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text ✓ Massacre Pond Ñ Paul Doiron At first seems like mindless slaughter retribution by locals for the job losses Morse's plan is already causing in the region becomes far sinister when a shocking murder is discovered and Mike's investigation becomes a hunt to find a ruthless killer In order to solve the controversial case Bowditch Fans of CJ Box's Joe Pickett series will find much to find in Doiron's series which is not surprising as the two series have so much in common Both are about game wardens underpaid civil servants who strive to uphold the laws of their state and maintain their personal sense of justice Of course sometimes this personal sense of justice conflicts with the political ambitions of superiors and the practical realities of the individuals among whom they live For that reason Bowditch a twenty something game warden in the vast swath of rural Maine often finds himself disliked and his work unheralded despite all his earnest intentions In this Doiron's fourth outing for Bowditch the young whippersnapper takes on a case involving the slaughtering of moose on the private land of a wealthy environmentalist Said wealthy environmentalist has purchased thousands of acres of timber land in Maine with the intention of creating a nationally protected park Opposing her are the timber companies who've harvested lumber on the land for centuries employing hundreds of local Maine workers Is the gruesome slaughter of moose on the property retaliation for threatening the local livelihood Or is there something sinister Bowditch unlike in previous escapades plays nice with this superiors during this political firestorm investigation and actually tries to keep his nose of of trouble Unfortunately though not unpredictably he is drawn reluctantly into the investigation and crosses harm's path multiple timesWhat works in this novel is that like I mentioned Bowditch doesn't try to be the hero or willfully contradict orders thus getting in trouble It's a nice change to see how trouble just finds him for once Also Doiron skillfully walks the fine line of the implied debate between preserving and protecting natural habitats for wildlife and the impact of those choices on local economies The reader can easily see both sides of the argument and does not feel that the author is in favor of one or the otherWhat does not work in the novel is that there really isn't anything new being offered in terms of characters or story content As I stated earlier the Bowditch series is so similar to Box's Pickett series so as to be indistinct

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Massacre Pond kindle ì Hardcover read ï johnscyclingdiary ¼ ❮Download❯ ➵ Massacre Pond Author Paul Doiron – On an unseasonably hot October morning Bowditch is called to the scene of a bizarre crime the corpses of seven moose have been found senselessly butcher Risks losing everything he holds dear his best friends his career as a law enforcement officer and the love of his lifeThe beauty and magnificence of the Maine woods is the setting for a story of suspense and violence when one powerful woman’s missionary zeal comes face to face with ruthless cruel This was an engrossing story When Maine game warden Mike Bowditch discovers the wanton slaughter of seven moose inside the gates of private property he also finds himself involved in the middle of a fight between an animal rightsenvironmental activist and Maine's traditional logging and hunting culture He is also in the midst of a personal struggle Is he cut out to be a Maine game warden I like the way the author can portray both sides of a conflict and make cases for both sides Should a private individual be allowed to unilaterally change the way people have lived for generations I also like the way the setting is so much a part of his books In this book I particularly liked the way the author showed Mike's growth as an individual He didn't act impulsively and instead thought about conseuences before acting or reactingI really like this series

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Massacre PondOn an unseasonably hot October morning Bowditch is called to the scene of a bizarre crime the corpses of seven moose have been found senselessly butchered on the estate of Elizabeth Morse a wealthy animal rights activist who is buying up huge parcels of timber land to create a new national parkWhat Maine game warden Mike Bowditch is called to the scene of a large number of moose slaughtered by unknown suspects Because the act of carnage occurred on the land of a billionaire environmentalist the higher ups of the warden service become involved and Bowditch is given a smaller role in the investigation The billionaire wants to leave her huge acreage as a national park and the locals hate her for stopping their hunting and taking their logging jobs The murders of the animals escalate into the murder of humansBowditch is living by himself in this story and follows the instructions of his superiors better That doesn't mean he stays out of the investigation but he covers himself Doiron continues to give expert and vivid depiction of the outdoors in Maine In this book it's unseasonably hot in October If you like CJ Box's Joe Pickett books or Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon series you will also like this series I've now completed every book and eagerly await the newest one coming out this summer I read all the books out of seuence which was fine but I recommend starting with the first The Poacher's Son to keep up with Mike's family life