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Graffiti HeavenH rumours bullies an overprotective brother and mortified parentsAmongst the turmoil Ash grows closer to his stepdad learning to trust again after years of holding a grudge against his jailed father But following a guys' night out together Ash's life is shattered when he wakes up in hospital and learns his stepdad has done something un Spoiler Free Review45 STARS out of 5Genre YA Romance MatureEdgySeries Book #1 in Graffiti Heaven seriesShocking Honest and Well Crafted is Graffiti Heaven as Marita AHansen shows us how teens live in South Auckland New Zealand This book was chucked full of surprises Just as secrets are revealed uestions arise in my mind I could not get enough of this gritty tale as teens struggle with sex sexuality suicide rape bullying jealousy and betrayalsIf you are a Marita AHansen reader then you most likely met Ash in her debut book Behind The Hood Ash is the tough oldest sibling in the Rata clan And he is not to be Fked with Graffiti Heaven takes us back eight years he is approaching his sixteenth birthday and has fallen in love for the first timeAsh Rata is your average fifteen year old boy he lives with his mom and step pop both whom love him and has three younger siblings Ash also has a pretty girlfriend who is known as a good girl at school So imagine his surprise when he finds himself ditching school on the bus and on his way to her house so she can give him headoral sex YUP that bit is exactly how the book opens Him ditching school to go to her house and this one decision putting them on a course they never expectedSooooo much happens in Graffiti Heaven I love how once again Hansen conjoins the pov of multiple characters while making the story whole I consider this her signature A signature that I enjoy not many authors do this Especially without repeating themselves BUT she can and she does this well Instead of a traditional review I have highlighted a few storylines without giving away too muchEveryone has an Agenda What's yours I want you backWhen Jenna learns that her ex Ash has left school to most likely do his so called good girl girlfriend Tiana she sees red Then makes it her mission to win him back by breaking the two up Little does she know that she is not the only one who wants these two apart I trusted you Tragedy strikesWhen Ash is betrayed by someone he thought he could trust His brain denies it But not because he wants to it's mainly because his brain is having a hard time piecing together the events of the night that changes his life Now in mourning over a tragic loss he struggles to face his mates and girlfriend FrienemyAfter a tragedy Jenna decides to play nice with Tiana so that they can work together on finding out what happened to Ash But her jealousy consumes her Jenna is a bully she likes to give pain and she likes to receive it At least that was my take on her She was a very complex character Her mean streak of jealousy leads her to do something that will change a young girls life forever Stay away from my sisterWhen Levi finds out his sister is seeing a kid from Wera he flips out He tells her to stay away from him or else things will end badly for the kid Unfortunately Ash is the least of his worries because someone else has had their eye on Tiana and he decides to go for what he wantsThoughtsI love love loved it And I recommend it to Edgy YA lovers both parents and children Well children sixteen and older that issmirksHansen was not afraid to push the envelope and give a honest story I am anxiously awaiting for the next book in this series and in her other Marita A Hansen is an author to look out forMy RatingsCharacters Likable Writing Style Clever Genuine and SolidStorylinePlot Cohesive Raw and HonestSteam Factor Low on a scale of low medium and HighOverall I loved itNow go forth and read Then come tell us about it on Goodreads

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eBook ç ePub Graffiti Heaven ç 9781478382621 Free Ð Marita A. Hansen È ❰Read❯ ➲ Graffiti Heaven Author Marita A. Hansen – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk THE BOOK EVERY TEENAGER WILL WANT to hide from their parents A group of high school students deal with sex love bulForgivable Traumatised he pushes everyone he loves away terrified that they will discover what really happened that nightSet in the year ten years prior to Behind the Hood Graffiti Heaven is the first in a series that follows Ash Rata's teenage years a coming of age tale where both comedy and tragedy battle it out on a New Zealand stag Graffiti Heaven offers a deep and frank look into teenagers and young adults and the issues they face not only in New Zealand where the story is set but nearly everywhere Marita Hansen's crisp lean and straightforward style plus her ability to ratch up the conflict make for an addictive read regardless of what genre you are into I went ahead and plowed through the novel's 359 pages because I liked what I had sampled of the book a while back The story is told through the perspectives of four major characters each which continued to pleasantly surprise me in the ways he or she grew or at times didn't The other characters arguably too many of them are all also multidimensional and compelling causing the reader to feel like he or she is right there in the school corridor with them Kudos to Marita on telling it like it is while giving a polite curtsy to Shakespeare along the way

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THE BOOK EVERY TEENAGER WILL WANT to hide from their parents A group of high school students deal with sex love bullying family and betrayal Edgy YALife is turned upside down for Ash Rata and Tiana Lilu after they skip school to take their relationship to the next level When their family and friends find out they are forced to deal wit I don't read many books with a MF theme but this Author never fails to disappointShe's one of only threeMF Authors that I trust to deliver something differentsomething grittysomething hard hitting and completely compellingIt took me a week to finish this because it definitely wasn't pretty but it's totally my thingIt's YABut it's not sweetit's not fluffyit's definitely not sunshine and rosesThe story centres around Ash if you've read this Author's Broken Lives series you'll know him as Dante's older brother who was alwayskind ofshrouded in mystery in that seriesI was always fascinated by him and thishis back story in a way packed a powerful punchI want to tell you but I don'tIf you've read Broken Lives you'll probably know what he goes through and it's powerfulit's disturbingand the writing and portrayal of what he goes through and the aftermath makes for compelling readingThis Author is the best at writing a gritty storyshe doesn't hold back and deserves so much recognition for her wordsAvailable on KU