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Sands of Nezza Adventurers Wanted #4A call Nezza Adventurers Kindle #214 for help draws wizard Alexander Taylor into an adventure that he knows nothing about To save a friend Alex must travel to the land of Nezza a land where war is part of daily life where adventurers are imprisoned and where all magic is believed to be blackChance brings Alex into co Was at Desert Book the other day and when I saw this on the shelf I just about died of fangirling And oh it was SOOOOO worth the wait It was absolutely amazing But there was one problemNow that I know about Alex's sweet dragon powers some strange part of my brain thinks that he needs to use them for EVERYTHING Can't open that jar of pickles I'll be a dragon could And it's really getting ridiculous It's likeLook Alex got captured by some soldiers How's he going to get out of this one Turn into a dragon and eat them all Oh no It's a giant snake What's Alex going to do Turn into a dragon and eat itAAAHHH An evil wizard Turn into a dragon and EAT HIM I dunno I guess I'm just weird that way that doesn't make Alex a cannibal does it Yeahno No we're not going thereUh yeahanyhooawkward smile The book was soooo AWESOME Just no other way to put it So if you need me I'll be over fangirling in a corner till the next one comes out Ta

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Download kindle ¶ Sands of Nezza Adventurers Wanted #4 Ù 464 pages ´ [Ebook] ➩ Sands of Nezza Adventurers Wanted #4 By M.L. Forman – A call for help draws wizard Alexander Taylor into an adventure that he knows nothing about To save a friend Alex must travel to theRers ePUB #8608 cannot make peace happen His task is made difficult when he learns that a group called the Brotherhood is actively working to keep the people of Nezza dividedJoin Alex and some familiar friends in their search to unite the land of Nezza in this new adventure that will test their courage to the very co I have enjoyed this series very much as have many students I've recommended it to I stopped after book 3 not bearing the thought of finishing book 4 with no book 5 in sight Now that Forman has rallied from an extended illness and the series has completed I'm eager to see it through That said this book is probably my least favorite in the series The characters and action felt stilted and not animated in the least Alex in particular who has always seemed too good to be true just doesn't seem to have any flaws making his hero's journey implausible It seems he has nothing to overcome and too many talents and gifts to accomplish whatever challenges may come his way He has no self doubt not a scion of ego and no flaw of judgement And he's never defeated or setback The Sands of Nezza sets up the final wizarding battle of the series the triumph of good over evil The outcomes seems foregone the only uestion being if the tension will feel real and satisfying

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Ntact with Sands of PDF young Rallian a prince who might just be the true king of Nezza and Alex's desire to do good sets loose a spell that could drive the land into all out war Alex must find a way for Rallian to be crowned king while also bringing peace to the land but his magic and wizardry alone of Nezza Adventu I first want to say that this series has had potential from the beginning It is funny moral clean and engaging and it drew me in from the first Forman clearly also have a lot of creativity and originality I would simply like to see it lose the copying from other literary masterpieces I love the premise Alex is pretty interesting and there are just enough plot balls thrown into the air that I want to see how they fall Plot balls are something that a fiction teacher once told me about Authors juggle plot balls a plot here a subplot here and another one there by throwing them into the story at different times and resolving them at different times as well I still want to know what's going to happen even though I have been somewhat disillusioned by the series by nowThere are some interesting premises in this series I like the whole idea of adventurers and the concepts are pretty uniue adventuring bags oh wait that was in Fablehaven wizardry the Wall and the Oracles Okay so maybe not ENTIRELY uniue And Alex is a paragon He is after all a dragon a dragon lord a dragon slayer are those compatible part humandwarfelf with a good dose of missing parent syndrome a superhero wizard a healer an adventurer a prophecy fulfiller a mini Oraclesage a warrior a raven whisperer a shadow slayer and a perfect person in every way I like a good hero but there is such a thing as going too far Plus whenever Alex goes to the wall the border of death in this book it is consistently described as difficult to go to because it is so compelling but he never has any trouble with it Instead he saves lots of people from being pulled over the wall into the shadow of death If someone is perfect already where in the world can he go There isn't even a shadow of potential for real character development In this book the character development is limited to discussions about Alex's identity as a wizard meaning he is a wizard and doesn't try to hide it at all Don't get me wrong I love the adventures Alex has and everything really is very exciting and is freuently well written enough to hook me but the two dimensionality of the protagonist is frustrating for me as a reader Maybe I'm not the target age for this series but I like books that can honestly appeal to multiple age levels The Chronicles of Narnia for example is well written is deep and is understood AND adored by children teens and adults alike Maybe that isn't a fair comparison but I really like books that have multiple target audiences and are appropriate for those groups For contemporary YA books The Scorpio Races and The False Prince are two very different books that fulfill that criterionI also don't actually see Alex changing He is a very two dimensional character for me; he sometimes is sort of tempted to stray off of the right and moral path but he easily conuers such temptations because he is a god Or not The closest he gets to real temptation is through the villains' spells BUT because he is a true wizard remember he can throw such spells off easily But really he doesn't actually have any real internal struggles and he destroys everything in his path with no effort whatsoever The worst that happens to him is that he gets really tired and has to take a nap for three days Two of his acuaintances are violently killed and he emerges without a single scratch Just exhaustion Plus we can't even empathize with his acuaintances because they had no real role I don't remember their names any hint of an actual appearance what they did whyhow they diedbecause I didn't care The main problem with this series is that it often seems to openly plagiarize The Lord of the Rings series We have seen the LOTR pattern since the beginning ever since Alex faced off a troll and turned it to stone by exposing it to sunlight refer to The Hobbit He found a ring He has been traveling with a band of adventurers the Fellowship and in the first book he fought a dragon with the elvish made sword Moonslayer Sting the elvish made sword while protected with a true silver mithril vest The second and third books were a little better There was of course a continuation of the past ideas and motifs but Forman expanded his ideas a little There were adventures without so much obvious dependence on JRR Tolkien's inspiration But thisFirst of all it is NOT alright to have a chapter entitled Many Meetings If we're talking about plagiarism don't chapter titles count too That is one of the most memorable chapter titles in the LOTR series The Fellowship of the Ring Part II Chapter I And who isn't familiar with the song from the Peter Jackson LOTR movies that has the same title If you don't believe me go to this link I'd bet that you know it And then we have the cameo that Alex makes for a certain young lady Is it just me or is that from Eragon Remember that series blatantly plagiarized from LOTR as well so this is borrowing from a borrowerright Correct me if I'm wrong But the worst one is that we finally figure out that the ring Alex has been carrying around truly is The One Ring to Rule Them All meant for the Returning King of Nezza Oh I can't wait to find out who Sauron is since we've already met Saruman Magnus