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Contests and Linux How before da Vinci and FedEx were innovators first they were great competitors Olympians carry Top Dog in their gym bags It's in briefcases of Wall Street traders and Madison Avenue madmen Risk takers from Silicon Valley to Vegas race to implement its ideas as educators debate it in halls of academia Now see for yourself what this game changing talk is all abou. Focus is on the importance of competition rather than the 10000 hours of practice that is so often discussed post Gladwell Completion reuires taking risks that are held back by fear and can teach us moral behavior the Greeks called it aretas attaining excellence thru competition Differences between men and women were fascinating women form social bonds in pairs or dyads and don't like to compete within that relationship this is why women likely to turn on a previously trusted friend after only one incident Women are less likely to take risk when the odds are low men overestimate their chances freuently likely to compete when odds are even or better Women better at differentiating what to care about enough to compete And a study from Univ of Texas showed that women analysts on Wall Street were accurate and had divergent estimates vs men Playing to win very different than playing not to lose Being stressed before competition is good and if framed as a positive can improve performance The stress boosts testosterone which does not lead to aggression it leads to intensity and focus hyperrationallity but also to argumentativeness where sense of right an wrong intensifies into fury To harness the power of testosterone the rules of what earns social regard must be changed Change the culture and the high Test people will change what they do to earn respectPositive thinking is often not helpful having understanding an respect for the opponent or the obstacle to be faced is critical Anger can be positive if it is controlledTeams they don't need to be friends and the stronger their star the harder everyone works to keep up Renaissance artists competed development of Linux was competitive Fate of teams is 90% done before the work begins 60% is efficacy of leader appropriately challenging goal and skills of members 30% is initial introduction and how responsibilities are divided The only strategy that works is one that focuses on role clarification who does what when pressure gets intense Study showed that the most successful entrepreneurs had ring finger 10 20% longer than index finger Correlations found with assertiveness risk taking spacial ability FedEx founder Fred Smith kept his company alive turning his last 5000 into 32000 in Vegas in 1973 enough to pay for another week of jet fuel and enough time to line up financing Cortisol regulates testosterone during competition and particularly when we lose burst of cortisol makes you care less about the outcome Not a Coach K fan but his attitude about star players that he needs to be the best player's best friend because being the star is lonely was insightful Managers and coaches need to focus on their stars to keep them motivated and this pull along the rest

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Top Dog by Po BronsNew York Times Bestseller Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman's work changes the national dialogue Beyond their bestselling books you know them from commentary and features in the New York Times CNN NPR Time Newsweek Wired New York and E mail Facebook and Twitter accounts are filled with demands to read their reporting such as How Not to Talk to Your Kids Creativity Crisis and Losing Is. Top dog summarySuccess in competition reuires taking risks that are normally held back by fearCompetition brings a new level of gearsSense of teritorism gets you confident control efficacy teritorism brings security a sense of identity etc Its instantaneousIf you come early you stand a better chance of winningHigh expectations can push you in your headSupervision is bad when you practice audience is good when you have masteryA manager should supervise its people randomly because it creates alertness while in the same time it's not a nuisance to their performanceWe are incredibly susceptible to reward and punishment from what we see around 13 microseconds of input results in subconscious conclusionsWorriers and warriors have different compt structures some handle stress better because they clear dopamine fasterWomen under stress focus on the emotional ues men under stress tune them outKeep score on every possible level in order to get a killer teamWomen get into competition when they stand a good chance of winning men are prone to get in bold competitionsBoys see competition much than girls do so its better to get boys in a medium with very good teachers but be wary of outstanding peers because they will see as if they suck at life whereas with girls its not that problem girls can perform best in hyper competitive mediumsBoys are in for finite games were there is a clear goalMen focus on wins women on the oddsFemales stick to groups of 2 while men in packs because thats how we evolved thats why we are specialised and why we are competitive whereas women are carefulMen evolved such that in a group they may have disputes with one another but the aim of the group is the most importantWomen evolved such that they share the same amount they are fearful of competition in pairs they focus on similaritiesYounger siblings are competitiveThe you guard risk the mistakes you ll makeJust dont lose this one results in weaker resultsWhen going for the gain you get into comfortable awarenessPrevention orientated works for deducting benefitsSocial comparison is so powerful powerful than deluding yourself that you will win which is again a very powerful tacticWe spend 12% of our thoughts daily comparing ourselves to othersWe spend time thinking about counter measuresPositive thinking is only good for motivation but it makes you not anticipate perils and performe worseVisualizing scenarios for understanding positive improvements in the future is the way to goIn a competition scenariu you get adrenaline which boosts your concentration and peaks performanceIn a threat state you get noradreline which burns glucose very fast and you get beaten down very fast you then have no chance of winningTestosterone makes you hyper rational it boosts motivation and decouples the emotional responses and fear uncertaintyCortisol is not causing stress cortisol repairs stress signals cortisol is an indicator that there has been stressA team is stronger than the sum of its partsWhen in a team the efforts and attitude and hard work of your team members makes your brains chemistry think it was you in their place60% of the team s success is determined by team members'IntroductionCompelling goalCompetenceTopcoder set up competitions for programmers and attracted the best ones and now its worth 200 milCompetition stimulates introverts while cooperation extrovertsHaving a healthy attitude towards playing is very important In the end you need to chose your competition and leave the rest not everything has to be a competitionWinning and loosing are both important and should be seen both as a way forward towards progressWe like to see where are our fear limits our pain limits and operate there even go beyond that

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Top Dog by Po Bronson review Ü 105 Ç ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Top Dog Author Po Bronson – New York Times Bestseller Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman's work changes the national dialogue Beyond their bestselling books you know them from commentary and features in the New York Times CNN NPR Ti New York Times Good for You In Top Dog Bronson and Merryman again use their astonishing blend of science and storytelling to reveal what's truly in the heart of a champion The joy of victory and the character building agony of defeat Testosterone and the neuroscience of mistakes Why rivals motivate How home field advantage gets you a raise What teamwork really reuires It's baseball the SAT sales. I won this book from GoodReads and am sorry to say i did not care for itThere has never been any doubt in my mind that competition in the marketplace is a good thing Competition produces shampoos for instance that clean better and rinse out better than brand X But must all shampoos out there be on top I dislike seeing so many of MY favorite items disappear from store shelves because they only have room for the TOPHaving fairly stated that I cast a observing and studied look at how this book could help MEIT didn't Boring That is a one word review info science and history appeared to have been copied condensed and typed upThere were several other books competing for my reading but I continued to the finish of TOP DOG Perhaps it was just the plunk plunk plunk style of delivery Perhaps I was having a bad couple of days Perhaps others will find value Hope soI wanted some clever thoughts and ideas for this period of my life When I finally got to page 240 and saw that the next 95 pages were just a listing of sources and an index I happily closed the door on this DOG