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Free read The Vatican Diaries 109 ↠ [Download] ➾ The Vatican Diaries ➹ John Thavis – The revealing New York Times bestseller examines the reign of Pope Benedict the papal conclave process and the history of one of the world’s oldest and most mysterious institutions For than twenty f The revealing New York TimThe saint’s burial place from the politicking surrounding the election of a new pope and the ever growing sexual abuse scandals around the world to controversies about the Vatican’s stand on contraception and Perceptive sharply written and witty The Vatican Diaries will appeal not only to Catholics lapsed as well as devout but to any readers interested in international diplomacy and the role of religion in an increasingly secularized worl. This is not an expose' of the Vatican but a behind the scenes look The author was a reporter bureau chief for Catholic News Service for over 25 years He did a fair job on being fair but you could tell from his writing that he did not care too much for Pope Benedict although he did try to understand his motivesThe author traveled with the popes John Paul II and Benedict but often being part of the Vatican entourage was a hindrance in reporting and taking photosI had always thought everyone looking kindly to Pope John Paul II However if he had one failing it would be his blind eye to the Father Maciel Legions of Christ founder sexual abuse of seminarians He Pope John Paul II did find Father Macial as an immoral man but was uite impressed with the Legions of Christ for ordaining so many priests and for bringing in a lot of much to the churchWhat did Pope Pius do or think of the Holocaust Was he aware The author tried to shed light on this subject but the real truth is hidden in the Vatican archives Apparently there is proof that convents did hide Jews in Rome but what did the Pope know or do In the news recently Pope Francis has agreed to open the secret Vatican files on this subject The is a lot of disconnect and mistrust between the various departments of the Vatican One department who is in charge of the buildings and facilities wanted to build a new parking garage for staff However he didn't want museum staff archeologists near the building site because artifacts may be found which would delay the building Yes while building the Santa Rosa parking garage they found a well preserved cemetery which had been covered in mud by a mudslide It was so well preserved that you could read in Latin of course the names and lives of the buried Eventually the archeologists were called in and were able to save a few of the sarcophagi I was surprised to read about the communication disconnect at the Vatican Apparently the Vatican would re write the speeches for posterity AFTER they had been given Pope Benedict once said in Africa that condoms increase HIV Once Vatican realized the uproar this caused they had the speech re written to clarify the statement I found this book easy to read and very informative

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The revealing New York Times bestseller examines the reign of Pope Benedict the papal conclave process and the history of one of the world’s oldest and most mysterious institutions For than twenty five years John Thavis held one of the most fascinating journalistic jobs in the world reporting on the inner workings of the Vatican His daily exposure The Vatican MOBI #233 to the power politics and personalities in the seat of Roman Catholicism. A very interesting if uneven look at the internal workings of the Vatican and its relationship to the Vatican press corps I say uneven because the segments on the press corps are light almost comical in several instances and then he switches to much serious topics as the way the Vatican mishandled the sexual abuse scandals and John Paul II's close relationship with Cardinal Marciel and the Legion not to mention the personality of Pope Benedict The book begins with some amusing stories from the enclave where they elected Cardinal Ratzinger as the Pope following the death of John Paul II Apparently there are numerous traditions that must be closely followed but some of the modern trappings are just confused things The bell ringer who was supposed to ring the bell at the sight of the white smoke couldn't receive the news via radio because of the jamming devices installed by the Vatican to prevent Cardinals and others from using cell phones during the enclave Moreover the special stove they had installed in the Chapel with a special chemical to turn the smoke white couldn't be lit so you had a group of cardinals surrounding the stove trying to get it to light that resembled old men at a barbecue as the Sistine Chapel filled with smoke don't tell the museum's curators of Michelangelo's painting Secrecy at the Vatican rises to the level of fetish Everything is hidden and probably the most important tenet is that no one must say anything negative about his never a her superior or say anything that might bring the church into disrepute John Paul II had child like naive love for anything that smacked of evangelical revivalism for the Catholic Church which made him susceptible to the machinations of Cardinal Marcial founder of the Legions of Christ and serial pedophile Marcial and the Legionnaires would shower Rome's cardinals with expensive gifts worth up to 1000 not to mention millions in support of the Pope's travels He was brought down if you could say that only following numerous charges from Legionnaires who described how if they felt guilty from Marcial's inflicted masturbatory sessions he would absolve them on the spot and often claimed he had a special dispensation from Rome for his sexual proclivities That became too much for Rome not the sexual misconduct the misuse of dispensations In any case he was never punished only put out to pasture They admitted to his fathering several children and heterosexual affairs after all he was human but they never admitted to the homosexual activities Marcial and the Legion never apologized claiming only that Marcial would be Christ like in his surrendering to the higher authority of the Pope It's enough to make you pukeThavis devotes a chapter to the campaign by some of the church's reactionaries to have Pius XII considered by some to be Hitler's Pope declared a saint You might as well declare a Hershey Bar seems like Catholics will pray to anything a saint setting the bar so low I mean really; Auinas maybe but Pius XII or John Paul II considered by some to be Marcial's enabler Give me a fucking breakHere's what Thavis has to say about it One of the traditional signs of sainthood still very much taken into account by Vatican experts is the existence of a “popular cult” –evidence that people pray to the person in the years following his or her death The six year old Nennolina for example who was soon to be beatified by Pope Benedict XVI was this kind of grassroots saint Her friends neighbors and relatives kept the fame of her sanctity alive by publishing her letters reporting her holiness widely and praying to the little Roman girlIf the fact that Pius XII was a pope gave his sainthood cause some inherent advantages in other ways it made perceptions of his holiness less immediate and less personal He was for most Catholics a remote figure at the far end of the hierarchy History would ultimately be his judge and it always struck me that whatever “popular cult” he did have seemed to be centered in and around the Vatican p 229 231As with any large organization politics secrecy and money reign supreme Sometimes they also appear uite short sighted Desperate for a new parking lot inside the Vatican the engineers maneuvered the Cardinals to authorize them to begin digging without allowing any archaeologists to check the site first for possible artifacts and things of historical interest They claimed to have done some test bores but were horrified when the bulldozers tore open a huge burial site with many hundreds of Roman tombs and full of mosaics and museum uality pieces Had they had any sense it seems to me not to mention foresight they never would have let the archaeologists in first full disclaimer I studied a bit of archaeology in college and when the tombs had been found turned it into a major tourist attraction charging money to watch and then visit They could have built the parking lot elsewhere and had buses for a fee of course carrying people back and forth They would have made much money and kept everyone except perhaps the asphalt engineers very happy Instead despite their attempt at secrecy the result was a huge scandalOne of the most interesting sections described the attempt by the SSPX under the leadership of Marcel Lefebvre to influence Cardinal Ratzinger and the newly elected Pope They were upset with the changes enacted by Pope John XXIII and wanted a return to the Latin mass and the traditional and medieval form of worship He belonged to  identifiable strand of right wing political and religious opinion in French society that originated among the defeated royalists after the 1789 French Revolution He defied Pope John Paul II and consecrated four bishops an action for which he and they were excommunicated He was particularly incensed by the Vatican's reaching out to other religious denominations not believing in rapprochement Apparently he and his followers didn't buy all that nonsense about the Pope being God's representative Clearly Lefebvre believed he had better communication with God than the Pope The whole thing smacked of Luther's rebellion against the established order in 1521 his excommunication and we all know where that led Seems to me that Lefebvre met most of the conditions of heresyThavis a Vatican correspondent and chief of the Rome Bureau for the Catholic News Service for than thirty years says he wrote the book to reveal the inner workings of the Vatican a place rife with political in fighting and scandal hardly the locus of a church with a unified and universal mission Whether the institution will ever become governable in the modern world remains to be seen Ratzinger Benedict gave up but it should not have come as a surprise The man had spent his entire life seeking refuge from controversy and the world in general He had decided at a very young age he wanted to be a cardinal and enrolled in seminary at age 12 with but a brief stint in the German Army his life was one of books sounds delightful and as an academic he never had a job as a pastor dealing with the day to day uotidian lives of parishioners fled conflict I suspect the pressures of being Pope were just too much so off to the monastery

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The Vatican DiariesGave him a uniue behind the scenes perspective on an institution that is far less monolithic and unified than it first appears Thavis reveals Vatican City as a place where Curia cardinals fight private wars scandals threaten to undermine papal authority and reverence for the past is continually upended by the practical considerations of modern life Thavis takes readers from a bell tower high above St Peter’s to the depths of the basilica and. John Thavis who covered the Vatican as a journalist for 30 years betrayed his Minnesota roots when he wrote “Attending these Rome academic conferences was like fishing on a slow day — you waited a lot and hoped something would bite”Thavis a native of Mankato Minn and a graduate of St John’s University in Collegeville hooked an author’s dream His book on the inner workings of the Vatican was ready to be released when Pope Benedict XVI unexpectedly announced his decision to retireViking moved up the release date making “The Vatican Diaries” as timely a read as a writer might hope forThavis whose byline ran in The Visitor for many years retired just last year as Rome bureau chief for Catholic News ServiceThat post and the many friends and sources he made in and around St Peter’s often put him in uniue position to observe and hear of any number of interesting goings on some foolhardy some machiavellian some scandalousAnecdotes even atrocitiesThere is for example the blatant disregard for an ancient cemetery by one Vatican City functionary who is intent on bulldozing the monuments and the remains to add parking to the cramped tiny spaceA lengthy chapter on the finally denounced cult like Legion of Christ gives a vivid picture of how power works in the Vatican and it’s not a very nice portraitThavis details how the once revered founder of the Legion of Christ was protected by people in high places who refused to believe accusations made against him over the course of decades and it was only when Father Marcial Maciel Degollado’s double life was revealed — that he had fathered children by two women sexually abused his own son and hidden secret assets of nearly 30 million — that the Vatican finally intervenedThe incident has left an obvious black mark on the late Pope John Paul II’s record but Thavis presents insight here that echoes in other Catholic locales around the globeHe writes “To a good number of Vatican officials the calls for transparency and full accountability in the Maciel case were typical of moralistic and legalistic Americans but not necessarily helpful for the universal church As one Vatican offical put it ‘We have a two thousand year history of not airing dirty laundry You don’t really expect that to change do you’ ”Thavis dives into the ongoing suabble over the ultra conservative breakaway Society of St Pius X sharing probably than the typical Catholic would want to know about the battle over the validity of Vatican II by this hard core group of naysayersSuperb reporting writingThere’s a terrific chapter that’s really a personality profile of the American priest who was one of the Vatican’s top Latin language experts — the fun enlightening and eccentric Father Reginald FosterFoster — Thavis eschews his title throughout — is a reporter’s dream someone on the inside who knows a lot isn’t afraid to share and shares in colorful language The chapter on “The Latinist” is of the uality of a piece you’d expect to read in the New York Times Magazine or The New YorkerThavis went along to some 60 countries with John Paul II and Benedict XVI and “The Vatican Diaries” includes hilarious anecdotes about life as a reporter on papal trips There’s plenty about life covering the Vatican to enjoy reading too including the story about the pope’s preacher admitting he used Google as a sourceReaders will find that the halo they may have imagined above the heads of some high ranking residents of Vatican City ends up shall we say “less glowing” to describe it the way a Vatican official might avoiding the use of the accurate “tarnished”And that may be what Thavis does best hereImportant contributionHe offers sound reporting and analysis to be sure But he’s at the top of his game explaining how “The Vatican” sees thingsHe translates Vatican ese putting in plain language what official statements really say and in many cases what those statements say by not saying something directlyEven when he gets into such minutia of a story that you wonder if all these details are necessary Thavis seems to perfectly sum it up by interpreting the event’s significance It’s as if without using these words he’s says now here’s why this is important“The Vatican Diaries” is not only informative and entertaining Published as the Catholic Church prepares to welcome a new leader it gives us valuable insight into the organizational challenges the new pontiff faces