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FREE READ ✓ Falling Colours The Vision Painter #1 ✓ ❮Read❯ ➲ Falling Colours The Vision Painter #1 Author R.J. Samuel – FALLING COLOURS – The Misadventures of a Vision PainterKiran is a vision painterThe only vision painter working in IrelandHer practice isn’t doing tooFALLING COLOURS – The Misadventures of The Vision eBook #180 a Vision PainterKiran is a vision painterThe only vi. I loved both the concept and the execution of this riveting paranormal story Kiran is a vision painter just like her father She can paint what her clients reuest and their dreams come true But she can't get paid for it so she works at the local restaurant and struggles to pay her mounting bills Delilah the owner of the restaurant asks Kiran to chat to Ron and lend a sympathetic ear Ron is an elderly patron who has recently lost his wife in an apparent suicide In an attempt to assist him she makes an error of judgementThis is a superb story which unravels into a complex mystery This is my first novel by Samuel and I'm thrilled to have found another author whose work I enjoy


Itress in a struggling restaurant in ConnemaraEverything changes when she meets a womanAnd makes a tiny wee mistake. Gave up at 12% I really wanted to like this the idea is so cool but Kiran is just so stupid I'm told she was an engineer but not told why she isn't doing that I'm told she has no money and she's upset but not why she has no money I'm told she is a vision painter but have no idea why no one paints in their gratitude or what that would actually give her Is it a spiritual payment Would it be monetary What's the entire pointI gave up when she agrees to try and paint a guy's dead wife back to life so he can ask why she killed herself After watching her explain that it's against the rules and then refuse to pick up the phone to call her father to ask what would happen I decided she was too stupid and this story was too poorly thought out to read any further

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Falling Colours The Vision Painter #1Sion painter working in IrelandHer practice isn’t doing too well and she works Falling Colours eBook #180 as a wa. This was an entertaining read I liked the uirky and self deprecating Kiran as she bounced from one strong character to another Samuel does a good job describing both settings and characters I even enjoyed hearing from Marje despicable though she was It took me a bit to get used to the POV shifts from chapter to chapter but once I got comfortable with the books layout I was able to relax and let the story unfoldLots of action light on romance If I have a beef with the story it would be that I wish the reader would have been given lead up time and a better understanding of what vision painting means and how Kiran developed her gift This is one book where the dreaded prologue chapter may have been a good place to explain her talent Without this knowledge the opening few chapters are a bit confusing for the reader An interesting and uniue read Great job Ms Samuel