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Rts of Europe and into a love affair with a Polish countess whom he courted for fifteen years by correspondence Out of these experiences emerged some of the finest novels in the Realist tradition Skillfully interweaving the life with the novels Robb presents Balzac as one of the great tragi comic heroes of the nineteenth century a man whose influence both in and outside his native France has been and still is immen This turn towards fiction is for me an attempt to mine the novels and biographies for insights into people and how they can be understoodhelpededucated This biography and Pere Goriot by Balzac both contribute The Signet Classics edition of Pere is much easier to read than the other translations I have found so be aware of that issue Balzac's characters are complex and numerous enough that you are not likely to run out of things to read Balzac only lived to about the age of 50 so what he accomplished is amazing in that light He may have written in some spurts for about 45 out of 48 hours at a stretch No writer's block there He read one of Dickens' early stories so that's an interesting tie in I knew that it was a good idea to get expensive stuff for your love but I didn't know what to say to go along with it Here for your benefit is Honore hence Nore Balzac's version 'You are my whim my passion by vicemy mistress my comrade my louploup my brother my conscience my happiness and my wife and you must also be the object of my follies for you are all my hope and all my life If only you knew how carefully I am arranging everything' 'And when you see it you will say What Nore is that all it cost?' Looks like all three uotation marks the middle one singleare warranted at the end Anyone who knows better please let me know

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Balzac A BiographyIn the first major English biography of Honore de Balzac for over fifty years Graham Robb has produced a compelling portrait of the great French novelist whose powers of creation were matched only by his self destructive tendencies As colorful as the world he described Balzac is the perfect subject for biography a relentless seducer whose successes were as spectacular as his catastrophes; a passionate collector inv Read Balzac I recently reread Le Pere Goriot for the first time since college and it led me to Graham Robb’s marvelous biography A huge voracious character who transformed what he saw into the immense 100 volume La Comedie Humaine Robb presents a man whose influence both in and outside France is still immense Next I think I’ll read Illusions Perdues or Eugenie Grandet or La Cousine Bette

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Mobi à Balzac A Biography ✓ 572 pages ↠ Johnscyclingdiary â [Read] ➯ Balzac A Biography ➸ Graham Robb – In the first major English biography of Honore de Balzac for over fifty years Graham Robb has produced a compelling portrait of the great French noEntor explorer and political campaigner; a mesmerizing storyteller with the power to make his fantasies come true Balzac's early life was a struggle against literary disappointment and poverty and he learned his trade by writing a series of lurid commercial novels Robb shows how Balzac's craving for wealth fame and happiness produced a series of hare brained entrepreneurial schemes which took him to the remotest pa Before you read Balzac or this biography read Germinal by Zola This will keep you from being swept under the romantic spell of 19th century literary life Peasants and workers do not figure greatly in Balzac's novels or in this bio Today we have to keep in mind the millions who die in Congo mining for the coltan that makes our computers and phones possible So too we have to remember the miners depicted in Germinal whose suffering and exploitation paid for the furs jewelry mansions fine furniture and fine art that Balzac strove to surround himself withFriedrich Engels and Karl Marx loved Balzac for his spot on depiction of capitalism and the decadent life of the bourgeoisie It's uite fascinating to read about what Balzac had to do to make it as a writer in post Revolutionary Paris It's exactly what goes on today And capitalism continues to birth the same kind of writers haecks flacks plagiarists hagiographers and the occasional rebel and genius Balzac was of course the enfante terrible and genius But he was an Absolutist who hated the masses That also made him a racist who like his character Vautrin would have liked nothing better than to own slaves in the United States and retire on the profits