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Conuering a Viscount Read & Download à 9 Æ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Conuering a Viscount Author Macy Barnes – Juliet Wells has loved the Viscount of Cornwell Jonathan Radclliffe for as long as she can remember Juliet yearns for his touch and fights to gain his affections until tragedy strikes her family When JuliFamily Conuering a Kindle When her sister is kidnapped heedless to the danger Juliet seeks to rescue her The Viscount of Cornwell Jonathan Radcliffe has been friends with the Well's fa. Juliet Wells is a sassy wild noble that is lucky because her family lets her be in most things but they do have her best interests in mind when they try to hold her back from really crazy adventures Juliet has always been in love with Jonathan Radclliffe the Viscount of Cornwell since she was a child and he was brought home as her older brother's best friend When Juliet's youngest sister is kidnapped and held at ransom Juliet must join in the search to find her sister although it puts her in grave danger Juliet was a little too stupid and reckless at times but Jonathan is a good match for her insanityCute short read about a historical English aristocratic romance with some violence and a sexy scene between the Hh57 pages and kindle freebie2 stars

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Juliet Wells has loved the Viscount of Cornwell Jonathan Radclliffe for as long as she can remember Juliet yearns for his touch and fights to gain his affections until tragedy strikes her. This is going to be a list FYI if I begin a point with the words 'this scene the entire point is a spoiler1 This scene Premise Juliet our female lead is sexually molested and almost raped Male lead kills the man in front of her and saves herJuliet oh my brother's friend also male lead who I love but who doesn't love me back who is a known debaucherer of females Have sex with me now so I may forget the touch of that other man Sexual abuse and rapealmost rape is a big deal I don't like it when authors make light of it by using it as a damn premise for the leads banging There's several emotions attached to it fear pain shock trauma loss of control shame feelings of vulnerabilityYou know the myth humans only use 10% of their brain a lot of people believe it causes its been perpetuated in books and movies Is it really a good idea to perpetuate if you're abused you can get over it by banging another trope Do we want young ladies to go down a path that leads them to feel shitty later or leads them to std wonderland Today we are against victim blaming and slut shaming and even then a woman is torn up by these things Even then she has a hard time coming to terms with it all In the way back when Era or shame and ruinationWhy not show her dealing with it in a healthy way Why not decide against using sexual abuse as a premise to sex 2 This scene Premise the scene above Dude oh my God what have I done I have ruined my friend's sister I will not do this again Juliet disappointed Will he ever love me You rutted next to a dead body You almost got sexually abused You saw your abuser get run through by a sword Your sister is still missing Your clothes are in tatters You live in an Era where ruination is a big deal The only thing you can think of is that You're not a slut this is your first time banging and your motivation was cookie at best Are you not going to have other feelings as well Like a normal human Maybe go into shock which would excuse your prior behaviour3 This scene Her trying to seduce him again after that bang Sister missing Man who could have led them to said sister dead Lady The rest of her family waiting for newsThat's it I give up I am not reading this book further 4 Story all over the place events happen no rhyme or reason 5 Rushed6 Badly written 7 Grammar isn't up to par 8 Dialogues suck 9 Characters and the tone of the story are both flat 10 Sex is badly written sexual chemistry between the mcs is non existent

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Conuering a ViscountMily since birth Fighting his urges to see Juliet as a woman and not a sister he must race to her rescue when her life is put in danger Will he realize his love for her before its too lat. Great storyline Fabulous characters But this desperately needed an editor