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Read Glastonbury The Novel of Christian England doc å Kindle Edition Ë Donna Fletcher Crow ☆ ❰Ebook❯ ➥ Glastonbury The Novel of Christian England Author Donna Fletcher Crow – It was a sanctuary from the world and a silent witnIn Glastonbury In its story you will experience the faith that gave Joseph of Arimathea and his family courage to claim new land for Christ Relive the persecution of St George and St Glastonbury The PDFEPUB or Patrick during their captivity under the Roman Empire Ride along with King Arthur on his historic adventures and discover the spiritual fortitude that enabled him to become the greatest leader o An almost perfect blend of history mythology and excellent storytelling Donna Fletcher Crow’s Glastonbury recreates ancient Britain from the time of Druids to the dissolution of the monasteries in the Middle Ages The story splits into separate books each complete in itself and each contributing an essential ingredient to the whole It's a long read certainly but a rewarding one with such perfect stopping points you can pick it up again week after week following tales of slavery and Roman rule with the curious wonders of Camelot and the uest for the Holy GrailI’ve always loved English history and this novel satisfies that love as well as intriguing me delightfully with its depiction of early Christianity Building on legends that Joseph of Arimathea came to England after the death of Christ carrying the Holy Grail of Arthurian dreams it invites the reader to wonder what is the grail and who is Arthur Is there power in the landDonna Fletcher Crow deftly weaves a wealth of well researched detail into a story that continually astounds with sudden awe and the caught breath of surprised recognition There are no glaring signposts to remembered characters here; just wise and well drawn images that bring those characters to life before you've fully recognized who you might be seeing Glastonbury encompasses the detail and emotional power of a Rosemary Sutcliffe novel one of my childhood favorites the honest faith of a Taylor Caldwell book favorites of my teenage years and the scope and depth of an Edward Rutherford tome one of my recent favorites It is is hugely satisfying beautifully researched and convincingly told—a novel to read and reread and happily recommend Disclosure I was lucky enough to by an ecopy when it was free but I’ll have to look out for it in paperback now as I want a copy for my bookshelf

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F his time Witness the rekindling of Christianity with St Augustine of Canterbury Be inspired by the faith of the remnant in the midst of the Dark Ages Watch the upheaval under the rule of Henry VIII that led to the Reformation And as Christianity triumphs over the darkest moments of its history you may even find your own spiritual roots An epic novel of the history of The Novel of Kindle #212 the fai Just when I thought I was making progress I realized I was at 24% and a week later had had enough at around 40% Lots of great historical details but too long to keep track of all the characters and after a while it just plodded along With the different generations it just felt like we were going to crawl through another 100 characters without finishing so I cried Uncle Learned a lot enjoyed the early characters just had no idea this book was soooooo long and hard to track

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Glastonbury The Novel of Christian EnglandIt was a Novel of MOBI #241 sanctuary from the world and a silent witness to it all The first years of Christianity's tumultuous history The clash of cultures Armies marching The rise and fall of kingdoms One language supplanting another Yet Glastonbury remained a place of serenity prayer and reconciliation As the legacy of faith passed from generation to generation each era of believers found refuge Given my love of British History and Church History you might make the leap of faith to conclude that I’ve enjoyed this book And you would be right as I’ve loved reading this title Ms Crow has done a fabulous job taking bits of what we know of history and fleshing out stories that bring the different characters to life Some of the protagonists were familiar eg King Arthur although in this book he is called Arthurious and others were not well known to me But together their story paints an elegant history of an area in Britain eventually known as Glastonbury which is seen as a holy place for all of known history even before the coming of Christianity This is not a uick read though with over 500 pages of text Nor is it like one continuous novel with one set of characters to track Glastonbury is almost like a series of novellas strung together as if an ancient historian is retelling each glimpse of time periods along the way The nice thing about it is that I could easily set aside the book for the night when I reached a new jump in era without having an unsettling feeling about abandoning a favorite character or thread in the story Yet the I read the drawn I was to the stories and even a desire to dig deeper into the history myself No I haven’t done that but the wheels are already spinning about when P should study British Literature and how much history we’ll include with it I would seriously recommend this title for any other lover of British history or even one of Church history who wants to witness the evolution of Christianity in England through the genre of historical fiction Included in the front of the book which I wish I’d printed out to have on hand while reading is both a timeline of Glastonbury through the dissolution of the Abbey in 1539 and a genealogy of the families in Glastonbury from Joseph of Arimathea through the time period covered in this book