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Reluctant Surrender Alchemy Mates 1 characters é eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ [BOOKS] ✬ Reluctant Surrender Alchemy Mates 1 By Jana Downs – A former member of a legendary vampire hunting family Andren MacGregor is now a vampire under the care of an extremely sexy and aN Andren has to come to grips with the things he’s been denying about himself He’ll have to learn to balance being a vampire and being a hunter in order to protect the man he’s growing to love and the family that he’s sworn to protect. The first book in this series is set in the regency era Alchemy refers to compatibility of mates in the vampire world Andren was a vampire slayer who comes from a family line of slayers but Lucian meets him and eventually needs to same him from a rookie mistake He makes the choice to turn him and realizes the Alchemy between them Andren has never touched another man and must come to terms I love it when they are man love virgins The book was very good I highly suggest it The only reason I didnt give five stars was at the end the story drug on a little long in my opinion There was some fillers

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A former member of a legendary Alchemy Mates ePUB #185 vampire hunting family Andren MacGregor is now a vampire under the care of an extremely sexy and absolutely forbidden ancient Roman vampire named Lucian He’s spent the past seven years. Still think the name alchemy mate is really stupid There should be some kind of poetic other name for it Alchemy mate is far too straight forward to sound goodSince this is consummate pulp I guess I'd have to make allowancesBut still Come on Getting letters with sketches as proof of kidnapping Wouldn't it be effective to send idk a lock of hair or some drops of blood I mean you're sending it to a vamp They have magical smelling senses whatever Actually the blood makes the most sense Or maybe some blood stained cloth Stained with the kidnapped person's blood That's not only dramatic but also makes sense than a bundle of sketches I get they're trying to do the Regency euivalent of photos but come on The idea is so damn stupidI mean can you imagine itThey kidnapped the dude stripped 'em and tortured 'em And then had 'em freeze so a sketch artist could capture their visageHey don't you move Hold that angle No move a little to the lefttoo far Back to the rightaaaand There Perfect Hold that pleaseIt's at that point the entire thing became really really stupid sighIt was even kind of okay up until this pointAnd then Andren goes allI dunno Melodramatic caveman JeoffreyMaybe he's got a Jeoffrey modeEither way it was really stupid Coming off the heels of the retarded sketch thing I normally try to avoid using retarded as an insult but in this case I think it may apply literallyThat moment imploded my ability to suspend my disbelief Anything and everything that came after was just ridiculous and stupidAnd the villain dude could have been so great But instead it was trite and cheesy and downright awfulIt's horrible because the this goes the apparent it becomes how unhealthy any of the relationships are Raj and Rannulf are the only one who've maybe found some sort of euilibrium even though it sounds kind of like at the root of it it's rather unidealThe vampy bondy claimy thing makes no sense None at allAnd then the thing with Jager I mean one of the A dudes Aiden and Sky all get African babiesI mean I would read the next book because Aiden and Sky seem to have a decent story proposal whatever but this book makes me very leery of going further

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Reluctant Surrender Alchemy Mates 1Fighting the growing attraction for his maker and the fact that he is no longer human just seems to compound his prickly personalityWhen his family steps back Reluctant Surrender PDFEPUB or into the picture and a killer starts targeting Lucia. 3 12 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book ReviewshttpmmgoodbookreviewswordpresscoAndren has had a lot to cope with first going from vampire hunter to vampire then his unexplained attraction to his sire and finally having to cope with no longer being human And now just when he is accepting his fate his family are back and someone is out for him and Lucian Lucian has waited patiently for years for Andren to come to terms with being a vampire Now he just wishes that Andren would turn to him for love In the mean time Lucian has to help Andren hunt down a killer who is targeting them bothYou know I wasn’t sure at first about the setting for this book 18th century England for vampires but after reading it I found what better timeframe to have vampires live than regency England when the aristocracy slept most of the day and partied at night Andren used to be a vampire hunter but then a hunt went wrong and he was turned His family turned their back on him and he only had Lucian his sire left to rely on Andren has now spent the last seven years basically sulking for the loss of his old life and refusing to come to terms with what he now is He has also denied his feelings for LucianLucian has had the patience of a saint looking after Andren and teaching him the ways of a vampire could not have been easy The support that he has shown Andren is amazing and it is only his love for Andren that has had him being so strong in the face of Andren’s treatment of him Lucian is a wonderful vampire and some of his close friends are great and they really fill the story out When Andren finally let’s himself accept his circumstances Andren and Lucian are beautiful together And then they have Andren’s family to deal with and whoever is after them bothThis is a really good story that weaves a web of deceit and murder of love and betrayal and of hope and forgiveness Andren’s family discovers truths that their father hid Lucian’s friends just might not be friends and Andren finally accepts Lucian’s love I liked the way that this story was told and the descriptions of regency England the sex is hot and passionate and the vampire powers are cool and varied I will admit to not liking Andren at first god what a big baby but when he finally accepts that there is to life and that he doesn’t have to give up his calling of taking down rogue vampires he improved in my eyes by a huge amountSo if you love vampires vampire powers regency danger love accepting your fate finding out truths and having a happy ending then this is the book for you