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The uickening MazeGled in the life and catastrophic schemes of the asylum's owner the peculiar charismatic Dr Matthew Allen For John Clare a man who had grown up steeped in the freedoms and exhilarations of nature who thought 'the edge of the world was a day's walk away' a locked door is a kind of death This intensely lyrical novel describes his vertiginous fall through hallucinatory episodes of insanity and dissolving identity towards his final madness Historically accurate but brilliantly imagi. Read it I translated this book to arabic means I kept doing nothing for 4 months apart from reading this wonderful and fine wriiten novelThanks Adam Foulds

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Based on real events in Epping Forest on the edge of London around The uickening Maze centres on the first incarceration of the great nature poet John Clare After years struggling with alcohol critical neglect and depression Clare finds himself in High Beach Private Asylum an institution run on reformist The uickening PDFEPUB or principles which would later become known as occupational therapy At the same time another poet the young Alfred Tennyson moves nearby and becomes entan. Creativity and madness are close and they may flow one into the other but at times they may be uite ruinous The uickening Maze is a brilliant analysis of human creative consciousness‘May I ask you what is your opinion of Lord Byron’s poetry’He did indeed raise both eyebrows at that blowing long cones of smoke from his nostrils He answered uite wonderfully with a revelation‘A very great deal His poetry well’ Here he perhaps decided against a critical disuisition She thought he might not think her up to it but what he said instead pleased her just as well ‘I remember when he died I was a lad I walked out into the woods full of distress at the news It was the thought of all he hadn’t yet written all bright inside him being lost for ever lowered into darkness for eternity I was most gloomy and despondent I scratched his name onto a rock a sandstone rock It must still be there I should think’Time is the greatest judge of art Some names are blown by the wind of time into oblivion like fluff And some names it carves in the rock of eternity to remain in the human memory forever

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characters The uickening Maze 107 â ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The uickening Maze By Adam Foulds ✸ – Based on real events in Epping Forest on the edge of London around 1840 The uickening Maze centres on the first incarceration of the great nature poet John Clare After years struggling with alcohol cr Based on real evNed the closed world of High Beach and its various inmates the doctor his lonely daughter in love with Tennyson the brutish staff and John Clare himself are brought vividly to life Outside the walls is Nature and Clare's paradise the birds and animals the gypsies living in the forest his dream of home of redemption of escape Rapturous yet precise exuisitely written rich in character and detail this is a remarkable and deeply affecting book a visionary novel which contains a worl. This very interesting novel covers several years in the lives of the owners and inmates of an asylum for the insane in England in the 1840sIt is the story of the nature poet John Clare who is slowly going mad Dr Matthew Allen the doctor charged with his care as well as the care of many other inmates the extended Allen family Alfred Tennyson who has brought his melancholic brother to High Beach for treatment and staff members who vary from benign to horrificThe setting itself is a character most often seen through John's eyes and described in varying ways from serene to gritty elegant to macabre depending on his mental state While this asylum is said to be one of the best of the time we see that it is really at times running itself as Allen spends his times dreaming of higher pursuits money making schemes that will make his fortune and his name At times he appears as delusional as his patientsThe most rational people seen are the gypsies who live off the land and by the end of the story are being driven away They know who they are and have no pretensionsThe writing is wonderful in its ability to describe things seen and felt It is poetic; at times it is poetry as John and Alfred attempt to write with limited success The descriptions of the walks through the field and forest are sometimes glorious and sometimes terrifying reflecting John's mood Fould's ability to use language to express mood was successful for this readerI would recommend this to readers of historical fiction poetry