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Frederick the Great characters æ 104 Ü ➼ Frederick the Great Download ➻ Author Nancy Mitford – The Prussian king Frederick II 1712–1786 is perhaps best known for successfully defending his tiny country against the three great European powers of France Austria and Russia during the Seven Years The Urts a fiscal conservative and patron of the arts the builder of the rococo palace Sanssouci and improver of the farmers’ lot maddening to his rivals but beloved by nearly everyone he met Frederick was notwithstanding a penchant for merciless teasing arguably the most humane of enlightened despots In Frederick the Great a richly entertaining biography of one of the eighteenth century’s most fascinating figures Nancy Mitford’s trademark wit and charm find the ideal subje. I enjoyed the book but it's missing something that would give it weight Mitford's narrative skips along in a breezy light hearted fashion that's fun to read but Frederick the Great happens to be a subject better examined with depth and with understanding of the dark side of his personality his battles and his era The great event of Frederick's life was the The Seven Years' War which has been called a virtual 'World War' in its scope with the participation of nearly all the great states and it affected many lands most of the way around the globe For example the French and Indian War in the US is a mere subset of it The war needs a different sort of author than Mitford namely someone capable of enough drama tragedy and profundity so the reader can grasp the full impact of its devastation

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Cruel and dyspeptic father this future military genius was drawn first to the flute and French poetry and throughout his long life counted nothing important than the company of good friends and great wits This was especially evident in his longstanding loving and vexing relationship with Voltaire An absolute ruler allergic to pomp a nonhunter who wore no spurs a reformer of great zeal who maintained complete freedom of the press and religion and cleaned up his country’s co. Nancy Mitford provides an in depth insight into the personality of Frederick the Great especially through the extensive archives of his letters These coupled with Mitford's analysis of his character have the power to change one's perception of Frederick; such a detailed view of his life brings to light the aspects of the person and not just his actions This is done through the author's heavily narratorial structure which is apt for certain events in his life such as Frederick's relationship with his father It seems Frederick's attempted escape from Prussia as a young man can only be written in such a way; this is because the event itself could come from any work of fiction such is the excitement of the story However with periods in Frederick's life such as the Seven Years War a analytical and broad approach to describing war would be appropriate Describing the events of the war around Frederick's relative position to particular events meant that broader context of the war wasn't easily understandableIt is therefore important to remember that this a biography of the man Frederick II not a history of his reign

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Frederick the GreatThe Prussian king Frederick II – is perhaps best known for successfully defending his tiny country against the three great European powers of France Austria and Russia during the Seven Years’ War – a feat that allowed Great Britain to limit its engagement on the Continent and emerge as the world’s leading colonial power as summed up in William Pitt’s famous claim Frederick the PDFEPUBthat “America was won in Germany” But in his youth tormented by a spectacularly. A great man who fell out of favour in modern history because he was so admired by the NazisHaving read another Mitford biography I knew what to expect a conversational style and an assumption that the reader already has a working knowledge of the history of the era This wasn't a problem for me with Madame de Pompadour but what I knew about Russian history would fit comfortably on the back of a postage stamp so I struggled with this read until I put all other books aside really concentrated At least this time there wasn't too many French phrases as my schoolgirl french is now pretty much non existentI'm lucky to have one of the lavishly illustrated editions For example this is a tabagie much beloved by Frederick's father Frederick WilliamI really wouldn't recommend trying an edition without illustrations That just isn't the full Mitford experience This family did put the dis in functional Frederick's father wasn't a well man was disliked by Frederick's mother who encouraged his children to bait disobey him Frederick William retaliated with violence unreasonable behaviourFrederick at 12 As a teen Frederick even made plans to escapeMarried to a woman he didn't love probably couldn't love he was homosexual he ignored Marie Christine for most of their lives He made only the most perfunctory effort to produce a heir they then lived apart She must have been very lonelyA young king Contrasted with the sadness in his eyes at 70 Most of the people he loved predeceased him Which may help to explain his expression but after a life of war strategy he wasn't a well manI would love to read about his greatest adversary the wily Empress Maria Theresa 0f Hungary Austria If anyone knows a good biography let me know