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Promise Me a Rainbow Five Star Standard Print RomanceTwo lonely people a Rainbow PDFEPUB #194 scarred by betrayal and tragedy believe that love is lost to them foreverDeserted by her husband because she couldn’t have children Catherine Holben has thrown herself into her job counseling pregnant teens Catherine is still recovering from the pain of her divorce but her life is changed forever when she makes Promise Me PDFEPUBa purchase in a uaint curio shop She meets hands A really good story about people finding happiness unexpectedly As usual with Cheryl Reavis we have a finely woven plot linking characters in the most unusual and heartwarming ways This is a romantic story but also a story about a family or forming new familiesThe characters are wonderfully layered and complex Joe and Catherine both with emotional scars and a lot of baggage Joe’s children and the other secondary characters The dialogue is vivid – although sometimes Fritz’s utterances seem much older than her years – and the action had enough twists to keep me interested until the endI found it cute that the freuent telephone calls between characters reveal a not so recent historical period but the story is still a powerfully emotional readSome aspects were not solved as well as I would like – with Joe’s recalcitrant daughter Della or with his evil sister in law – but those were minor details 4 solid stars

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Ove but are they willing to risk being together despite their misgivings Neither can ignore the love that uickly blossoms between them Maybe they can have a wonderful life together if only Joe’s still grieving Me a Rainbow Five Star PDF or older daughter Della will accept a new woman in her father’s life True love versus reality Can Catherine handle his ready made family Or is there in store for her than she thinks This wasn't a bad book by any means but it felt very heavy For a romance it seemed utterly lacking in real joy until the very endThe tone of the book is set somewhat by Catherine She lives a half life sad about her inability to have children and abandoned by her husband because of itAnd then there is Joe and his youngest daughter Fitz Joe's wife was killed in a car accident and his youngest daughter seven year old Fitz is having emotional issues because of itJoe Fitz and Catherine's lives intersect over a motherchild figurine that Catherine purchases on impulse The figurine was actually owned by Joe but he sold it because he was short on cash But Fitz was very attached to the figurine and wants it back I get the feeling that I was supposed to be happy that this lonely woman and this damaged man and child found each other But I just found them to be somewhat enervating They didn't lift me at all on the contrary I found them somewhat wearing Joe and Catherine after a few head butting moments figure out that they really like each other and then they become lovers The problem with the story is that there was no real conflict for them So we are left with filler and secondary characters that shift focus from the decidedly subdued romance First there is Catherine's job She works as a counselor Den Mother Life Coach To a group of pre teen pregnant girls who are given a sort of area 51 zone in their school where only Catherine and one other teacher work with them These girls are young yet hardened by life and their circumstances Oh btw the other teacher has Cancer and her husband left her because of it seeheavy Second is Joe's family He has a predatory sister in law A Clueless brother And his oldest teenaged daughter Delia who acts as the primary obstacle in keeping Joe and Catherine apart Normally I would find Delia's actions compelling because children objecting to a new boyfriendgirlfriend can act as a definite obstacle But the inclusion of the Brother sister in law took the plot line from potentially interesting to downright ludicrous But Joe and Catherine and Fitz get their HEA in the end But even so all I could think about was that this book went beyond angsty and straight into depressing

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Promise Me a Rainbow Five Star Standard Print Romance doc Ö Kindle Edition ´ Cheryl Reavis ´ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Promise Me a Rainbow Five Star Standard Print Romance By Cheryl Reavis – Two lonely people scarred by betrayal and tragedy believe thaOme hardworking Joe D’Amaro a widower and father of three and his daughter Fritz But Joe needs help with Fritz a seven year old dynamo She’s a precocious but headstrong little girl who’s impossible to resist and he is too proud to admit it Joe and Me a Rainbow Epub #222 Catherine are cautious about making a commitment to each other They both know the joy and heartache of falling Me a Rainbow Five Star PDF or in l This book Promise Me a Rainbow by Cheryl Reavis is just so enjoyable and addicting that I didn't want it to end It's a romance but it isn't an easy romance I felt like I knew the people in it and that's what makes a good book good rightSet in Wilmington North Carolina Promise Me a Rainbow is about Catherine Holben a recently divorced 32 year old teacher whose students are pregnant girls whom the school system wants to keep in school and Joe D'Amaro a 38 year old widower with three kids and a struggling construction business that he co owns with his brother Michael Catherine and Joe meet cute; actually there is considerable sadness behind their meeting but it's still kind of adorable Catherine buys a pair of gnomes Daisy and Eric a mother cradling a child They hold particular significance for her because the reason behind Catherine's divorce was that she and her husband could not have children After the exhaustion of fertility treatments she simply was told that there was no reason behind her infertility; both she and her husband should be able to procreate but they just couldn'tDuring the checkout process the shop owner asks Catherine if she can keep her contact info on file; the gnomes were sold by a man who needed the money Catherine agrees and before she knows it and after a difficult conversation with her ex husband Catherine meets Fritz D'Amaro Joe's seven year old daughter who tracks down Catherine Fritz and Joe actually had been in the stairwell outside of Catherine's apartment as Jonathan and Catherine concluded their emotional confrontation and Fritz remembers how to get back and asks to visit the gnomes Catherine calls Joe and we're offBut Joe and Catherine are people with complicated histories and turbulent emotional cores Joe is drawn to Catherine's calmness but he is perceptive enough to know that beneath her seemingly even temperament lies the potential for fire But he is reluctant His wife has been dead for five years and he has three children an older teenage daughter Della and son Charlie along with Fritz Della is another problem as she resolutely resists any romance for her fatherCatherine meanwhile has to process Jonathan's desertion She isn't sure she wants to be attracted to Joe but she is In the early stages of their relationship she realizes that he's uite handsome He's steady and strong and when he holds her he holds her physically emotionally completelyBut Joe conceals something His brother Michael's wife Margaret continues to pursue him despite his clear rejection of her Her attraction to him causes him no end of troubles the least of which comes from DellaHe put his face in his hands He was so tired Life was so simple to Michael If one was faced with the possibility of some kind of relationship all one had to do was check it out Michael didn't see the conseuences of that simplistic approach any than he'd seen the conseuences of marrying a hungry woman like Margaret Joe didn't want his life any unsettled than it already was Della had always rebelled against even the idea of someone taking her mother's place He was sure that it was Della who resurrected the old photograph of him and Lisa and put it back on the mantel just as he was sure that it had been done for Catherine's benefit God knows he had enough to worry about with Fritz He didn't want to have to deal with Della too particularly when there was no real reason for her to be concerned Catherine Holben had given no indication that she was interested in anything other than Fritz and unless he took the initiative he'd never have to see her again Even if he took Fritz to visit the gnomes he could do it without seeing Catherine It wasn't too late He could hold back and she would be out of his life Then he could just go on as he had beforeThey resist each other Joe and Cat