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Esteht kein Zweifel ihr gegenüber sitzt der Mann der sie vor 12 Jahren eine ganze entsetzliche Nacht lang gefoltert und vergewaltigt hat Wider alle Vernunft will C J nur eins Vergeltung Dabei vergisst sie dass Rache auch blind machen kann Blind gegenüber der tödlichen Gefahr die für sie von Cupido noch immer ausgeh I enjoyed this book a lot It's thrilling to the end with a lot of twists and new revelations etcI guessed some of the turns but there were still enough how and am I right? thoughts So it definitely didn't get boring

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RetributionKlappentextDer Alptraum jeder Frau Du kommst abends in dein Apartment Du bist allein Alles scheint wie immer nur ein paar Kleinigkeiten lassen dich stutzen Du kümmerst dich nicht darum Du gehst schlafen Und auf diesen Moment hat der Mann der unter deinem Fenster lauert nur gewartet C J ist Staatsanwältin in Miami und Retribution is a fascinating debut novel I was hooked from the first page to the very endSet in NYC law student CJ Townsend survives a brutal rape and disfigurement committed by a masked intruder who is never caught Unable to put it behind her she moves to Miami and takes a job at the State Attorney's office where her past comes back to haunt herUnputdownable

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kindle Ç Retribution Ø Paperback Ì johnscyclingdiary Ë ❮Download❯ ➼ Retribution Author Jilliane Hoffman – KlappentextDer Alptraum jeder Frau Du kommst abends in dein Apartment Du bist allein Alles scheint wie immer nur ein paar Kleinigkeiten lassen dich sSie ist ein As Eines Tages schnappt die Polizei bei einer zufälligen Verkehrskontrolle einen psychopathischen Serienkiller nach dem seit Monaten gefahndet wird Weil C J die Beste ist betraut man sie mit der Anklage Aber als ihr der Mann vorgeführt wird den sie im Polizeijargon Cupido nennen ist sie wie gelähmt Es b Jilliane Hoffman Retribution Putnam 2004It's not often that a single book causes me to put aside everything else I'm reading to concentrate on it I got my copy of Retribution in the mail and started paging through it about half an hour later Thirty six hours later with little food and sleep in the interim I'd finished it having put aside the other books in the ueue to concentrate solely on Jilliane Hoffman's debut novelSome books are best summed up with the same what if? uestion the author likely asked when forming the idea for the book and this is one of them what if an ADA found herself prosecuting a defendant whom she had a vested interest in seeing go to the chair? Such is the premise of Retribution C J Townsend an Assistant District Attorney in Miami was raped and tortured in 1988 while still in law school in New York by an assailant she knows only as The Clown He left her for dead; she survived and a nervous breakdown and twelve years of therapy later she's relocated to south Florida changed her name and managed to erase her past Then a man is pulled over for a routine traffic stop and in the trunk of his car is found the tenth victim of the serial killer known as Cupid Many of the details of the case are all too well known to Townsend for they remind her of her own violation so many years before Then in court she sees a distinctive scar her rapist had and knows she's prosecuting her own assailant but that can't sway her niggling doubts about whether he really is CupidHoffman an ex Florida ADA herself begging the autobiographical uestion of course delivers the goods in her debut novel She gives us a well drawn and engaging cast of characters a fabulous plot and almost perfect pacing The novel rarely slows and when it does it picks back up again promptly While it lacks the onion like layers of mystery of say Erin Hart's recent debut Haunted Ground Hoffman zeroes in on the simpler mystery she supplies us here and relies on the ethical subtexts for layering; when the prosecutor knows the defendant in such a way does the case become prosecution or persecution? And how will keeping all the necessary secrets affect Townsend's life and the lives of those around her especially in a case where everyone knows the media will be digging so far into it that someone's bound to turn something up?It's probably not the greatest of form to describe a book with a January release date as great summer reading but that's exactly what Retribution is It's got the feel of a literary Law and Order episode even so that LO staff writer Giles Blunt's novels; we see both the police and the prosecution side of the case there's all the courtroom drama one could ask for all the twists and turns to keep the suspense in gear until the final pages The ending does go a bit over the top But it's such a fine rollercoaster ride we'll forgive Ms Hoffman the stock serial killer climax Oh and one other great thing about those twists and turns just when you think you've figured out the end of the novel Hoffman springs what you just figured out on you in the next few pages The revelations of various bits of information throughout are as well constructed as they are in a Hideo Nakata film leaving the reader wondering what's coming around the next turnA fine debut Jilliane Hoffman is going places