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Apocalipsis Z Book ß 397 pages ë [Reading] ➬ Apocalipsis Z ➳ Manel Loureiro – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk The dead riseA mysterious incident in Russia a blip buried in the news—it’s the only warning humanity receives that civilization will soon be destroyed by a single voracious virus that creates mon The dead riseA mysteriousThe dead riseA mysterious incident in Russia a blip buried in the news it’s the only warning humanity receives that civilization will soon be destroyed by a single voracious virus that creates monsters of menHumanity fallsA lawyer still grieving o I'm not sure how this book got such consistently high ratings Perhaps I'm not familiar enough with standards in the Zombie Apocalypse genre While this was entertaining enough to finish I struggled with many of the details I understand the necessity of suspension of disbelief but a story must be internally consistent The narrator's cat is some kind of superhero I cannot in any world imagine sticking a cat in a barrel with holes in it and floating down a river and having that cat remain silent Same with walking the cat through a downpour with a shoelace tied to his collar The cat never bolts when you would expect any sane cat to and always comes to its owner when needed How the narrator wrestles a zombie while the cat is tied to his wrist without crushing the cat or getting scratched again unbelievable There are also issues with noise characters will make noise despite knowing and often making use of the fact that noises attract zombies There is little logic to where zombies are or when they will appear or how many of them there are etc Maybe that fact is zombie canon Wearing a wetsuit is clever neoprene is hard to bite through But has the author ever worn one They are thick and hard to move in no one is agile on land in a wetsuit and they are sweltering Wearing one in the oft described heat should cause the narrator to pass out Yet this man uses his wetsuit as zombie combat armor The narrator is covered repeatedly in zombie blood and other fluids once while a zombie is beheaded above him and never gets anything into his eyes mouth or nose He cuts his hand in the hospital covers it with a butterfly closure never finds a latex glove and despite fighting zombies and the zombie fluids all over the hospital is never infected Sigh And finally the young woman that the narrator runs into at the end happens to be very clever absolutely stunning and 17 years old She also manages to capture the cat and stuff him into a bag despite this cat's general genius and inability to be separated from its owner Perhaps the cat got himself caught on purpose to lead the narrator to this woman and their basement sanctuary Because of course this teenager flirts with the narrator By nibbling on his ear when the narrator is scared in an elevator You know if I were jumpy and terrified and concerned about zombies biting or scratching me I would freak out if someone unexpectedly nibbled my ear Just saying

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So called “Safe Havens” are established the world erupts into chaos soon it’s every man woman and child for themselves Armed only with makeshift weapons and the will to live a lone survivor will give mankind one last chance againstApocalypse I'm kind of surprised by so many high ratings for this book Okay the concept is cool a blogger giving a post by post history of the Zombie Apocalypse But I've read a lot of blog posts by many different writers and most are written with so much creativity and detail Loureiro's prose reads so basic almost juvenile I don't get a feel for the narrator as a character and the details come from the news have almost no punch For these reasons I didn't get much past the first 12 15 posts It just couldn't keep my attention because I didn't believe it or emotionally connect with the narrator He doesn't even seem to get too worked up about all this worrisome news out of Russia Also since these are blog posts he could've had a little fun with it Maybe had a few comments from his readersfollowers on the posts different voices And began to have a larger following with each post Obviously this book wasn't for me but seems to have a lot of fans But is it for the literary uality or the gimmick

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Apocalipsis ZVer the death of his young wife begins to write as a form of therapy But he never expected that his anonymous blog would ultimately record humanity’s last daysThe end of the world has begunGovernments scramble to stop the zombie virus people panic This book was really frustrating The first 70% of the book was a 3 star book Mildly interesting good setting Then it just got bad The hero is TSTL I mean really You know those things are attracted by sound by your own admission you're not a very good shot and you have a relatively soundless speargun And yet you use the glockAnd ok I love my cat But if during a zombie apocalypse she wonders off through an infested hospital I can't justify putting the guy I'm traveling with and myself in danger to go search for the cat And to split up to do it Don't get me started on why they're at the hospital anyway The reason this is 2 stars instead of 3 is because of the character at the ending This is a spoiler The MC meets a 16 or 17 at the most girl and he notices her perky breasts Really A kid It gave me a few definite eww moments If you want an outstanding zombie book read World War Z by Max Brooks or the Zombie Chronicles by Mark Clodi