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Bad Pharma How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients Read & Download Ð 4 · ❮Read❯ ➪ Bad Pharma How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients Author Ben Goldacre – We all feel uncomfortable about the role of profit in healthcare Mislead PDF or goes beyond a flaky undifferentiated new age worldview Bad Pharma puts real flesh on those bones revealing the rigged evidence used by drug companies Bad information means bad treatment decisions which means patients suffer and die there is no climactic moment of villai. I appreciate how Ben Goldacre is trying to open the eyes of the people to many of the issues relating to science reporting I check his blog every now and then but this is the first time I've read his books As background I'm a GP in NZ British by birth and training closer to the start of my career than the end and I don't see drug reps or attend drug sponsored CME consciously at least; sometimes it can be difficult to tell I'm also fairly clued up on the issues he presents here so in someways it was preaching to the converted He makes many good points and exposes the day to day manipulative and deceitful practices of the drug companies and particularly highlights just how hard it is to be a doctor and make truly informed decisions Something that worries myself and most of my colleagues on a day to day basis am I doing the right thing I would imagine this book could be uite worrying for the general population and the medicated For anyone who takes a medicine this should be reuired readingHis style though after a while becomes a little much His passion runs through and starts to take over which distracts from his intent I felt the early chapters were straightforward in laying out the facts and crucially why these facts are important The later chapters felt like he was just labouring the point and I found my attention starting to wane Still despite these issues it's still a worthwhile readI think every mednursingpharmacyname your healthcare specialty student should read this during the early stages of their training firstly to open their eyes to see what they're going to be up against but also to promote a fight for change as Ben so admirably and clearly sets out An important book if nothing else it should open your eyes and set you on the path to learn Oh as an aside the book is lovingly designed like a pill packet Braille and everything Annoyingly though the title on the spine is upside down in the French manner Now I know I can and indeed have turned the book upside down to make it fit in and sure no one else is going to know unless they pull it off the shelves to look but I will know Every time I see it I'll know That bugs me That probably says a lot about me as well

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We all feel uncomfortable about the role How Drug PDFEPUB #228 of profit in Bad Pharma Kindle healthcare we all have a vague notion that the global bn Pharma How Drug Epub #222 pharmaceutical industry is somehow evil and untrustworthy but that sense rarely Pharma How Drug Companies. I read Goldacre's book Bad Science very recently and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to not go for my usual buffer period between very similar books and just jump right into Bad Pharma And they are very similar books though this one is actually longer for all that it is specialized in one area of badness There was a lot of overlap between the two which is to be expected I guess because Goldacre IS a doctor and lives in this world I didn't really mind the rehash though because it gave me a second chance to think about it and absorb the info I listened to both of these books on audio and this almost felt like a continuation of the first book especially because the reader was the same for both One thing that I did appreciate was during his section on bad trials he mentioned outright fraud one area where I felt was overlooked in Bad Science It's a brief mention but it is its own section as it should be Because fraud is everywhere and even in peer reviewed science and systematically reviewed science it still happens I also liked how this book got into some of the non science badness of the pharmacological industry advertising and politics and bribery and ultimatums and the like What I was surprised about though was that all of this affected the UK which I stupidly I guess thought wouldn't have that issue because of their National Health Service We don't have government run healthcare here in the US and no the Affordable Care Act doesn't count and there's so much bullshit surrounding this industry that it boggles the mind I'm still waiting on those Death Panels though I have a few suggestions for useless people who could go on the listAnyway I'm not trying to go into a political ramblerant here because I am the first one to admit that I don't know nearly enough about it I just brought that up because I thought that America with its allowing advertising and its lack of enforced regulations would be the exception but it seems like this shit goes on all over Which makes me feel better No Not really There go my plans of moving to Europe if I get sick Or if certain other nightmare events come to pass next year So I can't say that this is a very light hearted set of books but I think that they are absolutely worth reading I like that Goldacre provides some ways that things could be improved though it seems very unlikely that any of his recommendations would actually be put into place because then that would mean that some people would lose a whole lot of money and that's just not how this shit works Disappointing but hey what isn't these days

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Bad Pharma How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm PatientsNy but drugs are used which are overpriced less effective and have side effects There are five cheap easy things we can do to fix the problem Bad Pharma takes a big dirty secret out into the open and will provide a single focus for concerns people have both inside and outside medicine. The flesh and bones of Big Pharma’s RD and marketing The Good While there may be some unsettling notions of Big Pharma such feelings can easily be diverted to anti vax and other media sensationalism given the liberal black hole in critical analysis of political economy Unlike his previous books that deal with broader topics like media manipulation Bad Science uacks Hacks and Big Pharma Flacks I Think You'll Find it's a Bit More Complicated Than That in this book Goldacre picks through the flesh and bones of Big Pharma malpractice or rather practice for short term shareholder profit Highlights1 Missing data from publication bias bad results No problem just don’t publish it Who is going to stop you when you’ve accumulated so much wealth power that you can lobby against actual enforcement of trial registers But what about evidence based medicine Pffft morality is for losers; there can only be one bottom line in business 2 Bad trials so how do you even get good results Well there are many tricks you can play before resorting to outright falsificationa Compare with something useless like a placebo even though doctors are interested in how well your drug does against other drug optionsb If you compare with another drug you can give that other drug in sub optimal manners c Test on unrepresentative patients Ignore dropouts d Stop your trial early once your results start looking good or keep it going longer to wait for that random good news e Test for surrogate outcomes ex blood pressure and extrapolate from that ex prevents heart attacks saves lives f Switch the study’s primary outcome; subgroup cherry pickingg Heck who needs good results Just write a good conclusion in your study3 Marketing distorting information and paying for it what a strange system high drug prices are deemed necessary to cover costs where marketing is a major cost marketingadmin twice as much as RD So we are paying a premium for Big Pharma to distort evidence based decision making in medicine Besides marketing to patients there is marketing to doctors via drug reps medicalization of complex social issues Pharma directed continued education seeding trials “trials” just to get doctors using the drug ghost writing studies etc 4 Global patent property rights preventing production of generic drugs for poor countries; priority of RD on 1st world problems; how drugs are trialed on poor “volunteers” and on poor countries with weak regulations5 The potential for bigger better trials using randomized trials integrated into clinical practice via health information technology to fulfill the potential of evidence based medical decision making since large samples long timescales are much superior to trials to rush a drug onto the market The Missing From a political economy perspective we should expect any industry built on short term profits for shareholders to have predatory outcomes The exact manners may be different between say the tobacco industry and the pharmaceutical industry but common incentive structures bring common behavioral patterns We are not talking about “drugs are baaaad”; we are considering issues in evidence pricing distribution etc and for this we must consider the power relations between government B