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Free read  Monkeys with Typewriters ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ó [PDF / Epub] ✑ Monkeys with Typewriters ☄ Scarlett Thomas – A manual for reading and writing better from the acclaimed author of The End of Mr Y and Our Tragic Universe  Exploring how fiction?someone else's heart Have you ever won an argument but later realized you were wrong Have you ever tripped in public or spilled wine on someone else's carpet Have you ever tried to help someone who didn't want to be Monkeys with PDFEPUB or helped or even someone who did Have you ever been in trouble big or small Have you ev. This is an engaging and thoughtful work on writing fiction majoring particularly on analysis of plot and some of the nuts and bolts practicalities of how to write fiction particularly a novel Following Northrop Frye and Christopher Booker Thomas identifies what she sees as the major basic plots that fiction writers can draw from – for her there are 8 tragedy comedy uest rags to riches stranger comes to town coming of age mystery and modern realism which can have plot in the same way that pretty much most of our lives have plots that is not at all All of which seems fair enough and she offers enthusiastic readings of some great novels along the wayI haven't read any of Thomas' novels so can't comment on how well the teacher practises what she preaches but most of the practical advice was clear and constructive – generating testing and discarding ideas entering into the truth of a character's experience building up from scenes and so on I found the discussion on writing a good sentence too reductive though because of her obvious preference for fairly plain minimalist prose The subjective judgements around what makes for good writing are not made as explicit as they could be and I would have liked to have heard about musicality and rhythm balance and lop sidedness – ways to sooth or unsettle a reader at the level of a sentenceOver all though a useful read for aspiring writers trying to think carefully about their craft

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A manual for reading and writing better from the acclaimed author of The End of Mr Y and Our Tragic Universe  Exploring how fiction works this manual shows you how you can learn to understand it well enough to crack open any fictional narrative and if you like start creating your own Have you ever had your heart broken or broken?. Over the years I’ve amassed a whole shelf of ‘how to’ books on writing Some have disappointed me Their blurbs promise the allure of unlocking the deepest darkest secrets of constructing the perfect narrative but don’t always follow through Others are invaluable and I find I recommend them time and time again to writing students and consultancy clients But for the most part they tend to focus on one aspect of the craft A lecturer in creative writing at the University of Kent Scarlett Thomas has gathered together in Monkeys With Typewriters a wide ranging amount of material – on plot characters narrative mode and the craft of line by line writing – and boiled it down in a common sense way She writes with such warmth and reader friendliness that you feel like you’re getting a personal one to one tutorialThe book contains an impressive summary of theory especially on plot – thousands of years’ worth of it into readable and manageable form You don’t have to go away and read Aristotle or Plato because Thomas boils it down to what you need and presents it in a practical way But having been shown the way it would guide you through what you need to know from these classicsMore than that though Thomas’ book is a rare gem a guide to which can also be read by non writers who want to understand the power of story Some parts are a guide to creative processes in general the chapter ‘How To Have Ideas’ comes out of Thomas’ research into ideation idea generation and is a brilliant method which could be put to use in everyday life not just when planning novels ‘How To Write A Novel’ somehow demystifies a process that our culture somehow turns into a dark art Not that Thomas is saying it is an easy thing Just that if you want to write and you think you have it in you you can approach novel writing with a light heart ‘If writing feels to you like a job or a chore then your idea isn’t good enough It’s as simple as that’Monkeys With Typewriters will have a prominent place on my ‘how to’ bookshelf from now on And yes I’ll be recommending it to everyone I know who writes andor loves stories

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Monkeys with TypewritersEr felt trapped Have you ever gossiped felt bad about it and then found that you've been the subject of gossip yourself Have you ever basically felt like a chimp in a pair of jeans caught up in endless drama and with no idea of how the universe works This is an ode to secret power of stories and a guide to cracking those powers open. I firmly believe that certain writing craft books are needed at certain times in your career Thanks to Cally Taylor's recommendation I fell upon this book at the right time for me It works it's way through literary criticism plot characterisation sentence structure and beginning a novel At each section she gives concrete examples on why things work which I found extremely helpful especially on plot and characterisation It wouldn't be a book I would recommend to a real beginner but it is ideal once you have a novel or two under your belt