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SUMMARY ✓ In the Beginning Babylon 5 ↠ [Ebook] ➩ In the Beginning Babylon 5 By Peter David – The Battle of the Line is infamous in Earth history as the climactic campaign in a long and bloody war between Humankind and the alien Minbari race But how did this apocalyptic conflict erupt And how The BattlThe Battle of the Beginning Babylon PDFEPUB #190 Line is infamous in Earth history as the climactic campaign in a long and bloody war between Humankind and the alien Minbari race But how did this apocalyptic conflict erupt And how did In the PDF this fateful clash of two civilizations ultimately lead to the creati. I'm not a Peter David fan Oh I've read a few of his books but I consider him to be a workmanlike author rather than an artist Of course I also consider him to be a newcomer since I respect very few post 1980 authors exactly three in fact Brust Brin and Watt EvansBut In the Beginning is surprisingly well written It was shot in the dark for me uite literally; I don't remember where I'd originally picked it up but I'm sure I didn't buy it new the pencil marking inside says 295 It was late at night I desperately needed something to read and I'd just turned off the light in the den; it was pitch black So for a lark I pushed aside the books in the outer layer of one of my bookshelves I'm terribly short of shelf space and pulled out a book at random from the row of books behindNow I must admit up front that I was a big fan of Babylon 5 In fact it was the last show that I would call myself a fan of; I think I got too old for the fan phenomenon after that But from seasons 1 4 I was a big fan and even wrote a one shot zine for a Babylon 5 APA amateur press association a collection of zines on a topicAnyway I have to say that Peter David captured the voice of the narrator Londo Mollari extremely well I could hear the voice just as Peter Jurasik performed it while I was reading it I don't know if someone who isn't familiar with the show itself would get the same enjoyment out of the book thereforeIn any case I'd call it a successful novelization; it captured the plot and essence of the broadcast show extremely well There was only one jarring note On page 75 there's a lineIndeed the gravity on the Babylon 5 space station was achieved entirely through a steady rotation the same as that on any planetPerhaps Peter David only meant to say that planets have a steady rotation but it certainly seems as if he's saying that centrifugal or is it centripetal force is the source of gravitation on planets and of course that's absolutely wrong If planetary gravity was caused by rotation everything not fastened to the planetary crust would be flung into space Could a modern science fiction author really be that ignorant of basic physics I have to wonderAll in all though an enjoyable read I was tempted to give it four stars But if you're not a B5 fan you're probably likely to consider it a 3 star work I'm not sure if this link will work but if it does here's a link to that zine It has been annotated from a years later perspective


On of the Babylon space station Here at last the great space epic unfolds in a new novel based on the first full length Babylon television the Beginning Babylon PDFEPUB #10003 movieEager to expand their trade with other worlds the people of planet Earth attempt to make contact with the mysterious Minbari a race of. by Peter David published in 1998Babylon 5 our last best chance for peace But how did the building of the Babylon stations come to be Well sit right back and sink your mind into “In The Beginning” and let Londo Mollari aging Emperor and confidant tell you all about itIf you enjoy great science fiction and you have not already watched the five television seasons of Babylon 5 stop reading this go buy them now and enjoy Truly one of TV’s greats and not to be missedThis novel by Peter David is the retelling of the catastrophic meeting between the Humans and Minbari and the events which unfold afterwards commencing with the battle of the line It is based on the Babylon 5 TV movie of the same name and minus geek points I can’t off the top of my head give you a direct comparison between the text and the show however I can tell you the novel is worth the read and goes through all the events which shaped the Babylon 5 universe created by J Michael Straczynski Wonderful stuff We see Sinclair Delenn Sheridan Franklin Mollari and G’Kar playing out their parts in the years before the Babylon stations were conceived of and constructedAnd one part I really enjoyed was the toss in of a ship crewman’s name And the name was Staite Yes as in Jewel Staite which is not too surprising since Peter David wrote for a show called Space Cases in which Jewel played a part in the mid eighties Do I recoup any geek points for thatAs well the voices of the characters in this novel are spot on and again not too surprising since Peter David wrote two I think scripts for the Babylon 5 TV showIt is a fast read and a fun read and should leave you satisfied but if you are not familiar with the Babylon 5 universe you may get a bit lostAnd what would a Babylon 5 novel be without some mention of the enigmatic VorlonsYup everything you love about the show shines in this novel as wellSo don’t hesitate to read it and don’t be surprised if you are itching to watch theTV show again as well I know I am now

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In the Beginning Babylon 5Proud and powerful warriors But when communication turns to violence Earth becomes the target of a latter day holy war waged by a civilization possessing vastly superior numbers and firepowerAnd the Minbari will stop at nothing short of the total extermination of its enemy the Human race From the Paperback editio. I love this book Absolutely love it and the tv movie it is based upon Peter David did a fantastic job in Londo's voice telling the pre history of Babylon 5 Have read this multiple times