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PDF ´ BOOK Schismatrix FREE º BRUCE STERLING Ô ❴KINDLE❵ ✿ Schismatrix Author Bruce Sterling – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk THE FUTURE OF MANKIND CAN TAKE ONE OF TWO DIRECTIONSThe Mechanists are ancient aristocrats their lives prosthetically extended with advanced technology The Shapers are geneticallyTHE FUTURE OF MANKIND CAN TAKE ONE OF TWO DIRECTIONSThe Mechanists are ancient aristocrats their lives prosthetically extended with advanced technology The Shapers are genetically altered revolutionaries their skills the result of psychotechn At times my mind would wander while reading Schismatrix But not in the usual way wherein a thought much interesting than what's on the page enters my head Instead I found myself often just musing about the ideas I'd just read a paragraph ago or even earlier in the book Schism is so packed with ideas and dwells so little on any one of them that it was sometimes a bit difficult to keep reading wait that idea was so interestingthe ramificationswe can't go on yet I have to think about thisDespite having been written twenty five years ago can 1985 really be that distant there is very little in Schism to place the date of its authorship anywhere but on the bleeding edge Sterling sidestepped many of the usual conventions of Science Fiction altogether so there's little of the familiar to fall back upon and it's no lazy read In fact it can be a bit exhausting But I found plenty of humanity and meaning amongst the chaos of technologies philosophies world building and world destroyingSo I recommend that you crack open the Schismatrix where the excitement of invention truly never ends

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From world to world building empires struggling for his cause but often fighting for his lifeHe is a rebel and a rogue a pirate and a politician a soldier and a scholar He can alter the direction of man's destiny if he can surviveSCHISMATRIX Eh Hard science sci fi with a psychedelic edge Mechs versus shapers in a diplomatic battle for the something or other Covers centuries feels like it took months to slog throughI'm reading it twenty five years too late

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SchismatrixIc training and artificial conditioningBoth factions are fighting to control the Schismatrix of humankindThe Shapers are losing the battle but Abelard Lindsay a failed and exiled Shaper diplomat isn't giving up Across the galaxy Lindsay moves This book has been on my list after reading an excellent short story by Sterling dealing with this same universe Well after finally finding a copy of this and reading it I can say I wasn't missing much Like a lot of SF the characters seem like cardboard cutouts and the plot is not good to say the least Actually this book is confusing as hell Why are the characters doing what they are doing What is motivating them Sterling does present a colorful vision of the future where humans abandon Earth and live out on lunar colonies on asteroids and moons of Saturn They are divided up into Mechanists and Shapers They apparently don't like each other but it's never made clear why There is an alien race called The Investors who arrive and there is a period of détente Then the Investors go away or something Who knows This really seems like a several short story pieces that are clumsily cobbled together to make a novel The chapters are sometimes several years apart in the timeline with no decent grounding of what happened during the intervening years or why There's also dozens of characters who drift in and out of the novel at various times Like I said confusing as hell