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Little Raw Souls Stories mobi · Paperback ☆ johnscyclingdiary á ❮Ebook❯ ➨ Little Raw Souls Stories Author Steven Schwartz – Award winning author Steven Schwartz writes of loss and replenishment in eleven suspenseful and affecting stories Set mostly in thR” a woman falls asleep in an airport only to become the victim of a crime by a man who robs and kisses her at the same time A divorced man in “Bless Everybody” winner of the Cohen Award from Ploughshares finds himself threatened Little Raw Epubby the young couple he tries to aid And in “Absolute Zero” a sev Schwartz is a talented author and his craft really shines through in this collection There was a bit of irony for me as I started the book while in the Philadelphia airport waiting to board a flight to Phoenix If you've read the collection you'll know that there are many strange connections in the stories to my circumstances at the time I found this eerie but the coincidences also helped me better relate to the stories Overall the number one thing I enjoyed about this collection is the reality that we're all little raw souls I love that description and how we see the rawness and soul of each character I found something to enjoy in each story but Bless Everybody felt too familiar similar to something I've read before which made it predictable and The Last Communist started off great but felt way too rushed at the end My favorites were Stranger Absolute Zero and Indie which I especially liked the format of

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Award winning author Steven Schwartz writes of loss and replenishment in eleven suspenseful and affecting stories Set mostly in the contemporary American West the stories take on the identity of a place where tradition is still a work in progress and acts of self discovery arise for characters at any age In “Strange The craft in these stories is impressive They each seem as intricately developed as a novel Schwartz paints such a complete world in such a small space The variety is impressive as well though there is a similarity running throughout in the emotionally intimate moments at which Schwartz catches his characters I love the soft compassionate feel that I get when facing those intimate moments the humanity of the characters In short wonderful stories

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Little Raw Souls StoriesEnteen year old boy needing his dying mother’s permission to join the Marines experiences a startling encounter with the promiscuous teenage daughter of a Marine sergeant he looks up to Steven Schwartz’s stories never stand still With pathos and humor they probe ahead searching out the tender souls of his characte Those old enough to remember the Loma Prieta earthuake of 1989 will recall the iconic image of that disaster A misdirected auto dashing along the Bay Bridge then poof it’s gone nose diving through an unforeseen fissure Rewind the tape Watch it over and over You scream at the car through the television You wave your arms But there’s no stopping it and no looking away That’s what it feels like reading Steven Schwartz’s new collection of short stories Little Raw Souls Autumn House Press 11 tales of peril redemption and disasterRead the full review at Transgress Magazine