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free read The Rose Without a Thorn ueens of England #11 106 ´ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Rose Without a Thorn ueens of England #11 ✩ Author Jean Plaidy – From the pen of legendary historical novelist Jean Plaidy comes an unforgettable true story of royalty passion and innocence losFrom the pen of legendary historical novelist Jean Without a PDFEPUB #233 Plaidy comes an unforgettable true story of royalty passion and innocence lostBorn into an impoverished branch of the noble Howard family young Katherine is plucked from her home to live with her grandmother the Duchess of Norfolk The innocent girl uickly learns that her grandmother's puritanism is not shared by Katherine's free spirited cousins with whom she live. This is the first Jean Plaidy book that I have read The story is told from the perspective of Katherine Howard the fifth wife of Henry the VIII I picked it up after watching season 3 of the The Tudors where she is introduced I realized I knew nothing about her and thought the way she was portrayed was totally scandalous and I needed to know This book isn't uite as titillating as the TV show of course but it is probably closer to the truth I found the writing very repetitive I know the family trees and history are complicated but I really don't need the same paragraph word for word every time a character shows up explaining who he is Sometimes I literally thought I had lost my place and was re reading the same page again Totally irritating It is a very uick read though so I wasn't irritated for very longThis might be better for a younger reader who is just getting into historical fiction The sex scenes are fairly mild I'd say this is a PG kind of a book

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N Katherine catches the eye of the aging and unhappily married king she is forced to abandon her plans for a life with Thomas and marry King Henry Overwhelmed by the change in her fortunes bewildered and flattered by the adoration of her husband Katherine is dazzled by the Rose Without a MOBI #183 royal life But her bliss is short lived as rumors of her wayward past come back to haunt her and Katherine's destiny takes another deadly tur. I love Jean Plaidy's ability to tell a story of the history in her novels and I liked the way she has articulated Katherine Howard Plaidy has made Katherine likeable Katherine is naive and comes of age very uickly at a time when one needed to fully understand the world around them The story starts out with Katherine Howard talking to a scribefriend and it is all presented as the story she is telling to that person in the days leading up to her deathAlthough the story is not a new one it has been presented in a new way In that Katherine knew her actions were dangerous and she gave into them heedless of the conseuences Perhaps Plaidy has made her simpler than she really might have been but I enjoyed Katherine in this novel over the whiny hyper sexual and just purely unlikable Katherine I've seen in some other books

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The Rose Without a Thorn ueens of England #11S Beautiful and impressionable Katherine becomes involved in two ill fated love affairs before her sixteenth birthday Like her cousin Anne Boleyn she leaves her grandmother's home The Rose PDF to become a lady in waiting at the court of Henry VIII The royal palaces are exciting to a young girl from the country and Katherine's duties there allow her to be near her handsome cousin Thomas Culpepper whom she has loved since childhoodBut whe. Pros This author has experience and thus is a better writer than Gregory being much older and wiser by this point in her career it's Victoria Holt using a pen name She paints a lovely picture of those days and times; my favorite part was Katherine's sweet yet haphazard childhoodCons Granted the times were far difficult than the author would lead you to believe This book is great for fans of Katherine Howard who are ready to apply a lot of suspension of disbelief to her character as well as nearly everyone in this book Also though not Holt's problem at all a lot of the information is either distorted or outdated seeing as this book was written in 1993