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Middle MenEir lives A work of profound humanity that pairs moments of high comedy with searing truths about life’s missed opportunities Middle Men brings to life a series of unforgettable characters learning what it means to love and work and be in the world as a man and it offers our first look at a gifted writer who has just begun teaching us the tools of his trad A great read and not just for those of us mourning the apparent end of Lodge 49

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FREE PDF ´ BOOK Middle Men ò [PDF / Epub] ★ Middle Men By Jim Gavin – In Middle Men Stegner Fellow and New Yorker contributor Jim Gavin delivers a hilarious and panoramic vision of California portraying a group of men from young dreamers to old vets as they make valiant In Middle Men Stegner Fellow and New Yorker cIn Middle Men Stegner Fellow and New Yorker contributor Jim Gavin delivers a hilarious and panoramic vision of California portraying a group of men from young dreamers to old vets as they make valiant forays into middle class respectability In Play the Man a high school basketball player aspires to a college scholarship in Elephant Doors a production assista Jim Gavin's debut collection of short fiction could as well be called Down and out in greater Los Angeles But even Down and Out in Paris and London had a George Orwell who later went to write Animal Farm and 1984 immortalizing his name even for those who do no read Gavin's stories don't have heroes that get written about or who write about themselves they have the eponymous middle men people who are not uite at the bottom but at the same time uite far away from the topThese stories don't have much of a narrative arc just like the lives of their protagonists don't have any particular direction These men young and old live day by day in a curious state of permanent suspension they're hanging in some sort of a limbo between their hopes and dreams of achieving success and fear of messing up big time and losing everything Gavin's characters travel along the endless freeways of hazy southern California the hazy place where everything seems to be possible but at the same time remains in the distance out of reach They try their hands at becoming the local success stories in baseball or stand up comedy but mostly live their days from job to job under constant sunshine They are lost and without any real role models or people to admire as displayed by the hopeless basketball coach in the first story Play The Man How can the young protagonist ever achieve success at basketball if he has no one from whom he can take any real advice from Gavin's men meet only phonies frauds and kooks as illustrated by the interaction between the protagonist and the famous talk show host in Elephant Doors or others who are just as lost as them They become stuck in a depressing inertia unable to find Reuther way to opportunity trough all the haze settling down to take what they can understanding that they will never play the first ball amuse the audience on national television or perform for thousands on a great stage They all seem to be waiting for someone or something to arrive to save them and stop their lives from being an exercise in futility but it never happens And so they go on baked by the golden state's endless sunshine walking step by step on its cracked pavements driving mile by mile on its endless and evermerging freewaysThese stories scream autobiography from every page Gavin is a native of Orange County and was shaped by the same environment and communities that he describes and together form a well written debut collection Still the reader might wish for a bit of a narrative cohesion and plot which will hopefully arrive with the author's debut novel

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Nt on a game show moonlights as a stand up comedian and in the collection’s last story the immensely moving “Costello” a middle aged plumbing supplies salesman comes to terms with the death of his wife The men in Gavin’s stories all find themselves stuck somewhere in the middle caught half way between their dreams and the often crushing reality of th I rarely read books of short stories but this was great The stories are about guys in their 20s who are flailing Fucking up They're funny sad and insightful Both the stories and the characters Very enjoyable