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CHARACTERS ê Cult of Beauty µ ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ Cult of Beauty By K.M. Dylan ❅ – This scorching erotic memoir reveals the secret life of one of the world's most beautiful fashion models as she falls for the wrong men and women The story begins in Paris when Katie Wolfer steps off This scorching erotic memoiThis scorching erotic memoir reveals the secret life of one of the world's most beautiful fashion models as she falls for the wrong men and women The story begins in Paris when Katie Wolfer steps off the Dior runway and takes a call from her stepfather Daniel de Goncourt Her mother has committed. My first reviewer on Literotica Fan wroteSmart and SexyCult of Beauty introduces us to Katie a supermodel who's keenly attuned to her body and her desires both mental and physical She's also smart thoughtful and flawed Katie struggles as we all do with the pull between what we want and what is right what is fun and what is dangerous and it's a hell of a ride Katie tells the story and her voice is fresh insightful often cuttingly funny The writing is gorgeous throughout and the numerous sex scenes are rendered evocatively and make you forget you're reading a book you feel like you're there seducing or being seduced The men in this story are HOT whether you fancy a college boy or an older French gentleman; the women are just as luscious And unlike some erotica the plot actually goes somewhere and remains tense and exciting throughout the book I loved being swept up into this world of power and beauty one I don't normally get to see Looking forward to from this author


Suicide Katie flees back to New York where two men will loom large in her life Gavin Poole a hot emerging fashion Cult of MOBI #233 designer who doesn't like to commit and her billionaire French stepfather the magnetic Daniel Katie becomes entangled with both of them exploring her darkest sexua. KM Dylan was a model before turning to the pen I've seen pictures and she looks super In 'Cult of Beauty' she brings us her inside knowledge to weave a highly charged deeply erotic love triangle that leaved supermodel Katie Wolfer balanced on the highwire between the toned muscular arms of total hunk Gavin Poole and the sophisticated embrace of the the patrician millionaire Daniel de Goncourt her stepfather adding a decadent twist to this compulsive novel Which one will she chose Only one way to find out


Cult of BeautyL desires amidst a lavish decadent lifestyleKatie's story will sweep you up in a world of beauty sensuality and power She is always in the crosshairs seducing or being seduced Thrilling shocking and also thoughtful this novel about a supermodel's sexual awakening is sure to arouse and intrigue y. Okay so my girl who is doing this blog with me didn't care much for the book and so I was a little apprehensive when I finally got a chance to start it I will have to say that yes this book may not be for everyone I did like it It was a good hot read that I was in need for and I do believe that is a HUGE reason as to why someone will or will not like your book You have to be in the mood for that 'type' of book There are a few books that I didn't care for but others absolutely LOVED and well when it all comes down to it probably was because I was in the mood for something different then what that book was about Anywho with that being said here is what I thought of the bookI started it and saw the forward and decided I wanted to know about the author first before I got into it It was set up as if the author was a model and I wanted to check it out and see if that was true or if it was just part of the book So like I said I went to her Website and clicked on her about section and got so excitedI am a former model I am half French half American and live in NYC I love art fashion beauty and the erotic I love to travel and especially the beach Katie's erotic adventures in the Cult of Beauty novels are loosely based on my own crazy experiences in life The key word is looselyMy taste as a reader and a writer is toward decadent erotica—women with a streak of perversity who enjoy sex for it’s own sake who like to be dirty and will get a little kinky—whether it be with other women multiple partners or exploring SMThere is a little bit of everything in this book and maybe that is what I liked about it There is crazy sex drugs and some taboo things that go onIt is not a long book so for me it was a uick read with that you will see that it is very fast paced which I enjoyed because there was never a dull moment While reading I wanted to believe that this is how it is for models because well in all fairness in movies they are portrayed a lot in the way that it is writtenIt would be awesome to hear some of her actual stories with no fiction mixed in because to be honest I wanted to believe that this was all about her and what she has been through There were so many different scenarios that were played out and all though there were a few spots that I felt that she could have gone into the story because well I wanted to know like with Ryan overall I did enjoy the whole story I will have to say that ending left me wondering what the hell was going to happen haha I was at a loss and didn't know what to think it was a bit of a cliffhangerThis book is not for everyone and I understand that there is SO much that goes on sex wise so if you are all about a hot steamy sex filled book this is absolutely for you