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Extreme MetaphorsLlects the finest interviews of his career Conversations with cultural figureheads such as Will Self Jon Savage Iain Sinclair and John Gray and collaborators like David Cronenberg are a reminder of his wit and humanity testament to Ballard’s profound worldliness as much as his otherworldly imagination This collection is an indispensable tribute to one of recent history’s most incisive and original thinkers Sci Fi fans are always talking about how predictive their favorite authors' stories are Every now and then someone's sending me a link to an article about how accurate the fictions of Asimov Dick Heinlein and even Roddenberry ended up being in retroWell Ballard's stories weren't known for being such; not in his science fiction cycle not in his seemingly dystopic phase a categorization Ballard resented nor in his pseudo biographies But Ballard knew the future he was intimately acuainted with it and I think it came from the fact that he was so well grounded in the presentThese interviews are revealing not only of Ballard's dispassionate view of the ever changing present over 40 years but how accurately he could see the direction society was moving toward Oddly enough none of what he saw frightened him Reading these interviews was like seeing things through the eyes of his characters for the very first time These protagonists were all very much Ballard at heartI've read uite a bit of Ballard of late but this collection of interviews has put me in the mood to read everything of his

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PDF ï BOOK Extreme Metaphors ó J.G. BALLARD ó ➽ [Reading] ➿ Extreme Metaphors By J.G. Ballard ➲ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk A startling and at times unsettlingly prescient collection of JG Ballard’s greatest interviewsJG Ballard was a literary giant His novels were uniue and surprising To the journaA startling and at times unsettlingly prescient collection of JG Ballard’s greatest interviewsJG Ballard was a literary giant His novels were uniue and surprising To the journalists and admirers who sought him out Ballard was the ‘seer of Shepperton’ his home the vantage from which he observed the rising suburban tide part of a changing society captured and second guessed so plausibly in his fictionSuch Some things I learnt about JG Ballard from these interviews he thought of Gray's Anatomy as the greatest novel of the 20th century he wasn't opposed to pollution and preferred concrete to meadows he would rather have been a painter instead of a writer he believed that William S Burroughs was the most important writer to emerge since WW II he believed that a fertile imagination was better than any drug in fact he preferred whisky and soda to drugs he considered the Warren Report on the JFK Assassination and a medical textbook on car crash injuries to be his bibles he didn't find the Yorkshire Ripper to be all that interesting he liked David Bowie's Ashes to Ashes video he apparently didn't own a single record or even a record player he was against the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament he was a fan of the films Blue Velvet Blood Simple Raising Arizona Mad Max 2 La Dolce Vita Alphaville Point Blank but didn't like Blade Runner Alien or the Star Wars films he thought that Crash was his most original and best book he wasn't a car buff and he drove a Ford Granada he believed that the bourgeois novel is the greatest enemy of truth and honesty that was ever invented his favorite building in the world was the Heathrow Hilton he never liked horror films he tried to write a follow up to The Atrocity Exhibition a few times but never got far in such attempts

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Acuity was not exclusive to his novels and as this book reminds us Ballard’s restive intelligence sharpened itself in dialogue He entertained many with insights into the world as he saw it and speculated often correctly about its future Some of these observations earned Ballard an oracular reputation and continue to yield an uncannily accurate commentary todayNow for the first time ‘Extreme Metaphors’ co 49th book for 2018A remarkable collection of interviews spanning the entire breadth of Ballard's career from the late 1960s until his death in the late 2000s This book is a wonderful primer for complete opus of Ballard's books without giving away spoilers to the books themselves It's also a very humanizing Maybe the most amazing thing I learnt was that Ballard was a working single father who raised three young children writing novels during the day between dropping off and picking up the kids from school He states in multiple interviews his obsessive fear for his children while writing Crash which he wrote in part out of catharsis in an attempt to come to terms with his wife's tragic death while the family was on holiday in Spain It's apparent that he was always an outsider growing up as a privileged child of expats in 1930s Shanghai being interned by the Japanese in 1942 his final survival of the camps he credits to the dropping on the atomic bomb arriving a war ravaged England for the first time in the late 1940s Living in the outer suburbs of London both informed his writing and kept him an outsider from most of the other English writers who congregated to the cooler parts of central London Well worth reading for anyone interested in Ballard and his works5 stars