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Free download Above All Things ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ó ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Above All Things ✍ Author Tanis Rideout – “Tell me the story of Everest” she said a fervent smile sweeping across her face creasing the corners of her eyes “Tell me about thiOve All Epubhope will reclaim some of the empire’s faded glory Through alternating narratives what emerges is a beautifully rendered story of love torn apart by obsession and the need for redempti. Rideout's depiction of George Mallory's pioneer ascent up Everest allows readers to feel the thrill of the climb without paying the agonizing cost of the reality I felt the chill settle in my own bones as the oxygen thinned and the timing became critical However whole chapters should have been cut The adrenaline of the expedition was interrupted by the chapters which switched the scene to Mallory's melancholy and boring wife waiting in London I began to skip those chapters entirely and lost nothing The only place Ruth's story is relevant is at the conclusion of the novel Even novice climbers know that less is often for what you choose to pack on a climb

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“Tell me the story of Everest” she said a fervent smile sweeping across her face creasing the corners of her eyes “Tell me about this mountain that’s stealing you away from me” In George. You don't need to be a mountain climber to get hooked on the subject especially when it comes to Mount Everest Three years ago I read Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air and was hooked Since then I have read seven books on Everest followed online coverage each season and watched a handful of films However Above All Things is the first dedicated piece of Everest fiction I have read Though I was intrigued by author Tanis Rideout's NPR interview plugging the book it left me suspicious Her ualifications historical knowledge and mountaineering experience seemed limitedNevertheless I snatched up my public library's copy and gave it a chance After all I find the legend of ill fated George Mallory as engrossing as any fan of Everest literature does The chance to experience his story as historical fiction and the story of his wife Ruth was irresistable From page one I was encouraged by Ms Rideout's narrative style The delivery is delightfully straightforward and focused The novel's major drawback initially at least is the choice to limit Ruth Mallory's plotline to a single day While it affords readers great insight into the plight of loved ones waiting for news it means much of the story is excruciatingly stationary Rideout compensates for this with increasing effectiveness as the novel progresses and the characters develop In particular she includes a pivotal supporting character named Will His turbulent bond with George revealed in flashback and the exuisite affection he exhibits for Ruth in the present provide tension and flow to scenes that would otherwise be nothing but relentless waiting After a slow start I read the latter two thirds of Above All Things in a single day This is comparable to my experience with other Everest books Even readers get summit fever As Rideout and her characters press into situations undocumented by history she keeps the novel on task by exploring post war national angst as well as the competing pulls of familial commitments and personal uests By her own admission Rideout takes some significant liberties with the facts but does so for the sake of effective storytelling Her depiction of the final summit bid is mesmerizing At any time this book is on the verge of plummeting into schmaltzy romance Yet through good writing empathetic characters and with the help of an irresistible legend Rideout offers up a novel well worth reading

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Above All ThingsMallory departs on his third expedition to reach the summit of Mount Everest Left behind in Cambridge George’s young wife Ruth along with the rest of a war ravaged England anticipates news they Ab. I met the author of this book at en event last year and was thrilled to see it out in stores and with such a beautiful cover treatment I loved the dual narrative of the book which alternated between an ill fated climbing expedition by George Mallory and his team and a day in the life of his wife Ruth who is waiting for his return with their three children I was worried I wouldn't enjoy the George sections because Mountain climbing and traditional adventure stories do not interest me in any way However the trip is just as much about the conflict and group dynamics among the men who are climbing together as it is about the incredibly harsh and unwelcoming Mount Everest The psychological drama is fascinating particularly as they get closer tot he summit and exhaustion starvation and the high altitudes start to play games with the men's sanityI adored Ruth and her uiet struggle and Rideout's portrayal of the children and how they each miss their father and act out at their mother felt heart breakingly accurate More than an adventure story or piece of historical fiction this felt like a love story in the grandest tradition romantic sensual imperfect and ultimately thwarted Already Rideout feels like a seasoned and accomplished writer an artist so at ease with language that this could have been her fifth or tenth novel Look out for this during award season