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DOC Æ READER Youre the Boss ã ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Youre the Boss By Anna Singh ✐ – Luvleen is ready to live the fabulous life she always dreamed of when she moves to NYC after graduating from college Raj a young handsome and successful lawyer hires her as his secretary The two form Luvleen is ready to livG handsome and successful lawyer hires her as his secretary The two form an immediate friendship that blossoms into a steamy ro You're the Boss is the first desi book I've read and uite frankly I loved it Agreed that there were a lot of cheesiness in it regarding the movie references and some of the typical stereotype characters but that didn't keep me from enjoying this bookThe characters were just brilliant and I loved that fact they the girl Luv was a very open minded person Some people won't like the reason why the couple broke off but I get it It's a weird reason and in reality it happens That's how Indian families are I just have one uestion Does people like Rohan exist? If yes they where the hell are they I loved him he was sweet very charming and forgivable That's a hard uality to find in a man and he's a musician It's like win win situation I would rather take him that Raj The only one problem I had was that due to all the desi references it would be uite hard for all the non desi people to get it They wouldn't even understand half of the things Well bad luck for themAnyway I really really loved it and would definitely reread it again Next up he Rohan's story and I can't wait I already love the pairing and I know the girl Nisha is coming from a pretty tough background It would be fun to watch them fall in love

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Luvleen is ready to live the fabulous life she always dreamed of when she moves to NYC after graduating from college Raj a youn For those who don't know I am Indian For this reason alone I feel like this book resonated with me Not that non Indian people cannot enjoy this book but I'm a little biased since the heroine lives with a similar set of familial expectations It was also really shocking to have an all Indian castSo the basic plot of the story is about a young virgin Indian heroine who is attracted to her playboy Indian boss despite trying to datemarry an acceptable Indian man Obviously the suave playboy is also eually attracted but he's afraid of committment yet they start asomething nothing concrete like bfgf but some level of a committed monogamous relationship Wanting from her playboy and feeling the pressures of her family and society she pushes for something with him They breakup she uits her job and she is at the verge of going through a formal engagement with that acceptable Indian man when playboy realizes his mistake and comes back to reclaim and marry her You all probably think this is crazy but damn it's like reading a bollywood movie sorta but with a sex scene and without the random song dance scenes I enjoyed itI began the book not really connecting with Luvleen the heroine because she seemed so naive and childlike But then i realized how similar her upbringing is to mine and that to an extent we are very similar and I was scared to connect with her and be naive and childlike Her thoughts on arranged marriages spot on to mine which is the reason why Ms Singh is legit Only a first generation Indian would feel like that being pulled by 2 cultures and feeling obligated to bothRajI'm not really into Indian menother than Shahid Kapoor swoon But Raj looks nothing like my dear Shahid and I really didn't know how to cast him Personality wise Raj kinda pisses me off but that could easily be because my last bf was like that a flirty emotionally noncommited workaholic Anyway not really sure about what to say about him He was ok I guessRohan the Jay Sean doppleganger yum Still not my type being a British hip hop mongul but that's still smexy He's a super nice guy who actually wants to get married so we could have a thing And I guess we mightLuvleen's bff is Nisha Not me but yea it could almost be me Apparently Rohan and Nisha will be a thing Againwhatever ya'll know This sounds like a great idea for a seuel Can't wait AnnaOverall it was a groundbreaking novel to me Come on Indian characters in a legit romance novel with sex this doesn't happen very often One exception Alisha Rai I enjoyed it and I'm excited to see from Ms Singh The writing is still a little immature not bad but I am sure that with time it will appeal to a mainstream crowd

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Youre the BossMance Then the baggage of their conservative Indian heritage tests their bond Is their love strong enough to survive this test? Sexy sassy funny Indian style ;