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Reader È The Race for Whats Left ´ 320 pages Download ☆ Michael t. klare Ç ❰Reading❯ ➻ The Race for Whats Left Author Michael T. Klare – As Michael Klare makes clear in this powerful book the heads of our corporate empires have decAnd other food scarce nations With resource extraction growing difficult the environmental risks are becoming increasingly severe and the intense search for dwindling supplies is igniting new conflicts and territorial disputes The only way out Michael T Klare argues is to alter our consumption patterns altogether a crucial task that will be the greatest challenge of the coming century A bit dated but nevertheless a useful tour of how major powers are trying to plan for future resource scarcity

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And cobalt water and arable land With all of the Earth's accessible areas already being exploited the desperate hunt for supplies has now reached the final frontiers The Race for What's Left takes us from the Arctic to war zones to deep ocean floors from a Russian submarine planting the country's flag under the North Pole to the large scale buying up of African farmland by Saudi Arabia You know how you can protect those precious vanishing resources Michael Klare? Stop repeating yourself and make this a 150 page book Cool stuff about shale oil though

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The Race for Whats LeftAs Michael Klare makes clear in this powerful book the heads of our corporate empires have decided to rip apart the planet in one last burst of profiteering If you want to understand the next decade I fear you better read this book Bill McKibben author of Eaarth The world is facing an unprecedented crisis of resource depletion a crisis that encompasses shortages of oil and coal copper Klare's The Race for What's Left is about the end of easy resources His focus is fossil fuels land for agriculture and rare earthsWhen we read the news we should think about nations and corporations attempting to control easy resources now so that they can afford to pay when resources are scarce later When the Canadian military trains in the Arctic for example Canada is spending a resource now to assert its sovereignty It does this because it plans to cash in on oil and gas reserves under the Arctic Whenever we see chatter about combatting climate change as well as strategies to cash in on these resources we're at best seeing an attempt to have it both waysMore broadly I read Klare as being in opposition to optimists In Better Angels of Our Nature for example Steven Pinker argues that we have enjoyed a few decades of relative peace in part because the sense that growth was possible incentivized nations to work together But if resources are running out as Klare argues here then we would expect a decline in international cooperation as countries begin battening down the hatches Interestingly even if Pinker is right to be optimistic as he claims to be in Enlightenment Now just a sense of foreboding taking hold in the general public might be sufficient to give rise to nationalism and xenophobiaReaders hoping to make the argument for environmental determinism might find this a useful resource