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Fat by Ragen ChastaThe evidence about weight and health It's a book about living life in the body that you have now and making decisions about what you want in the future and how to get there Whether you want t. Ragen Chastain is a treasure in the world of Health at Every Size HAES Size Acceptance and in general as a funny smart supportive woman who writes regularly about life as a fit fat woman on her excellent blog Dances with Fat This self published book her first I believe has the feel of a collection of her best blog posts She covers a vastly wide range of topics from how western culture continues to view and shame fat people to scientific research about obesity to flying while fat to self esteem issues and This truly is an owner's manual She in fact covers SO much material that she really could have broken it down and expanded on each topic writing several books And while she fell into a few of my most hated self publishing mistakes lots of typos and grammatical errors as well as a clunky layout without a lot of graphic design the content is priceless Reading it is like having a really chatty supportive friend who has got your back no matter what I think this is a must read for anyone trying to live fat and free and unashamed in this world as well as those who really aspire to live a life of true Size Acceptance

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Fat by Ragen Chastain Download ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❴Download❵ ➵ Fat Author Ragen Chastain – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk This book is than just the story of a fat woman who managed to win respect and National Championships in the thin obsessed world of dance It's than just a trained reseaO change your body fight for size acceptance just live your life or understand and support your fat friends and family this book provides the insights aha moments humor and hard facts to help. Ragen Chastain is an amazing woman She is a blogger rather than an author and it shows in the book I read the electronic version and I don't know if I got sent a draft copy when I ordered it but it was riddled with spelling and grammatical errors minor inconsistencies and structural issues However I still rate it 55 because this book changed my life I'm not the kind to make sweeping judgement calls like that but this book really made a difference to the way I think and see the world Hating your body is a miserable way of living You are literally stuck in your body 247 and you cannot get away from it even if you avoid mirrors I not only avoided mirrors; I was so ashamed of my body I avoided people all together I stayed in bed for days at a time avoided people for weeks at a time stopped taking phone calls even from my mum Yeah phone calls Where people can't even see you I had internalised the messages we are all bombarded with about fat people to the extent that I believed that I was of no value and was ashamed to face the world I even tried to avoid myself I filled my days with escapist books and movies watching multiple seasons of than one television series back to back so that I didn't have to think about myself I thought that my beliefs were based on fact I believed that if I wasn't so lazy I wouldn't be so fat I believed that if I wasn't so greedy I wouldn't be so fat I believed what the weight loss industry wants us to think that anyone can lose weight if they try hard enough That I couldn't be healthy until I was thinner I never had unrealistic notions of being slim and athletic looking I knew my body would never look like this or that celebrity and I thought that because I was realistic about that that I was thinking clearly and critically This book throws open a lot of what it calls 'everyone knows' myths It is thoughtful clever passionate and funny So funny and also heartbreaking because it's so necessary I would love for the book to be properly referenced at least with footnotes to say where all her facts and figures come from because as much as I want to believe what Chastain says I am still skeptical of some claims But this book blew my mind It opened me up to alternatives to the status uo train of thought when it comes to weight and health for which I will forever be grateful I still sometimes catch my reflection and think 'ugh' but now I recognise that for what it is an internalisation of the pervasive messages used by industry to keep people unhappy so they will spend money I remind myself daily that I love my body even when I sometimes don't uite believe it Reading this book has not only improved my mental and physical health it has also made me less judgemental The Underpants Rule is a wonderful rule to live by and I have found I am compassionate and understanding than beforeEvery person who has ever worried about their weight shape or size or their food exercise and other health choices should read this along with every person who has ever worried about anyone else's weight shape size food exercise of other health choices I think it could actually make the world a better place

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This book is than just the story of a fat woman who managed to win respect and National Championships in the thin obsessed world of dance It's than just a trained researcher's examination of. This is a book everyone should read Everyone with body issues be they too be or too small Everyone who knows a fat person everyone who IS a fat person just everybodyChastain says everything that SHOULD be said about fat culture without getting bitchy or mean She doesn't make excuses She emphasizes that people should be healthy but that everyone's healthy look is differentI love love love this book and want everyone to read it RIGHT NOW