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Guardian of Time Shardwell #2Yal threatens to of Time Shardwell PDFEPUB #192 consume all I strive to defend The Jeweled City is on the brink of war Only my marriage to a stranger can slow its tideHow can I choose between duty and lov Admittedly going into Guardian of Time I was a little on the nervous side Sure I loved the first book Phoenix Angel but I was a little concerned about a certain something I and many other readers call Second Book Syndrome For those of you who don't know this is typically when the second book is the worst in the trilogy and can go into a boring lull except of course to end with a cliff hanger I had no reason to be scared I thought Guardian of Time was EVEN better than the first I think the main reason why I prefer Guardian of Time to Phoenix Angel is because of the actual story It had been a while since I read a fantasy book set in another time so that helped me to fall in love with it There felt like there was depth to the story as well Also I felt attatched to the characters Being able to relate them to the ones from the first book helped I feel as if I know them and their personlies stay the same in all the books However I'm pretty sure MargarieteMaggie will always be a favourite character We need characters like her in YA Speaking of characters there were definitely some things I didn't see coming I felt so close to the characters that I felt too betrayed in clashes The ending was definitely the best part though I fairly surprised to say that I prefer this cover to the one from the first book I just really like the white and purpleblue Plus the guy reminds me of Josh Hutchinson So as you can see I'm really excited for the third book I have high expectations and am really looking forward to reading it If you love fantasy I highly recommend that you check The Shardwell series outA captivating read A perfect example of why I read fantasy55 stars

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Download Guardian of Time Shardwell #2 Epub · 422 pages â Johnscyclingdiary ☆ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Guardian of Time Shardwell #2 Author Amanda Gerry – A secret has the power to destroy a kingdomI have learned this through both isolation and sorrow A secret Time Shardwell Epub #224 has the power to destroy a kingdomI have learned this through both isolation and sorrow My inheritance is a legacy of lies they flow through my family like poison Each ne My head is spinning and my heart is still beating hard hanging onto every last word written in this book Talk about gripping and riveting; captivating and mind blowing; and non stop adventure and suspense Unbelievably fantastic and amazing I am speechless and beyond words though I will try and make some sense when writing this review First of all I would love to thank the authors for providing me with a copy of Guardian of Time in exchange for my honest review I am forever thankful for being given the opportunity to read this book as well as their first book of this awesome series Guardian of Time is so different to Phoenix Angel In fact it's a preuel and centres around the lives of Margariete and Esilwen aka Maggie and Lily When they met and what their lives were like in a different time and space knows as Shards I lost myself in their story and the fantastical world that the authors have created A world full of mythology magic and duty At every turn I was catapulted within every detail of this finally woven story and lived and breathed it just like the characters did And just when you think you have figured something out you are thrown into another direction where your heart gets crushed or you are angered and shouting at the many villains that keep popping up in this book Yes I missed Kyle though I know he will be popping up in the series soonhe must LOL but this didn't take away from the many layers going on in this book And I fell in love with Margariete's twin brother Raeylan Talk about stoic and dutiful The lengths that this King would do for his Kingdom and his people but so for his beloved sister and younger brother No wonder he stole Esilwen's heartsighNot only is this book fantastical and magical but it is dark and gritty and shows all the facets of human frailty and weakness; as well as love honour and duty I loved how all these themes were individual threads that when woven together with all the other elements and details become this natural flowing story You never get bogged down or feel like things and dragging or lulling Instead you thrust into it with fever and grip your seat This really is a ride you all need to go on to experience for yourself I cannot say another thing there really is no other words that would do it justice It really is a must read and I cannot wait for the next instalment so I can read about Margariete Esilwen Raeylan and Kyle's fate and how they got to our world in our present time I wait patiently though I hope I don't have to wait to long Utterly brilliantbravo Amanda Gerry and Christy Hall

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W Guardian of ePUB #9734 morning they become harder to hideBut now my world is in turmoil The Second Kingdom has already fallen Demons rise from its ashes crossing our borders to slaughter my people Betra Again AWESOME I love how the first in the series takes a look in the present and this book goes to a different timeeraworldspace It's so not FAIR I need to read the 3rd book please please please Extremely addicting easy to read a little terrorifying love It was the edge of your seat kind of book I can only get my hopes flying that i can get a chance to find out where the shardwell series goes next Fantastic book again MOVIE XOXOXOXOXOXO