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Jack Jilted Read & download Á 2 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ✩ Jack Jilted ☉ Cathy Yardley – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk When his chef eloped with the masseuse Captain Jack McCullough knew he'd have to pitch in to keep his four star yacht afloat Too bad he didn't know one end of the galley from the other but he did have When his chef eloped withDid have the looks the charm andthe jilted brideDodging caterers' bills instead of confetti jobless Chloe Winton did what every suddenly single woman should She talked herself into taking the. Considering the blurb a bride jilted at the altar decided to go on her honeymoon alone and fell for the boat captain I started his book warilyHowever I soon was positively surprised First the author did not stop at just describing the feelings of the jilted bride but described well the aftermath with the interfering good willing family the financial conseuences of the cancelled marriage the difficulty of agreeing on anything including on selling the common house etc The description of Jack's financial woes and the solutions found to it by Chloe were all very realistic which I found rare especially in short length romances The main characters lead couples parents of the bride and remainder of the crew also seemed like real persons and not merely caricature of characters which I also really appreciatedThe overall story line managed to mix plenty of different things that I could have read before but thus managed to make the read uite compelling and not overly done and rehashed Regarding emotions that might be one of the weakest point of the book With the writing which was only ok but nothing to rave aboutI might well read another from this author given the chance

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When his chef eloped with the masseuse Captain Jack McCullough knew he'd have to pitch in to keep his four star yacht afloat Too bad he didn't know one end of the galley from the other but he. This was a fun romance though on the serious side for all it was tragedy free Jack and Chloe both had some maturity issues to start with and there's really no way through those than making mistakes hurting one another talking things through and eventually forgiveness I was much engaged with Chloe than Jack but that's mainly because I don't find the fancy free vagabond terribly alluring unless he's played by Nathan Fillion of course I was relieved to find that it wasn't as one sided as I feared it would be because Jack had the obvious learning curve And I was delighted to see how well they fit together in that each had a need for the strengths of the otherI thought Chloe's fiancé was a bit clichéd and his mother was still worse but we don't have to deal with them much so that's all goodIn the end this was a solid 35 stars or so but the crew of the Rascal and the variety of passengers we met and their underlying stories were enough for me to bump it to fourA note about Steamy As a Harleuin Blaze title I expected this to be at the far range of my steam tolerance And I wasn't wrong That said the steam was actually on the light side for a Blaze title so it didn't overwhelm the story There were four or so explicit scenes the first couple of which were uite lengthy but not a lot of teasing or fooling around at all so that was pretty much it

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Jack JiltedWeek long honeymoon cruise her former fiancé had paid for Yes for the whole week But when she meets the hot sexy do gooding captain she's not sure the six days and seven nights will be enough. Not bad Not a new favorite Seriously it wasn't bad I liked it okay But I don't think I liked it enough to read anything by this author sigh I need to uit book binging as a escape and figure out what I want out of my life; so that means cutting down on the escape reads and focusing on the awesome ones And while this wasn't bad it wasn't awesome and admittedly by overly literal brain had some issues on the legal financial liability portion of breaking an engagementBorrowed from Kindle Unlimited