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PDF Ï BOOK Days of Gold and Sepia FREE ´ YASMEEN PREMJI Ü ❰Reading❯ ➶ Days of Gold and Sepia Author Yasmeen Premji – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk This is the saga of Lalljee Lakha as he rises from his humble beginnings as a penniless orphan in his desert homeland of Kutch to amass a large fNd soldiers of the British Raj Days of Gold and Sepia paints the portrait of a man of courage and character and is the story of the discovery of life the pain of a passionate and doomed love and family feuds and of great personal integrity and human frailty This book has one of the most intriguing and interesting prologues Less than 2 pages but it makes you read the book hoping that if the rest of the book is half as good as the prologue you have hit gold in terms of an interesting novelI am not so much into fiction but probably because this book has Mumbai of preindependent India as a backdrop and also had some decent reviews ordered this book thru flipkartThis is the story of Lalljee Lakha and his journey from the wasted lands of Kutch to his becoming the cotton king of India It is his growth relationships business dealings his family and also his unreuited love story that fill up over 400 pages Beyond the story of Lalljee Lakha the book has some very interesting women Strong willed with minds of their own doing what they think is right Considering that we are talking of India 100 years ago it is indeed progressiveFor a first time writer the book is a pretty good effort Mrs Premji has a way with words writes fantastic prose and very very evocative sentences I wish she had put the same effort into the characters A lot of them make fleeting appearances without being fleshed out well Don't know if the editors knocked the stuff out to keep the book manageable to readWriting a novel which spans over 10 decades is a difficult job but Mrs Premji seems to have pulled this part off very wellSomething tells me that this book will make a great script for a blockbuster movie

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Gold and PDF #206 This is the saga of Lalljee Lakha as he rises from his humble beginnings as a penniless orphan in his desert Days of PDF or homeland of Kutch to amass a large fortune as Bombays Cotton King Set against the eventful period between Indias Wa Yasmeen Premji is married to one of India's most successful industrialists Days of Gold and Sepia is her first novel It is a rags to riches tale which traces the life of Lalljee Lakha a fictional character from the moment that he becomes a child orphan in his village in Kutch Western India until his death in Bombay where he has become an extremely wealthy industrialistLalljee's life spans the period between about 1868 and 1948 Mrs Premji's story hurtles from one incident to another at breakneck speed too fast to give most of them an adeuate airing Important events in Lallgee's life are introduced and then dismissed within a few lines occasionally in a few paragraphs There are many occasions in the book when the author could have easily expanded her descriptions of really uite important landmarks in Lallgee's life to good literary effect The resulting lengthening of the text would have made for a deeper dramatic story If space had been a constraint ie maybe the publisher did not want to produce too large a volume then the omission of some of the author's many interesting but irrelevant historical facts which did little to advance the plot might have created a little room to enlarge on what was relevant to Lallgee's life storyGreat men rarely progress through life without encountering pitfalls and reverses Lallgee in no exception However the difficulties that he encounters are often almost glossed over and resolved too easily thus depriving the author great opportunities for heightening the novel's dramatic tension The only exception to this is Lallgee's unresolved and unreuited childhood love affairThe first 303 pages of this 415 page novel are less well written than the last 100 or so pages Whilst I was reading Mrs Premji's book I kept encountering problems in the writing which reminded me of things that were unsatisfactorily expressed in early drafts of my own novels but were later modified many times over Had I been the author's editor at her publisher I would have asked her to have made a number of changes to tighten up her writing of what is a truly fascinating storyDespite its stylistic flaws Days of Gold and Sepia is a compelling read and an easy one at thatFinally I have no knowledge about the author's antecedents or her husband's but as I read the book I kept wondering how many of the fascinating stories that she has related were based on fact derived from family history

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Days of Gold and SepiaR for Independence of Gold and Epub #223 in and the fledgling freedom struggle of the early twentieth century this sweeping tale is peopled by a vibrant array of characters merchant princes and maharajas courtesans and soothsayers pirates freedom fighters a This is absolutely one of my favourite books The story of Laljee Lakha and the depiction of India in this book has taken my breath away since the first time I read it