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Holler If You Hear Me Mobi ¿ 308 pages ☆ ❮BOOKS❯ ✮ Holler If You Hear Me Author Michael Eric Dyson – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Acclaimed for his writings on Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr as well as his passionate defense of black youth culture Michael Eric Dyson has emerged as the leading African American iArtist and enlighten those who want to understand himIn the tradition of jazz saxophonists John Coltrane and Charlie Parker Dyson riffs with speed elouence bawdy humor and startling truths that have the effect of hitting you like a Mack truck San Francisco ExaminerSuch is the genius of Dyson He flows freely from the profound to the profane from popular culture to classical literature Washington PostA major American thinker and cultural critic Philadelphia InuirerAmong the young black intellectuals to emerge since the demise of the civil rights movementundoubtedly the most insightful and thought provoking is Michael Eric Dyson Manning Marable Director of African American Studies Columbia University I am probably the only the one that has never been a huge fan of the iconic Tupac Shakur My reasons differ regarding taste or preference but it has to do with never really having the interest to search his history However this book expanded my mind on what I did not know about him previously from his upbringing lyrical poetry and the tribulations that he had to go through I will admit that I never really heard a track of any of his albums besides the song that was a tribute to his mother Now after reading this book I am very curious to see what type of life he livedobviously he inspired musicians celebrities etc all around him thus he must be legendaryThe main thing that impressed me the most about this novel was how consistent it was to the timeline of the book prologue It followed in a chronological order it was not all over the place as some biographies areIt was a great book that exposed a lot of myths about his life Additionally it inspired me to search about him he made a great reputation about himself

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Acclaimed for his writings You Hear PDF #199 on Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr as well Holler If eBook #232 as his passionate defense of black youth culture Michael Eric Dyson has emerged as the If You Hear PDFEPUB #232 leading African American intellectual of his generation Now Dyson turns his attention to one of the most enigmatic figures of the past decade the slain hip hop artist Tupac ShakurFive years after his murder Tupac remains a widely celebrated deeply loved and profoundly controversial icon among black youth Viewed by many as a black James Dean he has attained cult status partly due to the posthumous release of several albums three movies and a collection of poetry But Tupac endur Where do I begin Let's start with me It was 1993 I was fourteen years old a white kid from a middle class home in Kansas For years I'd been a fan of music largely RB—Bobby Brown Shai Portrait Boyz II Men—those were my jams In fact it was the promise of a performance by Shai on the ill conceived MTV Jams Live that got me turned onto Tupac Shakur Ironically prior to that day I couldn't stand 2Pac I laughed at his name I hated the only song I knew of his “I Get Around” He seemed much too overconfident for my taste But that evening as I hunched over my remote control ready to push record any time Shai went on screen I heard for the first time “Keep Ya Head Up” The performance lacked the heart found in the recorded version of the song; nonetheless I saw the socially conscious side of 2Pac and I was intriguedI bought Strictly 4 My NIGGAZ and was a fan I found a copy of 2Pacalypse Now and studied my new favorite artist with great interest By the time 2Pac released his third studio album I was a devout follower Me Against the World was a CD that changed my life You could actually hear the pain in Shakur's voice While his previous two efforts were very political in nature Me Against the World was heart felt Regardless of what he was rapping about there was such a depression that blanketed that album I loved the grittiness and reality of it I was an unabashed follower of Shakur and this led to significant problems As you may have surmised from my background listening to 2Pac wearing 2Pac shirts rapping my favorite 2Pac songs made middle school and high school hell I put up with the torment for some time but eventually I broke If something hadn't saved me from my hell I probably would've done something drastic Then I found religionIn no time Tupac was replaced with the likes of the Gospel Gangstaz and LG Wise And it was probably for the best because later that year Tupac Shakur was murdered I'm not sure how I would've handled seeing my messiah killed but I think it would've been incredibly damaging Instead I let the news roll off my newfound self righteousness and moved on Years passed and I rarely looked back I got into underground hip hop and eventually seeing hip hop grow stagnant I left the whole rap game behindInterestingly a few years ago Tupac's memory started calling me again For the many rappers I've forgotten and dismissed as teenage ignorance andor rebellion Shakur's music still spoke to me It felt as though I still had something to learn from Tupac I ignored it for a while but recently I began to listen—to the music and the message I opened my mind to who Tupac was and what he had to say That led me to Holler If You Hear Me by Michael Eric DysonSo this “review” has gotten kind of wordy and so far I've only made one mention of the book Maybe all of my backstory was irrelevant but it was significant to me and I think it might be relevant to Shakur's appeal Reading Dyson's work on the rapper I am struck by how complex Shakur was I think it's easy to look at any celebrity see the image they most put out there and dismiss any possibility that there is to them When most people think of how Shakur must have been in life I'm sure they imagine someone as thuggish and boisterous as Tupac was in his music videos From interviews Dyson conducted however it is clear that Shakur considered himself first and foremost an actor and that his rap career as 2Pac was merely one character in his acting career When he started out Shakur was a sweet “artsy cat” into crystals but

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Holler If You Hear MeEs primarily because of the devotion of his loyal followers who have immortalized him through tributes letters songs and celebrations many in cyberspaceDyson helps us to understand why a twenty five year old rapper activist poet actor and alleged sex offender looms even larger in death than he did in life With his trademark skills of critical thinking and storytelling Dyson examines Tupac's hold on black youth assessing the ways in which different elements of his persona thug confused prophet fatherless child are both vital and destructive At once deeply personal and sharply analytical Dyson's book offers a wholly original way of looking at Tupac Shakur that will thrill those who already love the After reading Holler If You Hear Me by Michael Eric Dyson I feel I have learned uite a significant amount of new knowledge toward its subject Tupac Shakur Dyson's approach to educating the readers will have even the most devoted fans eager for I feel the way book is set up is the most complimentary of Dyson's style Each chapter is uniue by being uoted after a line Shakur used in songs Dyson dives into Shakur's childhood and makes us believe we were there by using old cartoons and television show that 70s and 80s babies would relate to He his great devices for imagery My personal favorite part of the book was the discussion of the Nword controversy and how that word was flipped around so much by Shakur I have never looked to write biographies but if I would I would use this as a great reference guide Dyson is a great writer and he continues to write about powerful leaders and topics I would recommend any of his books to anyone looking to learn new knowledge