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The Bridal Bed Free read ✓ 104 ´ [PDF] ⚣ The Bridal Bed ✯ Helen Bianchin – The wedding deceptionSuanne was thrilled that her mother was remarrying But everyone expected her to attend the wedding with her own fiance the very gorgeous Sloane Wilson Wlloughby the bridegroom's s The wedding deceptionSuanneBridegroom's son How could Suzanne admit their engagement was offBut Sloane had a plan For the weekend of the wedding they'd play the The Bridal PDF part of a happy soon to be married co. 375 I would have gladly given this 4 if not for the TSTL heroineSPOILERS SPOILERS Suzanne was a LAWYER Sloane actually said she had a lot of COMMON SENSE I nearly choked LOL This legal eagle should be a great judge of character right Maybe he'd been blinded by love When Sloane her beloved fiancé was away on a business trip handling an important case she got a threatening note telling her to leave him She ignored it Then little incidents happened which she dismissed as accidentsuntil one day she was nearly driven off the road The culprit was a socialite who verbally abused and warned Suzanne to leave Sloane or else the next time she won't be so luckyWhat did this independent professional modern woman do She packed up and left the love of her life without telling him the truth It wasn't even like the psycho threatened to harm Sloane so she had to leave him for his own goodI really felt for Sloane He's pretty much the perfect hero Smart wealthy gentlemanly yet strong and tender He never gave up on Suzanne and their love He knew her better than she did herself The way he stood in the shower letting her punch him repeatedly to vent off OMG There's no doubt Suzanne loved him but she felt insecure not coming from the upper crust Why oh why did she not tell Sloane after he's back Her reasons were she did not want him distracted during his big case and she refused to divulge the identity of the psycho socialite because she respected the crazy's prominent father I can't evenI wonder at their HEA thoughWhen the next challenge came would she pack her bags and leave againThe island resort was an exotic and beautiful setting How Sloane pulled off this second wedding in the family in the same weekend was touching and impressive

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Uple Which meant sharing a suite and a bed And secretly Sloane also intended bringing about the second family wedding of the weekend DO NOT DISTURB Anything can happen behind closed door. Lettura scorrevole anche se non è tra i migliori Harmony

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The Bridal BedThe wedding deceptionSuanne was thrilled that her mother was remarrying But everyone expected her to attend the wedding with her own fiance the very gorgeous Sloane Wilson Wlloughby the. Interviewer So you fell in love with the heroHeroine Yes oh yes he is everything I have ever looked for in a manInterviewer And he fell in love with you tooHeroine Oh absolutely It was a whirlwind romance We fell for each other on the spot and we just knewyou know It was like we had met each other in a previous life I always read about that stuff but never thought it would happen to me But it didInterviewer So this was serious not a flingHeroine Definitely We got engaged after three weeks and I moved in with him pending our weddingInterviewer Okay interesting So then what possibly could have happened to break you two up Did he cheat on you Did you discover he was marrying you to facilitate a merger between his company and your father's Or to get his hands on an old Tudor style mansion beueathed to you jointly by your godmother and his step aunt unbeknownst to youHeroine No no nothing like that He is lovely just lovelyInterviewer leans forward So then what happened I am all earsHeroine Well this random woman threatened me that she was going to hurt me if I didn't break up with my fiance Then she actually tried to run me over with her carInterviewer Wow you're kidding me What a psycho Did you call the policeHeroine NoInterviewer Did you tell your fianceHeroine No he was out of townInterviewer re adjusts his glasses shuffles some of his paperwork mutters HmmmThis isn't a historical romance right As I recallOh yes here we areIt was published in the ninetiesahemNINETEEN ninetiesand it is a contemporary romance rightHeroine looks blankly at interviewerInterviewer beginning to go pink in the face Okay so if he was out of town what prevented you from contacting him I mean it's not like you had to find a parchment and uill and send him a message with the next ship out of harbour right Didn't you call himlike on the phoneto tell him what happenedHeroine NoInterviewer Email himHeroine NoInterviewer bright red Did you do anything ANYTHING AT ALL to communicate to your fiance that an attempt has been made on your lifeHeroine rolls her eyes I moved out of his apartment without explanations and stopped taking his phone calls Actually he became a little bit harassing with all the phone calls especially at my workInterviewer after a long silence asks in a strange monotone voice Where did you say you worked againHeroine A law firm I'm a lawyerInterviewer You're a lawyerHeroine I'm a lawyerInterviewer People come to you to resolve their problems With the lawHeroine YupInterviewer So if a client came to you with a story of threats and violence by a deranged psycho what would you legally advise themHeroine Duh Call the police and go to court to get a restraining order Potentially file a civil lawsuit and maybe even alert the media about the identity of this dangerous individualInterviewer slowly gulps down what appears to be a tall glass of cool water Stares some at the heroine in silence Then utters a little sigh or maybe it was even a moan and then bravely continues So do you mind telling me why you wouldn't follow your own advice in this situationHeroine What d'you mean my situationOh Interviewer suddenly perks up eyes gleaming Oh well That was totally different Interviewer's head falls despondently back downInterviewer Different howHeroine Well you see my fiance is immensely rich and influentialInterviewer Go onHeroine And the woman who tried to kill me is a socialite who is very prominent in the city's top social circlesInterviewer looks blankly at heroineHeroine enunciating slowly and soothingly like a schoolteacher trying to teach a complex math formula to a recalcitrant student SooooooWe Are In a Helen Bianchin Book Interviewer MeaningHeroine sarcastically Meaninnnnnng I have to wait for the Other Woman to torture me some before my fiance finally unravels The Great Big Terrible Misunderstanding that has kept us apart for approximately 182 pages and then threaten the Other Woman with social shunning a