a precise timeline the passage of time and the changes that occur during them come across clear enough The end result is a novel where it appears that Anshaw is picking out the moments that we must see the significant ones the ones that really matterThe book chronicles the journey mainly of the three siblings as they carry the one with them all their lives We see how either subtly or obviously the accident affected each of them and the outcome of their lives The book is not about the accident; it is about the reaction to it whether it is a reaction that is consciously embraced or unconsciously worms it way in out of nowhere It remains in the background of their lives as each one of them tries to deal with their grief and guilt and move on Because of the realistic way that the portrayal of dealing with these emotions was done I found the book utterly compelling We see different reactions in the novel a hopeless despair a furious need to get it out of the system and a need to compensate with steadiness Each of these are portrayed so elouently so beautifullyNot only is the plot brilliant but the carefully molded characters come to life with Anshaw's words We discover their thoughts habits talents worries and secrets especially in lieu of the accident The book feels a bit voyeuristic to me as the reader examines these characters Alice Carmen and Nick and their lives in detail getting glimpses of them that perhaps were meant to be private This feeling that I could see what no one else in their world at least could further fueled my interest in the novelCarry the One is not an easy read but it is one that is worth it in the end

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Carry the One“When you add us up you always have to carry the one” Following a devastating moment in the hours after Carmen’s wedding Carry the Epubthree siblings and their friends move through the next twenty five years under its long shadow Through friendshi. 167 StarsThe premise of Carry the One is simple and so very promising Carol Anshaw begins her story ” in the hours following Carmen’s wedding reception when a car filled with stoned drunk and sleepy guests accidentally hits and kills a girl on a dark country road For the next twenty five years those involved including Carmen and her brother and sister connect and disconnect and reconnect with each other and their victim As one character says ‘“When you add us up you always have to carry the one’” However my hopes for the novel were uickly dashed I expected a good character driven story along the lines of those told by Joyce Carol Oates and Jodi Picoult because tragedies affect individuals so very differently Some people may be so guilt ridden that they may carry their guilt to the extreme and self destruct while others are driven to lead lives devoted to helping others while losing their own identity in their efforts But Anshaw focuses primarily on Carmen Nick and Alice Through each sibling’s point of view the reader sees each going through varying stages of their lives without much thought to ten year old Casey Redman Though Alice paints the little girl each year in the same clothes she wore the night she was killed as Alice thought she would be Anshaw failed to explore the artist’s need to paint the child Alice’s visit to the home where Anne Frank hid for 2 years was a missed opportunity given Alice’s reaction to both dead girls Anshaw was interested in Alice’s relationship with Maude Matt’s sister The sex scenes between the two women were very uncomfortable to read Carmen did not seem affected by the accident throughout her life She never mentioned the accident and rarely commented when one of the nine “so called” friends commented upon it Yet Matt used the accident as a reason for the dissolution of their marriage; the other was he wanted “someone Catholic the attitudes of both Carmen and Matt I dare say reflected those of the author and as a Catholic myself was very offensive Annulment is a long process that begins at the pastoral parish level and ends at the Papal level The reasons given by the author for their Annulment is not among the 5 conditions that the Church considers declaring a marriage null Also Carmen’s journey toward radial activism is really not Catholic either The scene at the Women’s Center while dramatic did not ring true to me since I’ve never seen any violence during annual prayer vigilances I attend protesting the Roe v Wade decision – my only activist action Anshaw depicts her as strong woman but she gets so very overwhelmed as a single mother she has Carmen dressing Gabe in his school clothes at bed time so he would be ready when he awoke What right minded woman liberal or not would do such a thing Nick’s story rings true to the novel’s premise He is the most affected by the tragic accident other than the actual driver Olivia Nick is brilliant but hopelessly addicted to drugs His struggle with his addiction and his secret guilt is the most interesting of all of the characters He marries Olivia visits Casey’s parents and fights his brilliance out of that guilt through drugs and alcohol We know the end of his struggles as they are beginning Yet Olivia is completely enigamic She spends time in federal prison not for her role in Redman’s death but for the undelivered mail the Police found in the trunk of her car She comes out of prison hard and isolated accepting punishment for the child’s death She further atones for sin by deciding not to have children Why the author chose to place Olivia at the beginning and end of the novel is baffling since she was integral to the story’s premise Also Olivia was one of the interesting characters Carry the One was really the three siblings’ story A coming of age story about the effects of an abusive father and a not so present mother that really formed their choices in life rather than how a tragic event changed their lives Their characters were caricatures rather than three dimensional Anshaw’s writing was superb most of time with a few misses here and there Her strong attitudes were present throughout the story and I found them to be heavy handed not entertaining at all Good writing alone does not make a good book but perhaps as a conservative Catholic plebeian I am not her target audience