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Read Ð E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ë Rosalind James What happens in Fun Escape PDF #200 Fiji stays in Fiji except when it doesn'tNic Wilkinson is a responsible organized disciplined rugby player at the top of his game Emma Martens is a sometimes scattered often emotional and alway. 15 stars rounded to 2 I gave this book one star because I liked the writing and I liked the h kind of I did not like the rest of this storyWhat I liked1 The different povs2 The engaging writing style of Rosalind James I really am getting used to the NZ lingo since I've read most of it already in her previous books3 I liked the h from the six years before this book takes place She really tried her hardest to do the right thing by the H and then she hunkered down and did what she had to do for herself and her family Unfortunately this translates into her being a total doormat later on but I'm getting ahead of myself4 No cheating No real owom drama5 Claudia I know It's weird but she was my favourite character in this story She might have been a little unemotional but she was honest about what she wanted She didn't beat around the bush And she set things to rights at the end Bravo to herWhat I didn't like1 All the bedroom scenes Honestly I couldn't bring myself to read them since I was mad at the h for giving the H another chance so easily and I found the H so undeserving of her For those reasons alone it felt like there were too many intimate moments between the MCs2 The h was too forgiving too understanding and I felt like she was just desperate for someone to help her out someone for her to lean on so that she didn't have to go at it alone I wish she had a serious love interest in this story and wasn't just available for the H to swoop in and save the day3 The H What can I say He's an idiot and a total jerk Kudos to him for paying child support and a back payment too but honestly that was the least he could do I admired him for trying to make it work with his fiancee but his faithfulness to her might have been his only other redeeming uality He betrayed the h no ifs and or buts about it He said he would call he broke his promise and I'm glad that he realized that everything that happened afterward was on him He also realized that he needed to make up for it but he didn't do much to do that other than giving her money One month between his fiancee leaving and picking up with the h was hardly enough time to make up for what he did He is the reason I can't rate this story any higher

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Just for Fun Escape to New Zealand #4 Free download ¶ 9 Ý ❃ [EPUB] ✻ Just for Fun Escape to New Zealand #4 By Rosalind James ➜ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk What happens in Fiji stays in Fiji except when it doesn'tNic Wilkinson is a responsible organized disciplined rugby player at the top of his game S broke would be designer with a big chip on her shoulder where Nic’s concernedThey have Just for PDFEPUBno history together except one perfect week Nothing in common any except the most important thing of allGetting together a. 2 stars My new least favorite book of the series This book really has me uestioning if I should continue on to the next or just switch to something totally different Once again listened to this on Audible Escape Here's the deal I’m disappointed in this author In each of the stories thus far the men are still getting some in the beginning and the women are all nearly virginal Rosalind James had a great opportunity for the heroine to have relations with an OM in this one but instead made him into an almost rapist Meanwhile the hero of this book is still having sex with his fiancée until she breaks it off he doesn't even want to part with her It's all just such an awful double standard Why are all the women in this series poor and nearly celibate DO ANY WOMEN ACTUALLY LIKE READING BOOKS LIKE THIS And if so why Someone help me with this I'm lost Seems awfully misogynistic for a female writer Here's a uick recap so I can get back to bitching some Nic and Emma have a short fling 7 years before this story really begins Emma has just been dumped by her fiance on their wedding day and goes on the honeymoon by herself She meets Nic on the plane and they end up spending the honeymoon together Fast forward 7 years later and she is a single mother to a 6 year old boy Nic never contacted her after their time spent together and she had no luck contacting him He sees her and her son together and realizes that he's the boy's father pretty uickly One good thing that I'll say about the hero is that he did not ever try to get out of his responsibilities with his son He immediately stepped up and became a father figure However things are a bit messy because ofc he is immediately attracted to Emma but WHOOPS he's already engaged Luckily Nic is just such a standup guy that he never once considers ending his engagement and continues to have sex with his fiancee Claudia even after spending the day checking out Emma's assets Claudia is totally not on board with his new situation she wants nothing to do with being a step mother or getting to know his son and Nic once again lets it all slide and either just gives her space or tries to get into her pants He makes a half assed effort to discuss the situation with Claudia and gets kinda upset because she's not cooperating Still he figures they can just get past everything and even mentions going to counseling when she finally breaks off their engagement I'm sorry but in my mindthat makes Emma absolutely second best The author later tries to backtrack and show that Nic loves Emma best but na it's too little too late for me Ofc then we get into issues with the heroine She's a fucking pathetic pushover She lets him back into her pants almost immediately after he is no longer engaged All of their sex scenes are similarly pathetic She talks constantly about how he was always the best she's had in bed and does he ever say anything similar No But there are definitely several mentions about how many women he's been with since they were last together She begs him to do anything he wants to her so he ties her up OOO SO KINKY 🤔😂 Frankly it's laughable how bad most of their sex scenes are I was p

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Just for Fun Escape to New Zealand #4Gain would be messy Complicated Scary And just maybe worth every riskNote This romance like New Zealand contains a bit of steam If that isn't your cuppa you may want to visit for Fun Escape PDFEPUB #191 a different country er boo. A 307 page book without a conflicting theme that turned to be a very long and boring story