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Specially for her own three children after they had discovered a secret passage in the cellar of their house It beautifully reflects her own inuisitive nature as she herself has said 'I was a keyhole child fearsomely curious' wedded to her subtly innovative ability to empathise with the child's vi. I think I must have read this before and either it was very long ago or I was particularly unwell at the time because every aspect of this story is something I had already half constructed into what I thought was an original idea of my own Nope Just something forgotten from childhood lurking in my subconscious a leopard swept away on a tree branch in a flash flood a huge friendly sculptor named Abe who lives in the garden shed a lonely aunt with a tragic past in a rickety old boarding house on the English coast All excellent thingsWith all children's literature of this era comes a huge warning in flashing lights for the typical sickening gender norms and also the shockingly casual imperialism In the best of these novels the former isn't so prevalent I think we can say that for The Secret Passage Yes a few lines definitely made me cringe but overall I found the children to be uite distinct from each other and fleshed out as individuals without resorting too heavily to sexist tropes Ben in particular stole my heart but then again anyone who pays even the slightest bit of attention to my reading trends will know I love a good stubborn headstrong argumentative child protagonist and Ben just fits that model so perfectly with the added bonus of being utterly adorableThe imperialism though The imperialism It's staggering how it always manages to rear its ugly head no matter what I expect going into a story Often it's India that gets the brush of mysticism and misplaced British nostalgia but in this story it's Africa Because don't you know children Africa is a magical land where mother and father lived in their own special bungalow separate from the mud huts and we children had fourteen servants who doted on us and we never had to lay the table If only mother hadn't died of dysentery Honestly name me one British children's author from 1850 1980 who doesn't big up the Mystical Exotic Lands That Definitely Belong To UsI'm becoming increasingly aware that when the time comes for reading any of my childhood favourites to my future kids it'll have to be coupled with a very long and very solemn history lesson

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The Secret Passage Puffin BooksLonely and forlorn after their mother's death Passage Puffin PDF #198 and their sudden arrival at Aunt The Secret PDF Mabel's seaside boarding house John Mary and Ben Mallory are unimpressed with their new Secret Passage Puffin Epub #221 life in England But there are wonderful surprises in store f. After an idyllic upbringing in Kenya three young children John Mary and Ben Mallory suddenly lose their mother only to be sent to a bleak seaside resort in England to stay with their 'disagreeable' Aunt Mabel the landlady of a boarding house To the trauma of losing one parent is added the mysterious disappearance of their father a complete change of environment and the ministrations of a relative who is not only distant but seemingly resentfulBewildering as their new life is there are further mysteries how does Aunt Mabel survive when lodgers are few are far between and the two she does have appear not to pay rent Why did their aunt have to move from a grander house next door and are the rumours of a secret passage between the two buildings based on reality And does one of the children truly see a face at the attic window next door or is it their imaginationThis the earliest of Nina Bawden's books for children has an assured touch and a strong narrative the action tipping over from one fraught incident into another until the final resolutions bring the story to a satisfying conclusion even though it's a close run thing This Puffin edition has a note that when republished in 1979 the opening chapters were shortened but nothing essential appears to have been lost in the condensingBawden accurately captures the sense of disorientation that the young must feel when uprooted from what they are used to she achieved something similar in Carrie's War about child evacuees during the war and in Off the Road a dystopia set in the Welsh Marches I myself remember that feeling of strangeness when I moved at roughly the same age and period in 1958 in fact from Hong Kong to a city in the West CountryBut the children are both resourceful and resilient each with their own distinctive personality one curious another serious and cautious the last confidently sociable The various adults are depicted from the Mallory trio's point of view their motives and mood changes for the most part hard to fathom; and there is additionally the enigma of the face at the window to solveI'm guessing the town of Henstable reached by train from London is somewhere on the North Sea coast like Whitstable in Kent It was dark and cold and the wind sliced through their thin clothes like a sharp knife And yet in amongst the drudgery of Britain's postwar years there are signs of positivity with intimations of a flowering of arts in the resort cheerful Mr Agnew one of the lodgers is a sculptor the other lodger Miss Pin old and bird like has a room full of curios and treasures and their new acuaintance Victoria turns out to be a promising young pianistThough no conventional fantasy there is the thrill of that underground passage a portal to access an unknown world what John calls the House of Secrets Not as magical as the back of a wardrobe nor as adventurous as a castle tunnel on an island Bawden's concept is of an Aladdin's cave of a house crammed full of paintings sculptures and objets d'art She has created a limited environment in which to place the human drama one in which it takes a while for some adults to realise that at heart what the children need is love and understanding

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The Secret Passage Puffin Books Free read é 100 õ ❰PDF❯ ✐ The Secret Passage Puffin Books Author Nina Bawden – Lonely and forlorn after their mother's death and their sudden arrival at Aunt Mabel's seaside boarding house John Mary and Ben Mallory are unimpressed with their new lifeOr them when they discover a secret way into the grand and empty house next door Soon all sorts of unexpected events will unfold as the siblings encounter a whole host of eccentric characters and happenings a Completed in The Secret Passage is Nina Bawden's first children's novel and was written e. I like to lose myself in a children's novel after ploughing through literary sludge eg Jane Austenfor some light relief this tale from 1963 does the jobas ever with Nina Bawden The writing is perfectly pitched at young adults there are no wizards or dragonsjust realistic interesting adult characters children who behave like normal childrenwith their imaginations given their head in this story of widows orphans who find mutual support in troubled times it all ends on a positive note Nowback to the grind of great literature ribbons on bonnets Bennets