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Future king Khareh the rope ignites and sears a dark mark into his skin Scarred now as an oathbreaker Raim has two options run or be killed He chooses to run taking refuge in the vast desert among a colony of exiled oathbreakers Will he be able to learn the skills he needs to clear his name And even if he can how can he keep a promise he never knew he made in the first plac. Amy McCulloch's The Oathbreaker's Shadow sets up as an interesting story and magic system before going off the rails The likeable main character Raim is training to be a member of the Yun the elite warriors for the Khan His best friend is Khareh the son of the Khan but while Raim likes Khareh he is blind to his implied faults which McCullouch implies to the reader Raim and Khareh want to swear oaths to each other when they are of agePromises to each other are imbued with power When two people make a promise and tie a knot to each other the promise is wrapped in magic Break the promise and magic is angrily released The oathbreaker is scarred and the person exiled to the desert In addition the person is haunted by a spirit of the person who was wronged by the promise breakerRaim who is an orphan has a promise bracelet on his arm tied with a knot but he is an orphan and no one knows what was promisedSo McCulloch sets up a promising story and challenge for Raim to find out the meaning of the promise braceletEnter a Sage from the desert who promises that he can teach anyone to be a Sage with awesome power and the inevitable is bound to occurBut whether its because McCulloch has to spend a lot of time doing info dumps or the long buildup to the first big event in the novel I found myself skimming nearly 40% of the book at the outsetThe action did not really pick up until I was around 60% through with the story and then I have to say that Raim seemed less engaging and interesting Yes its a coming of age story and the petulant youngster who must master magic and come to be a man and potential hero is a standard trope in fantasy but I found Raim's eventual awakening just not that engagingSo I skimmed a lot of the beginning of the book and was not enthralled with the action packed late middle and endThat is not good

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The Oathbreaker's ShadowFans of Philip Pullman Jonathan Stroud and George RR Martin are going to love this The Oathbreaker's Epubaction filled fantasy novel by an exciting and extremely promotable debut voice in the genreIn the world of fifteen year old Raim you tie a knot for every promise you make Break that promise and the knot will burst into flames scarring your skin and forever marking you a. I know it is often a part of a fantasy review but it's so true An original and uniue magic system in a book is like finding a wonderful new spice in a dish It gives the tale a uniue flavorThis is a tale of friendship and loyalty and betrayal Of power and outcasts It's a good solid story I recommend it

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The Oathbreaker's Shadow Read & download Ô 109 Á ❮BOOKS❯ ✬ The Oathbreaker's Shadow Author Amy McCulloch – Fans of Philip Pullman Jonathan Stroud and George RR Martin are going to love this action filled fantasy novel by an exciting and extremely promotable debut voice in the genreIS an oathbreaker Raim has worn a simple knot around his wrist for as long as he can remember No one seems to know where it came from or which promise it symbolizes and Raim barely thinks about it at all especially not since he became the most promising young fighter ever to train for the elite Yun guard But on the day that he binds his life to that of his best friend and the. Fantasy Review BarnA person’s word is all they have Never has this been truer than in the world of The Oathbreaker’s Shadow The nomadic group central to the story doesn’t just believe in keeping promises they enforce it Each promise made reuires a knot to be tied; a magical binding with grave conseuences if broken Before a certain age breaking a promise results in a painful lesson But lessons are for children and there comes a point where the conseuences are much dire Breaking a promise is the very definition of taboo in this land even if done inadvertentlyRaim is a young man training to be Yun an elite warrior and likely bodyguard to his best friend in the world heir to the throne Khareh But on what should be his most proud day something terrible happens A promise is broken without any knowledge of what it contained and suddenly Raim is the run Forced into the desert he fights to figure out how he was cursed by an action he had no knowledge of and zero ideas of what he could possible do about itThis is a story about unintended conseuences; at least it wants to be In actuality it is a cool premise that unfortunately begs to have holes poked through it Because everything this society believes in will start tearing apart due to the actions of a few; and the frailty of this system is an indictment that the society shouldn’t have lasted with it for so long Arbitrary age restrictions could be explained away on their own but they are only the start of me outthinking thingsRaim’s broken promise a promise made when he was a baby should have never been possible This is the catalyst of the story but and therefore is completely intentional but still should be impossible by the rules as they are lain out Once the conseuences are made clear especially the titular ‘Shadow’ I was able to guess correctly the other major plot points coming down the pipe The rise of a villain the discovery of a new magic I was not surprised by a major plot point past the first third of the bookDespite having serious issues making any sort of logistical sense out of these details the author really manages to hide these flaws with a uick paced entertaining plot and some engaging characters Raim looks to be building toward a redemption arc but things do not turn out to be that simple He is joined on his journey by Wadi member of another nomadic group that wanders an even harsher land At first their connection is confused but eventually it comes out that she too is bound by promises not necessarily her own And McCulloch is not afraid to shock a reader; violence and death are no stranger in this worldIf I could pick a highlight it is in fact the ethical and moral implications of a promise based society When right and wrong sit on a sliding scale I find myself intrigued Karen Millar wrote a tale where the ‘moral path’ was often the opposite of what we would expect due to a divine mandate The affect is the same here; any promise broken results in exile This means a promise made under duress or through lust or under the influence potentially sets the moral course for a person’s life Some very uestionable promises come into play for some characters; up to and including a promise of deathThis is a smart fun book that excels when it is clicking As long as a reader is not prone to overthinking things I have no problem recommending it And there is always a possibility as this is the first of a duology that many of my concerns will be answered in due time3 StarsCopy for review received through NetGalley