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EBOOK ↠ The Moon Dwellers The Dwellers #1 ä David Estes In a desperate attempt to escape destruction decades Dwellers The Kindle #211 earlier humankind was forced underground into the depths of the earth creating a new society called the Tri Realms After her parents and sister are abducted by the Enforcers seventeen year old Adele a member of the The Moon PDF middle class moon dwellers is unjustly sentenced to life in prison for her parents' crimes of treasonAgainst all odds Adele must escape from the Pen and I hope you all enjoy my new book as much as my beta readers did Here are a few of their uotes after reading The Moon Dwellers “I’m excited for the next book and this one isn’t even out yet” Alexandria “HOLY CRAP I literally JUST finished and I’m kind of on that crazy after you finish an epic book high” –Kerri “OH MY GOD What a lovely story David I am in LOVE with it” –Nicole “Awesome job Can’t wait till the book is going to come out Let me know when so I can demand all my friends to read it” –Kay “I was heartbroken and cried my eyes out but that’s one of the things I love If an author can make me feel that much emotion through their characters then in my book that makes them so much better” –Kay again “The action was absolutely amazing and it kept me on my toes the entire time Overall it was kinda sorta FREAKING AWESOME” –Kerri again “I love this book I am already dying to know what happens next” –Christina “Wonderful story” –Laurie

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FREE PDF Ï BOOK The Moon Dwellers The Dwellers #1 ò ✭ [PDF] ✪ The Moon Dwellers The Dwellers #1 By David Estes ✺ – In a desperate attempt to escape destruction decades earlier humankind was forced underground into the depths of the earth creating a new society called the Tri Real E son of the President and a sun dweller His mother is gone He hates his father Backed by only his servant and best friend Roc he leaves his lavish lifestyle in the Sun Realm seeking to make something good out of his troubled lifeWhen a war breaks out within the Tri Realms Tristan is thrust into the middle of a conflict that seems to mysteriously follow Adele as she seeks to find her family and uncover her parents true pastIn their world someone must die I would like to thank author David Estes for sending me a copy of this book to read and review Review also posted here's a been a bit since I read a dystopian novel I have been wrapped up in paranormal lately so this was really a great changeFirst I must address the world that David built I really love the concept of having to move beneath the earth to escape after the collapse on the earth's surface I would have liked this to go a little into the depth of why it happened I think that would have made it a little believable for me With that said I could totally picture David's worlds The Sun Dweller realm reminded me a bit of the ship from the movie Walle I could see how things were made to help simulate sun and being on the earth's crust The Moon Dweller realm reminded me of caves All I could think about was dark gray rock rising on all sides lit only by the timed lights that created day and night I cannot really picture the Star Dweller realm at this time as we haven't really been there but I know that comes in the next book In my mind there's a lot of dirt LOLI was worried about the book being told from two points of view I am always worried about this especially when it is a male and female POV which have to sound very different to be believable I was not disappointed I was a bit shocked by the insta love between the two main characters but I almost feel there is to this that we have yet to learn about So I was able to put that on the back burner And I loved the way that David kept us in suspense through most of the book as the characters almost met a number of times before they finally come togetherAdele is a kick butt heroine I love kick butt heroines She is smart and sassy She is certainly strong and capable She is also loving and compassionate She knows how to distance herself so she won't become attached or get herself into a situation where she might have to fight her way out But she also shows the side of herself that is a teenage falling for Tristan as only a teen would do by seeing him and locking eyes with him in an almost love at first sight way She appropriately grieves death in the book which I think is a hard thing to write And she shows us that you can overcome anything if you put your mind to it Although she does have some luck along the way And she has flaws which definitely make her relatable to the readerTristan is not at all what I would have expected He is strong and funny He has so much love you can feel it coming off the page for both Adele and his friend Roc He is honest almost to a flaw but it suits him and makes him relatable And you can see that his ideals are in the right place even if his father's are not I am curious as to what exactly it is he knows as we don't really get any information on this during the book except that it seems to be something that will help them change their worldsThe supporting characters Roc Cole and Tawni are really great I love Cole's sense of humor and I was sad to see him go as I really thought there could have been a lot to come with him in the story Tawni is certainly strong And she is definitely holding back some secrets that she seems to share with Roc and Tristan And Roc well I just love him He's such a great friend to Tristan despite his position in the Sun Dweller realm as a basic servant to the prince Elsey is wise beyond her years I did find when she spoke that I really didn't see a 10 year old girl I know that she was supposed to have really grown while in the orphanage but to me it wasn't uite believable And I'm looking forward to seeing from Ben Rose as I am sure he and Tristan are going to bond in the future over their love for AdeleI was a little disappointed that we didn't get insight into the evils that truly lurk in these worlds Alas there is Star Dwellers for that to happen no And I'm excited to see if Adele finds her mother and who else she and Tawni meet along the wayOverall I really enjoyed reading this book I read it for a chapter a day read in Never Too Old for YA Books and let me tell you it was hard to stop at just the chapters we were reading for that day I didn't read the sneak peak to Star Dwellers I want to be surprised when it comes out And I will read the rest of this trilogy that is for certain Nicely done Mr Estes I am looking forward to spending time in the realms come this fallI'm rating this a 45 stars

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The Moon Dwellers The Dwellers #1Find her family while being hunted by a deranged killing machine named Rivet who works for the President She is Moon Dwellers The Kindle #207 helped by two other inmates Tawni and Cole each of whom have dark secrets that are better left undiscovered Other than her friends the only thing she has going for her is a wicked roundhouse kick and two fists that have been well trained for combat by her fatherAt the other end of the social spectrum is Tristan th Rating 45The Moon Dwellers is the explosive start to the Dwellers Series This story takes place in a world where everyone lives underground The closer you are to the surface the better your life So we have the Sun Dwellers the Moon Dwellers and the Star Dwellers The Sun Dwellers are the rulers while everyone else is pretty much their slaves In this book we follow Adele a Moon Dwellers that has been sentenced to life in prison for the crime of her parents' treason While in jail she meets a couple of people and together they will try to escape and get her little sister back In the mean time this book also has the PoV of Tristan the son of the President and obviously a Sun Dweller In one of his trips in the Moon realm he sees a girl prisoner Adele and feels a mysterious agonizing pain did I forget to mention she does too well she does After that he will do anything to find her again but with Adele's escape and everyone on the realms being after her it would become harder and harder to meet his mysterious girl once and get some answersWhat I mainly loved about this book is the world building Estes did an amazing job working out all the little details for the three realms and their residents I also fell in love with Tristan he is amazing especially for being the President's son Finally the action and mystery This book is filled with fight scenes running for your life moments and a lot There is also the great mystery behind Tristan's and Adele's connection All in all a good old WTF is going onMy only issue was the insta love or better yet insta obsession Because of the mysterious pain they felt when they first locked eyes both MCs became obsessed with each other maybe I would too but when they do finally meet they are suddenly suppose to have this insta connection that I didn't really feel it was mostly forced on us But other than that this book and hopefully the rest of the series is kick ass If you are into Dystopian this is the book for youPS I listened to this one in audiobook and it was amazing Both narrators were awesome Definitely worth it