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A Cinderella Christmas Carol Suddenly Cinderella #15 Read & Download õ 0 ¼ [Read] ➱ A Cinderella Christmas Carol Suddenly Cinderella #15 Author Hope C. Tarr – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk There’s nothing On Top managing editor Cynthia “Starr” Starling hates than Christmas With an important deaNt and Future all in the form of the super hot Matt Landry the new art director she A Cinderella PDF knows she’s in for a long nightMatt is the one person on Starr’s team she can’t boss around and the only one she doesn’t need to He’s also her employee and totally off limits even if he does see. I very much I loved the first story in Hope Tarr's brand new Suddenly Cinderella series Operation Cinderella was one of my favourite reads of 2012 so when I heard that there will be a special holiday novella in the series I couldn't have been happier and excitedIn this holiday novella Hope Tarr gives a modern and romantic retelling of Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol that I found both very entertaining and enjoyableA Cinderella Christmas Carol is the story of Macie's the heroine of the 1st book uptown workaholic single magazine editor boss Cynthia Starr Starling Starr is unhappy and stressed out by work she's not looking forward to the holidays and the days off as she knows how much work is still to be done She is pretty much hated by her employees as she is a strict and demanding perfectionist boss I thought that despite the uite heavily laid characterization Starr was a heroine many readers could understand and relate to She may be far from ideal but most of us have been where she isDespite Starr being the modern Scrooge of this story I found her a likeable character I felt for Hope Tarr did a great job by showing us that despite her tough businesswoman persona Starr had a vulnerable and insecure side and that deep down she just wanted to be loved like all of usMatt is the only employee of Starr who not only does not hate or criticize her but to the contrary understands the pressure she is under and defends her He sees something in her that noone else maybe not even Starr is aware of and he finds her a remarkable woman worthy of his love I found Matt a very humble and kind hearted man a wonderful counterpart to StarrThrough a dream seuence Starr visits four scenes the past present and two potential futures and realizes what really matters in life Verdict A Cinderella Christmas Carol was a perfect modern spin on Dickens' classic holiday story With a delightful hero and a relatable heroine this heart warming story packed some delicious steam ; A Cinderella Christmas Carol is a wonderful holiday novella and I can't wait to read the next stories in Hope Tarr's Suddenly Cinderella seriesPlot 810Characters 910Writing 910Ending 910Cover 610 I'm used to Entangled's beautiful covers and this one looks a bit generic compared to them but since it's a novella I can understand

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M interested Though he’s seven years younger and all kinds of forbidden fruit he’s the form the Powers That Be decided she’d be Cinderella Christmas Carol MOBI #241 receptive toBecause they have a message for her learn the true meaning of Christmas spirit or risk being alone for the rest of her lif. This was an interesting twist on A Christmas Carol Same premise Christmas past present and future is shown to a somewhat bitter putting it mildly Starr on Christmas Eve The twist comes in the form of a ghost who looks just like Matt Landry the magazine art director Starr can't stop thinking aboutStarr is a woman who is driven to exceed and not be in a situation like her mother was That drive causes her to cut herself from everyone and focus on the bottom line Needless to say Starr doesn't have friends and her co workers don't really like her So what's it going to take to get Starr to see that she needs to make a drastic change her life before she becomes a crabby old cat woman Enter the ghostly apparition of Matt Landry It may not really be Matt the art director at her magazine who she secretly has a crush on but he's about to show her a condensed version of Christmas' past present and future with the hopes that this year Starr will start to believeStarr is definitely not a woman who is very likable at the beginning of the story But through her journey and the sly comments of ghostly Matt we can see just how Starr got to be the person she is and who the one person is that could change Starr's outlook both personally and professionally In the end Starr has to make the tough decision to continue on the path she's on or to take a chance that her life won't end up like her mother's If you're someone who enjoys A Christmas Carol this is definitely going to be a story right up your alley Hope Tarr does a great job of putting a romantic twist on the old tale and turning Starr into a character you really like at the end

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A Cinderella Christmas Carol Suddenly Cinderella #15There’s nothing On Top managing editor Cynthia Christmas Carol PDF #201 “Starr” Starling hates than Christmas With an important deadline looming plus her dreaded Christmas Day birthday Starr just wants the holiday to end But when she wakes up Christmas Eve night to the ghost of Christmas Past Prese. Another takeYet a other take on a tired old tale Of course you can predict the ending Not very original nor particularity clever The Muppets version was far entertaining