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Read & Download Restoration 104 Å ❴Read❵ ➵ Restoration Author Rose Tremain – When a twist of fate delivers an ambitious young medical student to the court of King Charles II he is suddenly thrust into a vibrant world of luxury and opulence Blessed with a uick wit and sparkling When a twist of fate deliversWith a uick wit and sparkling charm Robert Merivel rises uickly soon finding favour with the King and privileged with a position as ‘paper groom’ to the youngest of. Utterly charming poignant and beautifully written After the brilliance of 'The Gustav Sonata' 2016 'Sacred Country' 1992 which has rocketed into the list of my all time favourite books 'The Darkness Of Wallis Simpson' 2005 which is a collection of her short stories 'Restoration' 1989 was next up on my Rose Tremain a thon It's another winner utterly charming There are few writers versatile than Rose Tremain This enjoyable Restoration farce is as always brilliantly written Robert Merivel son of a glove maker and a trainee physician who does not take his studies seriously comes to the attention of the King Charles II Merivel lives for pleasure and is something of a rake and after curing the King's Spaniel becomes a favoured courtier The King decides to marry him to one of his mistresses which gives him a Norfolk estate Alas Merivel transgresses the one law that he is forbidden to break and is brutally cast out from his newfound paradise Thus begins Merivel’s journey to self knowledge which will take him down into the lowest depths of seventeenth century societyThis is funny credible clever perceptive and beautifully written par for the course for Rose Tremain Can Rose Tremain repeat the trick with the seuel 'Merivel A Man of His Time' I cannot wait to find out and will be reading it straight away55

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The King’s mistresses But by falling in love with her Merivel transgresses the one rule that will cast him out from his new found paradiseShortlisted for the Booker Pri. First paragraph Look at me Without my periwig I am an affront to neatness My hair what is left of it is the colour of sand and wiry as hogs' bristles; my ears are of uneven size; my forehead is splattered with freckles; my nose which of course my wig can't conceal however low I wear it is unceremoniously flat as if I had been hit at birthAnd I knew I was going to like thisThe prose tends to be uite formal Tremain has written this in such a way to help the reader feel with the times the 17th Century She is not as obscure as often Shakespeare was and her spelling is 100% better This is Merrie Olde England with its bawdiness and drunkenness and perhaps a serving wench or two At least one review says it is close to historically accurate though with an occasional error I am not at all familiar with the time period so I could just go with what was on the page Another review considers this erotic but don't you believe itThis is just my type of book being largely a character study I don't know about you but I am not uite the same person I was 10 years ago As I learn as life happens I grow and change with that growth So too does Robert Merivel grow and change over the course of this novel I enjoyed the beginning with its humor as much as later that was seriousI will definitely be reading of Rose Tremain The strong beginning and superb ending have me sliding this into my list of 5 star reads though the middle sections might just be a good uality 4 stars

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RestorationWhen a twist of fate delivers an ambitious young medical student to the court of King Charles II he is suddenly thrust into a vibrant world of luxury and opulence Blessed. A really enjoyable Restoration farce with a great deal of heart Robert Merivel is a would be physician and son of a glove maker to the king He lives for pleasure and is something of a rake and does not take his medical studies too seriously He comes to the attention of the king and for a while he is part of the court and plays the fool The king decides to marry him to one of his mistresses This involves going to live on an estate in the country and much partying and debauchery ensuedMerivel eventually falls and loses everything He ends up working in a uaker madhouse as a physician in the Fens He also moves back to London and experiences the plague of 1665 and the fire of 1666 Lots of gaps there to avoid spoilersIt is very funny beautifully written and most of all there is real character development; not just for Merivel but also for the excellent supporting cast Although there is a touch of Tom Jones about it; the descriptions of madness are moving and perceptiveThis could have been awful but it is rather good and there are some very funny passages; watch out for the Indian Nightingale and Merivel's attempts at painting inventing impressionism in the 1660s only to be ridiculed All in all a good historical comic novel