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DOWNLOAD ✓ A Land More Kind Than Home È ➿ [Download] ➽ A Land More Kind Than Home By Wiley Cash ➵ – A stunning debut reminiscent of the beloved novels of John Hart and Tom Franklin A Land More Kind Than Home is a mesmerizing literary thriller about the bond between two brothers and the eNd More Kind Epub #220 freedom and deliverance as wellTold by three resonant and evocative characters Jess Adelaide Lyle the town midwife and moral conscience and Clem Barefield a sheriff with his own painful past A Land More Kind Than Home is a haunting tale of courage in the face of cruelty and the power of love to overcome the darkness that lives in us all These are masterful portrayals written with assurance and truth and they show us the extraordinary promise of this remarkable. A Land More Kind Than Home The Debut Novel of Wiley Cash Wiley CashWiley Cash takes his title from the final lines of You Can't Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe The epigraph Cash chose sets the tone of the work that follows Something has spoken to me in the nightand told me I shall die I know not where SayingDeath is to lose the earth yo know for greater knowing; to lose the life you have for greater life; to leave the friends you loved for greater loving; to find a land kind than home large than earth Cash skilfully spins his tale through three distinct points of view Adelaide Lyle an elderly lady who provides the history and background of the story serving as moral conscience of the story; nine year old Jess Hall the portrait of innocence lost; and Clem Barefield sheriff of Madison County North Carolina for twenty five years First taking office in 1961 Barefield sets the events in the story in 1986Madison County is as far west in North Carolina as you can get butting against the border of Tennessee Marshall is the County seat A patchwork of deep wooded valleys and steep mountains tobacco farmers in the western region of the state produce burley tobacco on farms hewed out of land reminiscent of a network of roller coasters than agriculture Marshall NC County Seat of Madison CountyFolks in the Appalachians are God fearing Passing through if the Spirit moves you you won't have a problem finding a church But I'd recommend steering clear of churches in old grocery stores and gas stations especially if the name of the church ends in the words in Signs Following Folks put their faith on exhibition by handling serpents drinking strychnine and handling fire to see if it'll burn'em Inside a Church of Christ With Signs FollowingAdelaide LyleNow you take the church in this book It didn't start out that way Once upon a time it was the French Broad Church of Christ in a real cburch with pews and a steeple headed up by Pastor Matthews But the cancer got him back in 75 Then along comes this fellow from out of nowhere name of Carson ChamblissIt didn't take long for about half the congregation to up and leave when Chambliss took over pastoring Without half the congregation the bank took the church and sold it to the Presbyterians That was fine with Chambliss who moved the church down to the old grocery store and papered the windows so nobody passing by could see what was going on inside that buildingChambliss put up a sign by the road at the edge of the parking lot and changed the name to River Road Church of Christ in Signs Following Now you remember what I told you about those churches ending their name in Signs Following Underneath the name of the church he painted Mark 16 17 18 That's those verses that say you got faith you can pick up serpents drink poison and the Holy Ghost will keep you safe I'd seen people I'd known just about my whole life pick up snakes and drink poison hold fire up to their faces just to see if it would burn them Holy people toothat hadn't ever acted like that a day in their lives But Chambliss convinced them it was safe to challenge the will of God Jess HallI'm nine and my brother is eleven His name is Christopher but everybody calls him Stump He's never said a word He's bigger than me but I'm the leader We live with Mama and Daddy Daddy grows tobacco W


A stunning debut reminiscent of the More Kind PDF #8608 beloved novels of John Hart and Tom Franklin A Land More Kind Than Home is a mesmerizing literary thriller about the bond between two brothers and the evil they face in a small western North Carolina townFor a curious boy like Jess Hall growing up in Marshall means trouble when your mother catches you spying on grown ups Adventurous and precocious Jess is enormously protective of his older brother Christopher a mute whom everyone c. By the end of this incredibly shocking and moving novel words had left me This is one of those rare times where I had to sleep on a story before I could write my review; to recover myself with a solid return to my own life from the one I had been living while reading this bookThis story is told by three narrators and as each takes over from the last alternating throughout the chapters the plot advances and we come to know all the people involved in this storyAdelaide Lyle a woman in her early 80’s who has lived in Madison County North Carolina almost her entire life She is a sage a healer a peace maker; someone who others turn to when they are in trouble – and sometimes when they want to make trouble or disguise troubleJess Hall a 9 year old boy with a 13 year old brother who is mute Although younger Jess feels responsible for helping Christopher nickname ‘Stump’ navigate a world that fears his handicap a world that judges his difference as something to be ‘fixed’Clem Barefield in his 60’s now he has been the Sherriff in Marshall for decades The death of his son twenty years ago has ties to the Hall family Although there have been strange events associated with the church near Marshall that is run by Pastor Carson Chambliss over the past decade or so Sherriff Clem has not interferedClem muses ”People out in these parts can take hold of religion like it’s a drug and they don’t want to give it up once they’ve got hold of it” To be clear the religion spoken about here is not the same as in most of the religious world Clem uses the word fanaticism and he uses it accurately It is the kind of religion where a charismatic and forceful leader takes words from the Bible intended to be inspiring and turns them around so far that only their dark side can be seen And implementedThis novel has circles within circles and a spiral that gives us different views from every turn Different as people are different yet held together by the time mid 1980’s and place The push of crumbling relationships contested belief systems isolation and struggle is told with such pure edgy simplicity yet it has an impetus and power that rivals a cataclysmic disasterThis novel left me breathless and with a deep well of sadness inside It also left me with hope and the feeling that ultimately people can and will change Hope and the assurance that although change sometimes reuires a huge cost common sense and shared humanity rise to conuer people’s dark misguided selves Eventually

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A Land More Kind Than HomeAlls Stump A Land PDFEPUBThough their mother has warned them not to snoop Stump can't help sneaking a look at something he's not supposed to an act that will have catastrophic repercussions shattering both his world and Jess's It's a wrenching event that thrusts Jess into an adulthood for which he's not prepared While there is much about the world that still confuses him he now knows that a new understanding can bring not only a growing danger and evil but also the possibility of La. A Land More Kind than Home by Wiley Cash is a 2012 William Morrow publication Deeply affecting and very impressive debut novel Death is to lose the earth you know for greater knowing; to lose the life you have for a greater life; to leave the friends you loved for greater loving; to find a land kind than home large than earth Thomas Wolfe This book fits into both of my 2020 reading challenges which is to read authors I haven’t tried yet and reading books everyone has read but me I had a feeling I was going to like the book and the author but both exceeded my expectationsTold from the triple narratives of nine year old Jess Hall Adelaide Lyle a midwife and the small North Carolina town Sheriff Clem Barefield the story chronicles the rise of Carson Chambliss pastor of River Road Church of Christ and the hold he has over the community The church zeroing in a specific Bible passage twists it into a circus of snake handling speaking in tongues and the drinking of poison After Adelaide sees a woman die during one of the 'worhip' services she dares to challenge the pastor and steps up to protect the county’s children from him and the strange goings on at the church Jess looks over his brother Christopher nicknamed ‘Stump’ who is mute and autistic But the boys have a habit of snooping and eventually they see something they shouldn’t have Their mother Julie hoping Stump can be healed allows the pastor to ‘help’ him The results of Julie’s faith and desperation will prompt Sheriff Barefield to start poking around in the life of the enigmatic Carson Chambliss This string of events will erupt into a tragic but fateful turn of events I was sitting on the edge of my seat watching as the clouds build into a powerful storm knowing there will casualties but unable to tear myself away The writing is exemplary the atmosphere thick with dread and the characters vivid and vibrant Southern Fiction is always compelling but it takes a special talent to capture the right tone Cash employs a stark literary prose which is uite effective Occasionally it was a bit too polished for this premise but that's a minor flaw Clem is so uiet and introspective and his pain is haunting and palpable Yet it wasn’t until the bitter end that I began to feel a deeper respect for himJess was the conduit by which the events that transpire are connected His character is one that inspires sympathy but of the three narratives his trials are yet to come which doesn't allow him much room to develop emotionally I would like to hear from him again someday though It was Addie's courage and morality that made the biggest impression on me It’s a good thing to see that people can heal after they’ve been broken they can change and become something different from what they were before The irony is thick as the story winds around coming full circle Fate and redemption are the most pronounced themes but love and true faith are also very strong messages that shone through the murky mess bringing the promise of better days ahead A brilliant debut So glad I finally got around to reading this one 4 stars