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В „Ендимион“ Дан Симънс решава много от отдавна неразгаданите въпроси поставени в „Хиперион“ и „Падането на Хиперион“ и предлага предизвикателни нови мистерии които все още очакват своя. As I’ve written in my reviews of Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion Dan Simmons is trying to melt my brainAfter weeks of medical treatment and therapy I’ve recovered enough to be rolled out to a sunny spot in my wheel chair with a nurse to wipe the drool from my chin Despite the doctors’ warnings about continued exposure to Hyperion I’ve gone ahead and read the third book in the series Endymion While there are still monumentally big sci fi ideas in this story I think that my earlier encounters have allowed me to build up some resistance to Simmons I got through this one and only went blind in my right eye and lost all sense of smell but no coma this time It’s hard to summarize this without giving up too much away It’s about 250 years after the events of the last book and we’re introduced to Raul Endymion a young man with a checkered job history who is saved from death by a familiar character Raul is asked by this person to find and protect a young girl Aenea from the forces of the Catholic Church who want to capture her Aenea had been sent forward in time via one of the Time Tombs on Hyperion and the Church wants her captured immediately for unknown reasons The Church seized political and military power by using the parasitic cruciforms handily shaped like crosses that can resurrect a person from death to offer everlasting life to those who toe the Church’s line Raul had refused to bow to Church authority and accept the cruciform so he’s an outcast and seems like a good candidate to keep the mysterious Aenea out of their hands However the Church has sent the devout Father Captain Fredrico de Soya to capture the girl With the help of the android A Bettik and the intervention from the deadly entity known as the Shrike Raul and Aenea escape and begin a journey between worlds that is supposed to enable her to fulfill the destiny the Church is terrified ofThis book is an interstellar chase story with the dedicated de Soya hot on the heels of the fugitives as they run from planet to planet De Soya was one of my favorite parts of this book He’s dedicated and loyal to the Church but he’s also very decent man He’s so committed to the hunt that he makes Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive look like a crybaby uitter De Soya has an incredibly fast pursuit ship but every jaunt between worlds kills him and turns his body to jelly leaving his cruciform to resurrect him It’s an incredibly dangerous and horrible experience but de Soya doesn’t blink as he repeatedly turns himself into paste to get closer to Aenea There’s enough gooey sci fi goodness like space travel time travel alien monsters and cyborg killers to keep the most demanding geek fan boy happy And all of this moves the overarching story of Hyperion towards it’s ultimate conclusion I just hope I can live through the next book

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EndymionШрайка И най непреодолимата от всички как посланието на Енея ще промени вселената завинаги ако тя промени вселената завинаги ако тя поиска да го съобщи и ако човечеството е готово да го чу?. Pretty big letdown after the first 2 books in this series This book had none of the tension mystery or brilliant world building of the first one and none of the complex military and political shenanigans of the second The first half to 23 of this book was especially slow and although it picked up a bit towards the end still wasn't enough to redeem it Hoping that the fourth book picks the series up again in a big wayThe start of this book was really frustrating and slow with lots of bad stuff being piled on the protagonist in fact it reminded a bit of this who I didn't really care about His reactions to such terrible and unexpected events seemed underwhelming Having read the Riyria preuels just before starting this I had been hoping for some Royce style fucking people up on a revenge mission but he pretty much completely forgot about the whole thing This was a recurring them with the central characters of this book They just didn't capture my interest or even sympathy Aenea was a typical precocious 12 year old Bettik boring as fuck and De Soya was eually dull and his complete devotion to the obviously shady Catholic Church was really frustrating The secondary characters were uite a bit better fortunately This would have been a much better read if they had been prominent Silenus from the first books returned and was as foul mouthed and ridiculous as ever Cardinal Lourdusamy was a menacing presence when he appeared Father Glaucus was a warm and sympathetic and the swole tunnel dwelling midgets you read that right had a really intriguing and uniue culture establishedWhich brings me to world building I had really been looking forward to the world in this one The world building in the first 2 was among the most vivid and uniue I've read and I was really looking forward to seeing how the events of the second book would effect the inter planetary society that humanity had built view spoiler I expected a cool Dark Ages type of set up with pockets of civilization struggling to survive after being isolated by the downfall of the farcasters instead the rise of the Pax had pretty much restored society to what it was in the first 2 books hide spoiler

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Free download í Endymion ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF á ✷ [BOOKS] ✫ Endymion By Dan Simmons ❁ – В „Ендимион“ Дан Симънс решава много от отдавна неразгаданите въпроси поставени в „Хипериоотговор Каква е природата на ИИ Техноцентър и неговия последен план за човечестветвото Кой или какво е „отвлякло“ Старата Земя преди хиляда години Какъв е произходът на истинската мисия на. Buddy read with Athena Desinka Gavin Kaora35 stars “You want to be a hero” he repeated “You want to be one of those rare human beings who make history rather than merely watch it flow around them like water around a rock”More than two centuries have passed since the pilgrimage to the Valley of the Time Tombs and the Hegemony of Man the beating heart of humanity has been completely destroyed The Worldweb is gone along with the farcaster network and everything that made the universe what it once was Rising from the ashes is the Pax an all encompassing totalitarian regime founded by the remainder of the Catholic Church; ruling with the help of the strongest armada in existence and the power to provide its faithful followers with eternal lifeThis third book in the Hyperion Cantos saga takes place centuries after the other two and it opens up with a ton of uestions How did the Pax come to rule everything Where have the other old powers the Ousters and the TechnoCore gone And what does the Church actually want Watching Dan Simmons try to answer all these uestions while making a captivating story out of it all is a delightful experience He does it as always rather skilfullyThe main character of Endymion is Aenea the daughter of Brawne Lamia and the cybrid known as John Keats In another time she stepped through the portals in the Valley of the Time Tombs on Hyperion itself and arrived in this distant future Now the Church sees her as a threat that must be dealt with by any means possible and while she journeys across the universe to find out what she is actually supposed to do the agents of the Pax are hunting herWhile Aenea is the main character of the book she is actually not a POV character Of those there are two Raul Endymion the man who accompanies and protects Aenea and Father Captain Federico de Soya the man who has been given the task of hunting her down All three characters are interesting in their way and Simmons keeps much of their personalities and motivations hidden throughout most of the book And the narration switching back and forth between the hunter and the hunted is particularly interestingLike the other books in the series this one also throws in a new and fabulous concept that I've never seen anything even remotely similar to before Namely the River Tethys wonderfully portrayed further below the river on which Aenea and Raul embark upon their journey Perhaps a mere river does not seem so remarkably interesting but then again there are few rivers stretching from world to world across the entire universe The River Tethys takes our protagonists to jungle worlds and ocean worlds to abandoned population centres and lost planets And that is precisely what makes both the river and the journey on it so amazingSadly there is almost always a downside The problem with Endymion is that it falls into just the same trap as The Fall of Hyperion One should think Simmons had learned from his mistakes in that one but nope Once again an interesting book with a really fascinating concept turns into a drearily boring tale in the mid sections only to improve immensely towards the end Except for the fabulous first book in the series I’m starting to think this a pattern for all the books but then again it might also just be that both book two and three suffer from a lengthy case of second book syndromeThat said I don’t think Dan Simmons knows how to write a bad book either and this was definitely both an enjoyable and a thought provoking read And it sets things up perfectly for the last book from which I am now expecting uite a lot